Words in a sentence

replace || in a sentenceIn a recent study conducted at a museum, researchers measured the popularity of each exhibit by noting how quickly the …2018-03-18 10:23:31
Western countries || in a sentenceThey communicated with the Western countries. Japan needed contact with the Western countries. In most Western countries, young people come …2018-03-16 08:18:08
embargo || in sentenceHe has been arrested on federal charges including violating the embargo on exports to Iran. Find someone who comes from …2018-03-16 08:15:16
OPEC in a sentenceOPEC was formed in 1960 to control petroleum prices worldwide. The OPEC countries contain about 65% of the world’s oil …2018-03-16 08:14:21
sell-off || in a sentenceAt some point, the sell-off will be vulnerable to a production response. It’s why there isn’t a major market sell-off …2018-03-16 08:13:17
devalue || in a sentenceIn 1994, the currency of the African nation of Benin was devalued by 50%, and the country subsequently suffered under …2018-03-16 08:12:06
subsequently || in a sentenceGrowing plants use ground water, which is subsequently expelled back into the atmosphere. Independent for more than 300 years, Iceland …2018-03-16 08:10:57
in connection with in a sentenceHe made a speech in connection with world peace. Past tense is used in connection with actions in the past. …2018-03-16 08:09:24
as follows in a sentenceHe argued as follows. His words were as followsEldad He answered as follows. His poem reads as follows. Her words …2018-03-16 08:08:21
coming in in a sentenceThe tide is coming in. Did you notice him coming in? Hats are coming into fashion. My wisdom teeth are …2018-03-16 08:04:23
permanent in a senetnceEverybody wants permanent peace. We all wish for permanent world peace. My daughter is cutting her permanent teeth. It is …2018-03-16 08:02:15
defensively || in a sentenceHe is a good overall player, in that he is both offensively and defensively-minded. That’s a good combination when you …2018-03-15 08:06:56
overall || in a sentenceThe overall output was tons. His overall was covered with paintstains. How much time do you think it took overall …2018-03-15 08:05:41
Mustang in a sentenceDidn’t I show you my new Mustang? Marked Tree sliced the Mustang lead down to six entering the final frame. …2018-03-15 08:04:01
from scratch in a sentenceWe made our own pizza entirely from scratch. Recycled glass uses only two-thirds the energy needed to manufacture glass from …2018-03-15 08:02:30
our own in a sentenceWe want a house of our own. He is a man after our own hearts. We made our own pizza …2018-03-15 08:01:32
businessman in a sentenceHe’s an acute businessman. My father is a businessman. He is nothing but a businessman. He is a promising young …2018-03-14 08:08:08
clue || in a sentenceThe police found no clue. The police didn’t find any clues. I don’t have a clue how to play golf. …2018-03-14 08:07:34
organized crime in a sentenceThe new law should take a bite out of organized crime. NekoKanjya A police officer posed as a drug dealer …2018-03-13 12:04:47
tentacle || in a sentenceDoes a squid have as many tentacles as an octopus? Find someone who has eaten octopus tentacles. tentative Find someone …2018-03-13 12:04:08
jellyfish in a sentencejellyfish are comprised almost entirely of water. There are jellyfish out there today, so watch out. jellyfish defend themselves with …2018-03-13 08:11:33
football field || in a sentenceHe was arrested for indecent exposure after streaking on the football field during the game. The city is planning on …2018-03-13 08:10:33
rainforest || in a sentencerainforests should be preserved. Tropical rainforests are a cause for concern. rainforests provide the earth with many benefits. The sun …2018-03-13 08:09:15
disappearing in a sentenceI watched the car disappearing slowly around the corner. The rainforests are disappearing at the rate of tens of thousands …2018-03-13 08:06:22
irrelevant || in a sentenceWhat he said is irrelevant to the matter. My grandfather, being hard of hearing, often makes an irrelevant answer. We …2018-03-13 08:04:38
less likely in a sentenceIs snoring less likely if you sleep on your side? I’m much less likely to win her favors than you …2018-03-13 08:03:09
Genuinely || in a sentenceVanessa was obviously genuinely sorry for hurting your feelings. I think Margaret was genuinely upset that you didn’t phone her …2018-03-13 07:59:52
