Overwrought in a sentence

Use Overwrought in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] very sad, tense, and worried;

She was still a little overwrought by events.

Sandra was exhausted and overwrought after all the tiring problems of the last week.

She is an extremely overwrought, emotional person.

Emotionally overwrought , Ivan collapses and is thought dead.

General Milroy became increasingly overwrought in the course of the fighting.

Almost every comment I’ve ever seen you make has been emotionally overwrought.

The movie is a nice change of pace from the typically overwrought fare from Hollywood.

McCarthy praised the effects, but said the film was “both overwrought and severely undernourished.

Either way, the conversation drew her away from her own overwrought imaginings.

The woman was understandably overwrought but Ms. Moriarty calmly talked her with patience.