promoted in a sentence

Due to her actions, she was <b>promoted</b> to abbess of the convent. <br><br>
He deserves to be <b>promoted</b>.<br><br>
He was <b>promoted</b> to general.<br><br>
He was <b>promoted</b> to section chief.<br><br>
My father was <b>promoted</b> to president.<br><br>
He <b>promoted</b> the idea of world government.<br><br>
He was <b>promoted</b> by virtue of his abilities.<br><br>
He managed to get himself <b>promoted</b> last week.<br><br>
She was <b>promoted</b> over the heads of her seniors.<br><br>
He was <b>promoted</b> to the position of head teacher.<br><br>
Jennifer Harris has been <b>promoted</b> to Finance Director.<br><br>
Dad said he’d be <b>promoted</b> to section manager next year.<br><br>
She has been <b>promoted</b> twice since she joined this company.<br><br>
My father was recently <b>promoted</b> to the position of manager.<br><br>
He should be <b>promoted</b> in the light of what he has done for this company.<br><br>
She was recently <b>promoted</b> to the position of vice-president of marketing.<br><br>
The record company has very slickly <b>promoted</b> her as a sexy, young performer.<br><br>
In our company, people are <b>promoted</b> according to merit: connections are not important, ability is.<br><br> mess
She won’t get <b>promoted</b> to a management position because she lacks the ability to make difficult decisions.<br><br>
He is very family-oriented, and isn’t interested in getting <b>promoted</b> if it means he will have less time to spend with his children.<br><br>
They hired her for the job of office manager, but were so impressed by her work in the first few months that they quickly <b>promoted</b> her to regional manager.<br><br>
He was <b>promoted</b> to the director of television post three years later.<br><br>
Sellers also pay for extras like <b>promoted</b> listings and shipping labels.<br><br>
She has won nine medals and was <b>promoted</b> to Blue Belt in December 2014.<br><br>
Tensing joined the UC force in April 2014 and was <b>promoted</b> a year later.<br><br>
614273 She impressed bosses so much, she was soon <b>promoted</b> to a regular.<br><br>
Mr. Merabet was married with two children and had recently been <b>promoted</b>.<br><br>
876780 Two years after joining AP in Omaha, Pyle was <b>promoted</b> to news editor.<br><br>
The purchasing agent gets <b>promoted</b> for reducing costs for services and parts.<br><br>
Coke <b>promoted</b> James Quincey, the president of its Europe group, to COO in August.<br><br>
At the time, Mannatech <b>promoted</b> the PBS special on its website, proclaiming, “Dr.<br><br>
A meeting between <b>promoted</b> clubs Bournemouth and Watford ended in a 1-1 stalemate.<br><br>
ESPN had <b>promoted</b> the playoffs on TV and online in an email during the first half.<br><br>
In 1974, he was <b>promoted</b> to a plainclothes unit working out of the 114th Precinct.<br><br>
Before the match, UEFA <b>promoted</b> its “No To Racism” project which it runs with Fare.<br><br>
What they found was far from the free-range image <b>promoted</b> by the shooting industry.<br><br>
Newly-<b>promoted</b> sides come and go, never weighed down by excessive parachute payments.<br><br>
Madrid begin their league campaign away to newly <b>promoted</b> Sporting Gijon on August 23.<br><br>
Gremio was held to a 3-3 home draw against recently <b>promoted</b> Ponte Preta in the opener.<br><br>
Here, Hezbollah’s activities are being <b>promoted</b> as a defense mechanism against terrorism.<br><br>
Florian Jungwirth from <b>promoted</b> club Darmstadt is already looking forward to next season.<br><br>
Pitcher Miguel Sulbaran also joined the roster after being <b>promoted</b> from Double-A Trenton.<br><br>
He has recently been <b>promoted</b> to be an FAA Front Line Manager at the FAA’s New York Center.<br><br>
Singapore were <b>promoted</b> from Division I to replace last year’s bottom-ranked side, South Korea.<br><br>
159733 Chinese official have seldom <b>promoted</b> the beauty of the railway and trains,”” says Wang.”<br><br>
Jones has since been <b>promoted</b> to the cast where she appears on Weekend Update and in other skits.<br><br>
It said MDC <b>promoted</b> the concert and sold tickets based on the guarantee that Brown would perform.<br><br>
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani <b>promoted</b> the merits of the deal in a televised address on Tuesday.<br><br>
Sale joined McNeese State in 2012 and was <b>promoted</b> to co-offensive coordinator before last season.<br><br>
When we got <b>promoted</b>, they expected us to get another promotion (immediately) and it wasn’t to be.<br><br>
Prosecutors said Morgan frequently <b>promoted</b> “violent terrorist activities” and IS in social media.<br><br>
He was active in politics from 1983 to 2008, and was <b>promoted</b> to the Constitutional Court in 2011.<br><br>
In the segment, Rose tells Falk, “The glamorous 42nd Street that you <b>promoted</b> for all these years..<br><br>
He told Nola that he had been <b>promoted</b> to triple A. The pitcher said he did not know it was coming.<br><br>
We have been suffering from the terrorism sponsored and <b>promoted</b> by the Russian Federation, he said.<br><br>
He <b>promoted</b> Chinese films when he was artistic chief at the Rome, Venice and Locarno film festivals.<br><br>
“When divisions are <b>promoted</b>, something very deep breaks within us, in our very being, in our hearts.<br><br>
These reforms were <b>promoted</b> to encourage materialism and acquisitiveness in order to stimulate economic growth. <br><br>
He was <b>promoted</b> to rear admiral the following day. <br><br>
He was <b>promoted</b> to vice admiral in June 1943. <br><br>
He was <b>promoted</b> to vice admiral on 8 May 1945. <br><br>
McCain was <b>promoted</b> to rear admiral in November 1958. <br><br>
He was <b>promoted</b> to full admiral on 13 July 1912. <br><br>
July 25, 1866, <b>promoted</b> to admiral . <br><br>
December 21, 1864, <b>promoted</b> to vice admiral . <br><br>
July 16, 1862, <b>promoted</b> to rear admiral . <br><br>
Radford was <b>promoted</b> to vice admiral in late 1945. <br><br>
The package is being <b>promoted</b> through Kuoni and other travel agents . <br><br>