startling || in a sentenceHer beautiful long lashes, and her startling blue eyes drive men crazy. The wind blew the door shut with great …2018-03-12 18:25:08
parallel to || in a sentenceThe railroad is parallel to the road. The promenade is parallel to the shore. The street that I live on …2018-03-12 10:11:06
Central America in a sentenceIn Central America, forests are replaced by cattle ranches. The banana industry is the largest employer in the Central American …2018-03-12 10:10:06
Rainforest | in a sentencerainforests should be preserved. Tropical rainforests are a cause for concern. rainforests provide the earth with many benefits. The sun …2018-03-12 10:09:23
Lobbying | in a sentenceLocal cyclists are lobbying the municipal government to make more bicycle paths in the city. Environmental groups are lobbying the …2018-03-12 10:08:30
last-minute | in a sentenceWe have a seat available on the airplane because of a last-minute cancellation. The visiting team made a last-minute substitution …2018-03-12 10:07:34
giver in a sentenceShe is a cheerful giver. In our country we seldom open gifts in the presence of the giver. There is …2018-03-12 09:11:58
cheerful | in a sentenceHe is a cheerful boy. He is always cheerful. They are very cheerful. She is always cheerful. She is a …2018-03-12 09:09:57
Poor health | in a sentenceHe is handicapped by poor health. We must allow for his poor health. I am concerned about his poor health. …2018-03-12 09:08:49
frequently | in a sentenceI frequently correspond with her. Earthquakes frequently hit Japan. She was frequently late for school. The lazy man frequently neglects …2018-03-12 09:07:55
Nearby | in a sentenceThey live nearby. lilygilder He turned to a tall woman nearby. They were told to play in the nearby park. …2018-03-12 09:07:12
catastrophic | in a sentenceThe volcano caused catastrophic damage to the villages nearby. Our shortage of rainfall this year is catastrophic for local farms. …2018-03-12 09:05:54
potentially | in a sentenceOur words are potentially ambiguous. Iran is potentially the largest producer of oil in the Middle East. A car is …2018-03-12 09:04:06
understandable | in a sentenceHis anger is understandable. There are numerous dialects spoken in Madagascar, but they are all mutually understandable. Good doctors explain …2018-03-12 09:02:36
numerous | in a sentenceHe has numerous friends in the Diet. Recently numerous groups have offered counsel. Her paintings have won awards in numerous …2018-03-12 09:00:56
Degrade | in a senteneDrug addiction degraded many people. He degraded himself by telling me lies. Styrofoam doesn’t biodegrade, and tends to accumulate in …2018-03-12 08:59:23
dignity | in a sentenceShe has inherent dignity. He said that with dignity. With dignity she protested her innocence. He sacrificed his outstanding career …2018-03-12 08:56:34
out of breath | in a sentenceI get out of breath. I ran out of breath. He was out of breath. I am completely out of …2018-03-12 08:37:41
Completely | in a sentenceI’m completely cast down! I completely forget it. He was completely worn out. He was completely fagged out. I completely …2018-03-12 08:36:16
Phoenix in a sentenceI heard there was a tarantula found in a bunch of bananas at a grocery store in Phoenix. The hot …2018-03-12 08:34:07
Gospel in a sentenceWhat he says is Gospel. They spread the Gospel all over the world. The “passion pits” where teenagers necked was …2018-03-12 08:33:04
Spread | in a sentenceThey spread the rumor abroad. He spread butter on the bread. She spread dishes on the table. A smile spread …2018-03-12 08:31:17
table | in a sentenceWe need a square table I left my keys on the table I cleared the table. May I set the …2018-03-12 08:29:55
transmitted | in a sentenceHis will was transmitted to his younger brother. He has transmitted all his knowledge to his son. AIDS is often …2018-03-12 08:28:40
Blindness in a sentenceHe made up his mind to jog in spite of his blindness. If you shake a baby, even lightly, it …2018-03-12 08:25:59
disability in a sentenceHe has a speech disability that makes him almost impossible to understand. Stress is currently the number one workplace disability …2018-03-12 08:25:07
Caterpillar in a sentenceA butterfly is a mature caterpillar. The caterpillar turned into a butterfly. The transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly …2018-03-12 08:21:44
