extraordinarily in a sentence

The production was extraordinarily profitable and highly acclaimed .

He was extraordinarily important in your life.

Only 7 years old, the young girl is already an extraordinarily gifted pianist.

Margaret Thatcher once said, “I’m extraordinarily patient provided I get my own way in the end.

A professor of criminal justice remarked that the typical mass murderer is extraordinarily ordinary.

This past winter in Tibet was extraordinarily cold, and resulted in the death of hundreds of farm animals.

Professor of criminal justice James Alan Fox once remarked that the typical mass murderer is extraordinarily ordinary.

In the 6th century, China was an extraordinarily advanced culture, and the Japanese rulers felt that their country was lagging behind.

Myriam Beard once said that one must learn, if one is to see the beauty in Japan, to like an extraordinarily restrained and delicate loveliness.

The Central American nation of Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the New World, and is characterized by an extraordinarily unequal distribution of income.

“The scale of cyber crime we are witnessing is extraordinarily large.

I think it’s extraordinarily difficult, but in our party anything can happen.

Of course his theory about the HUBBLE telescope is extraordinarily important.

This is an extraordinarily serious matter, the judge said on Thursday morning.

Karin and Christoph are an extraordinarily beautiful young couple in their twenties.

It is a reality these extraordinarily self-possessed young ladies softly acknowledge.

None of this is to say that presidents are not extraordinarily powerful and important.

This is extraordinarily valuable, and it’s a type of care that doctors cannot provide.

I’m actually extraordinarily sympathetic because this has happened to me,” Chesterman told CBC.

This study has been pulled off in an extraordinarily professional, competent and efficient way.

However, creating a pure, stable form of metallic hydrogen has proven extraordinarily difficult.

“But to make these extraordinarily kind of ugly comments is not reflective of the Republican Party.

“We got 23 grandkids, so I get to spend a lotta time with them, and it’s extraordinarily enjoyable.”

As China’s second woman in space, after Liu Yang, the expectations for Wang were extraordinarily high.