Machinations in a sentence

Use Machinations in a sentence


Meaning: [noun]secret plots and plans – usually unfair;

He wrote carefully researched books exposing right wing media machinations.

Most people in the country are tired of monarchy and its machinations.

The New York Republican sees political machinations behind the alleged leaks.

Sanders later claimed to be unaware of his agent’s machinations.

Her machinations are unsuccessful and she is ultimately sacked by the boss.

Mike’s endless machinations were the cause of his arrest.

We denounce third world countries for machinations just like this as corruption.

She is initially furious when she discovers his machinations.

These military achievements, as well as his machinations against his older brother Yang Yong, led to him becoming crown prince in 600.

The couple are deeply upset by Pretty’s plight, but are also happy to be free of her machinations , and begin planning for their imminent wedding.