Butterfly | in a sentenceI caught a beautiful butterfly. A butterfly is a mature caterpillar. The caterpillar turned into a butterfly. He happened to …2018-03-11 12:54:31
— CAUGHT — in a sentenceMy brother caught a big fish. The police caught up with him. I caught sight of Namie Amuro. I caught …2018-03-11 12:46:52
– -Tube – – in a sentenceHe squeezed the toothpaste out of a tube. We need to buy another tube of toothpaste. The doctor inserted a …2018-03-11 12:45:38
Recycling in a sentenceWe must think about recycling energy. He and I discussed the waste problem in terms of recycling. He tied up …2018-03-10 15:24:25
–Municipal — in a sentenceThe municipal counselors voted 6-5 in favor of the bylaw. The municipal council should concentrate more on specific issues. The …2018-03-10 15:22:56
— Bylaw — in a sentenceThe proposed bylaw was defeated by a vote of 5-3. The municipal counselors voted 6-5 in favor of the bylaw. …2018-03-10 15:21:05
plaster in a sentenceplaster in a sentence Mom applied the plaster to the cut. He plastered the wall with posters. Actress Marlee Matlin …2018-03-09 18:41:52
— every weekend — in a sentenceShe plays golf every weekend. We go out together every weekend. He comes home almost every weekend. We used to …2018-03-09 08:26:52
skating in a sentenceHe is skating. We enjoyed skating. I went skating on the lake. I would not go skating today. skating on …2018-03-09 08:26:14
irreversible in a sentenceHer decision to leave her job is irreversible now. She just went up to the boss and told him off. …2018-03-09 08:24:32
car accident in a sentenceHe was hurt in a car accident. He was killed in a car accident. I injured my leg in a …2018-03-09 08:23:38
twenties in a sentenceShe entered her twenties. He is in his early twenties. My sister is in her twenties. My father got married …2018-03-09 08:22:43
— Steadily — in a sentenceSlow and steadily wins the race. Prices have been rising steadily. The work was carried on steadily. The work is …2018-03-09 08:21:43
— Past decade — in a sentencePrices have risen steadily during the past decade. Governmental control of the economy of Tunisia has gradually decreased over the …2018-03-09 08:19:46
high-tech in a sentenceThis week on Current Affairs we are spotlighting the growing high-tech industry. High-tech industries are perceived to be of importance …2018-03-09 08:18:40
— Forecasting — in a sentenceThe weatherman is forecasting a beautiful sunny weekend. Prophets have been forecasting the end of the world for centuries. Weather …2018-03-09 08:17:38
Weather report in a sentenceWhat was the weather report? Newspapers carry weather reports. weather reports rarely come true. According to the weather report, it …2018-03-09 08:16:42
came true in a sentenceDreams came true. His dream came true. The dream came true. Their dreams came true. It’s time my dream came …2018-03-09 08:13:56
cherish in a sentenceHe still cherishes his old car. He cherishes the old photographs. She cherished his old love letters. She cherished the …2018-03-09 08:07:43
love letter in a sentencelove letter in a sentence He wrote me a love letter. I was writing her a love letter. I wrote …2018-03-09 08:06:21
anonymous in a sentenceHe anonymously donated a large sum of money to the Red Cross. Discussion question: Have you ever sent or received …2018-03-09 08:05:29
– Antibiotics – in a sentenceThe doctor prescribed antibiotics to stop the infection. If she gets some antibiotics and sleeps, she’ll get better. She got …2018-03-09 08:04:49
died of – in a sentenceThe newspaper reports the prime minister has died of cancer. He was in a terrible car accident, and later died …2018-03-09 08:03:38
– lung cancer – in a sentenceHe’s got lung cancer. He died of lung cancer. My uncle died of lung cancer. My father died of lung …2018-03-09 08:02:05
– Connection between – in a sentenceThere is no connection between them. There is a connection between smoking and lung cancer. Research suggests there is a …2018-03-09 08:01:03
Autism in a sentenceThere needs to be more done for people with autism – it’s maddening. Proceeds benefit JCUSD 100 Special Education and …2018-03-09 08:00:02
a year and a halfCam has been working on his thesis for over a year and a half and he still has lots of …2018-03-09 07:58:58
idle in a sentenceHe tends to be idle. He is as idle as ever. She seemed to be idle. They are idle as …2018-03-09 07:57:21
avoid in a sentenceI tried to avoid conflict. avoid each other’s society. avoid those men who are idle. avoid fried foods for a …2018-03-09 07:56:36
at dawn in a sentenceWe got up at dawn. We must get up at dawn. I was woken up suddenly at dawn. The enemy …2018-03-08 12:08:37
got up in a sentenceI got up early. I got up at six. She got up late. We got up at dawn. I got …2018-03-08 11:25:50
hand in hand in a sentenceThey went hand in hand. Let’s join hand in hand. I worked hand in hand with him. The couple is …2018-03-08 11:19:07
Practice in a sentencePractice thrift! Practice makes perfect. I have tennis practice. I practice early rising. Practice what you preach. I have tennis …2018-03-08 11:17:27
attendance in a sentenceHow was the attendance? His attendance is irregular. I took his attendance for granted. His mother is in attendance on …2018-03-08 09:31:21
get through with in a sentenceUse get through with in a sentence When I get through with my work, I’ll call you. I have to …2018-03-07 17:56:02
by tomorrow in a sentenceI need to know by tomorrow. Hand in your report by tomorrow. He will end the work by tomorrow. Homework …2018-03-07 16:36:02
possibly in a sentenceI cannot possibly come. He couldn’t possibly succeed. It may possibly be fine tomorrow. I cannot possibly finish the work …2018-03-07 16:35:28
get better in a sentenceDay by day he seemed to get better. He will get better little by little. The weather is bound to …2018-03-07 16:34:09
getting worse in a sentenceThe pain is getting worse. My cough is getting worse. My eyesight is getting worse. Matters are getting worse and …2018-03-07 11:56:24
gunfire in a sentenceThey were exposed to the enemy’s gunfire. The commander exposed his men to gunfire. The soldiers were awoken by the …2018-03-07 11:55:53
mistook in a sentenceShe mistook me for my sister. She mistook the sugar for salt. They mistook him for his brother. I mistook …2018-03-07 11:55:07
notebook in a sentenceI want a notebook. He took a notebook out. I lost my notebook today. I will give you a notebook. …2018-03-07 11:50:55
Provincial in a sentenceHis manner marks him as a provincial. Education is a responsibility of the provincial government. All prices shown are inclusive …2018-03-07 09:00:42
Appropriate — in a sentenceI paid at the appropriate time. Her behavior was appropriate to the occasion. He made a speech highly appropriate to …2018-03-07 08:59:39
Mexican in a sentenceMany illegal aliens enter the U.S.across the Mexican border. A Mexican proverb advises, “Never confuse gratitude with love. ” My …2018-03-07 08:58:25
mimic in a sentenceTheir parrot can mimic their mother’s voice perfectly. Early symptoms of HIV infection may mimic flu symptoms. Find someone who …2018-03-07 08:57:30
[Transparent ] in a sentenceThe wings of the insect are transparent so you can see all the veins running through them. The skin of …2018-03-07 08:56:18
Facilities — in a sentenceOne town has excellent sports facilities. Our school facilities are inadequate for foreign students. The venue for the conference has …2018-03-07 08:54:28
membership in a sentenceHe limited the membership to twenty. He has the privileges of membership. There’s no membership fee for joining. How much …2018-03-07 08:52:38
how much in a sentencehow much do I owe you? how much is the premium? how much sugar do you use? how much is …2018-03-07 08:51:37
impractical in a sentenceHis theory was totally impractical. His plan struck them as impractical. His impractical proposal astonished us all. The plan was …2018-03-07 08:48:07
—Totally— in a sentenceHis theory was totally impractical. Her skirt is totally out of fashion. Their ideas seem totally alien to us. She …2018-03-07 08:30:27
— physically —in a sentenceWomen are physically weaker than men. Find someone who is physically flexible. flick He suits a ballplayer mentally, too, physically, …2018-03-07 08:28:44
— Pathetic — in a sentenceMy tennis serve is pathetic, I really have to work on it. Stop whining about how hard your life is, …2018-03-07 08:24:25
— soared — in a sentenceA bird soared above. The bird soared above. Prices have soared every year. Travel agencies’ profits soared. The eagle soared …2018-03-07 08:23:15
—wealthy— in a sentenceShe is a wealthy woman. He is as geus as wealthy. He made his son a wealthy man. He is …2018-03-07 08:21:55
— Natural resource — in a sentenceJapan is poor in <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br> China is rich in <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br> <strong>natural resource</strong>s are not limitless.<br><br> Japan is not …2018-03-07 08:19:43
—proceeding— in a sentenceEverything is proceeding exactly as planned. You should have an estimate done before proceeding with repairs. The interim report indicates …2018-03-07 08:09:54
exactly in a sentenceI do not know exactly. That’s exactly my point. He wasn’t exactly a ser. He came home exactly at ten. …2018-03-07 08:06:15
took off in a sentenceHe took off his hat. He took off his coat. She took off her coat. The plane took off at …2018-03-07 08:05:20
ex-wife in a sentenceMy ex-wife is scheming with her lawyer to take everything I’ve got. Craig was sitting opposite his ex-wife at their …2018-03-07 08:02:28
X-ray in a sentenceThe X-ray revealed a small tumor in her breast. X-ray machines emit radiation, so exposure should be limited. Someone once …2018-03-06 18:26:50
— Radiation — in a sentenceShe received radiation treatments for her brain tumor. Many people worry about radiation emitted by cell phones. Find someone who …2018-03-06 18:24:11
Phase: in a sentenceHe is in a difficult phase of his life. The negotiation has entered upon a new phase. The negotiations stepped …2018-03-06 18:22:37
Negotiation: in a sentenceThe negotiation is off. pierrephi The negotiation ended in failure. They succeeded in the negotiation. The negotiations made little progress. …2018-03-06 18:21:32
Peace Accord in a sentencePeace Accord in a sentence: Under the peace accord, all factions are to be disarmed and their forces replaced by …2018-03-06 18:19:52
ceasefire in a sentenceThey agreed on ceasefire terms. ceasefire talks concluded without progress Thursday. Rebel forces have declared a unilateral ceasefire nationwide. Both …2018-03-06 18:18:30
optimism in a sentenceMy father chose not to disturb my optimism. There is considerable optimism that the economy will improve. It is important …2018-03-06 18:17:54
chose in a sentenceI chose him a nice tie. She chose the red dress. He chose to have me stay. We chose John …2018-03-06 18:17:13
WiFi in a sentenceAlso: WiFi in hotels, and new tech for people with visual impairment. That technology also used WiFi signals to detect …2018-03-06 18:16:30
bluetooth in a sentenceEither that, or the whole of the bluetooth protocol needs to be upgraded. It includes a heart rate monitor and …2018-03-06 18:15:50
upgraded in a sentenceIt is absolutely vital that our computer systems be upgraded. Why was the Japan Defense Agency upgraded to the Japanese …2018-03-06 18:15:05
computer system in a sentenceWe need to update the computer systems in our offices. Find someone who can assemble a computer system. assert It …2018-03-06 18:14:20
inevitable in a sentenceWar is not inevitable. Accidents are inevitable. To many, change seems inevitable. It was inevitable that they would meet. It …2018-03-06 18:12:00
circumstances in a sentenceShe lives in poor circumstances. Man is a creature of circumstances. I am content with my circumstances. He adapted himself …2018-03-06 18:11:10
unimaginable in a sentenceLeCorbusier described Manhattan as that vertical city with unimaginable diamonds. The next generation of computers will have capabilities which are …2018-03-06 18:10:24
Manhattan in a sentenceSkycrapers soar into the skies over Manhattan. The daily trek to midtown Manhattan takes about an hour and a half. …2018-03-06 18:08:04
Victoria in a sentenceMonday Magazine is published weekly in Victoria. Victoria is an important port for Canada’s navy fleet. Many people find Victoria …2018-03-06 18:06:36
detour in a sentenceWe had to make a detour across a bridge down the river from here. The most important thing you can …2018-03-06 18:05:41
junction in a sentenceWe left the motorway at junction . River City junction, Robert Farrell Band @ Avant-Garde, 9 p.m., free. The procedure …2018-03-06 18:04:41
swan in a sentenceAn ugly duckling became a graceful swan. swan Lake is an important refuge for wild birds in this area. There …2018-03-06 18:03:49
Venus in a sentenceIs it possible to see Venus tonight? Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise. The planet Venus is named …2018-03-06 08:04:48
spacecraft in a sentenceThe Ranger 8 spacecraft yielded over 7,000 photos of the surface of the moon. The spacecraft hovered above the planet …2018-03-06 08:03:58
NASA in a sentenceI have a friend who works for NASA. The first spaceshuttle was launched by NASA in 1981. NASA‘s twin Voyager …2018-03-06 08:02:51
Galileo in a sentenceGalileo hypothesized that the world is round. In 1609, Galileo obtained some lenses and built a telescope. Galileo was imprisoned …2018-03-06 08:01:46
imprisoned in a sentenceHe ran the risk of being caught and imprisoned. The soldier was imprisoned for defying an order to shoot the …2018-03-06 08:00:41
King Henry in a sentenceIn 1439, King Henry VI of England banned kissing because he said it spread disease. In 1521, King Henry VIII …2018-03-06 07:59:17
Englishman in a sentenceHe took me for an Englishman. He is not an American but an Englishman. Eldad He’s an Englishman, and, I …2018-03-06 07:54:32
have already in a sentenceI have already done it. I have already done my work. He may have already departed. I have already visited …2018-03-05 18:39:13
done in a sentenceNow I’m done for. I have done with him. The job is half done. I think he has done it. …2018-03-05 18:38:41
high school in a sentenceI’m a high school student. My son entered high school. We are high school students. I used to run at …2018-03-05 18:35:32
Michael in a sentenceMichael rowed the boat ashore, and set up the tent. With five laps to go, Michael Schumacher is clearly in …2018-03-05 18:34:28
on end in a sentenceThe boy stood on end. His hair stood on end. It snowed for days on end. Make one’s hair stand …2018-03-05 18:33:00
strong in a sentenceHow strong he is! He’s strong. He stood aloof. He looks strong. I stood for him. She stood by him. …2018-03-05 18:21:41
current in a sentenceRumors were current about him. We were rowing against the current. She is sensitive to current fashions. I’m satisfied with …2018-03-05 18:20:37
economic growth in a sentenceJapan has developed her economic growth. The country’s sustained economic growth cannot last forever. economic growth in South Korea plunged …2018-03-05 18:19:44
Canadian Dollar in a sentenceThe Canadian Dollar is currently worth about 82¢ American. The Canadian Dollar rose slightly today to 70 cents American. The …2018-03-05 18:18:52
Canadian in a sentenceHe married a Canadian girl. I serve pub food to Canadian customers. The hockey fight is a uniquely Canadian spectacle. …2018-03-05 18:18:23
hockey in a sentenceHis entire life revolves around hockey. Wayne Gretzky is a giant in the world of hockey. The hockey fight is …2018-03-05 18:17:01
gold medal in a sentenceHe’s been awarded a gold medal once. We congratulated him on winning a gold medal. The Japan team won the …2018-03-05 18:16:26
Olympics in a sentenceHow many times has Japan hosted the Olympics? Swimming will be the main event of the next Olympics. The media …2018-03-05 18:15:23
Sprinter in a sentenceThe Jamaican sprinter dominated in the preliminaries, but faltered somewhat in the final. Although only nine inches tall, the roadrunner, …2018-03-05 18:14:54
stretch in a sentenceStretch your arms straight. He worked ten hours at a stretch. I got out of bed and had a good …2018-03-05 18:14:14
got out in a sentenceThe secret got out. He got out his pen. I got out of the taxi. She got out of the …2018-03-05 18:13:23
secret in a sentenceKeep the secret. He kept it secret. The secret got out. He knows the secret. The secret leaked out. She …2018-03-05 18:12:40
Caribbean in a sentenceThe old man told an extraordinary tale of being kidnapped by pirates, and taken as a slave to the Caribbean. …2018-03-05 16:16:07
ashamed in a sentenceShe is ashamed to speak to a foreigner. He is ashamed of his father being poor. He is ashamed of …2018-03-05 16:15:35
Robin Hood in a sentenceRobin Hood was so good with his bow that he could shoot an arrow that would split the shaft of …2018-03-05 16:13:56
childhood in a sentenceI think everyone looks back on their childhood with some regret. Her story took me back to my childhood. He …2018-03-05 16:13:32
baseball in a sentenceWe played baseball. Pro baseball is interesting these days. I prefer soccer to baseball. He is a member of the …2018-03-05 16:11:51
Shrek in a sentenceShrek may be a terrible looking monster, but he’s a pretty nice guy once you get to know him. It …2018-03-05 16:10:40
Television in a sentenceRecent innovations in video technology, such as DVDs, have resulted in a much higher quality of picture on the home …2018-03-05 16:10:19
get to know in a sentenceShrek may be a terrible looking monster, but he’s a pretty nice guy once you get to know him. People …2018-03-05 15:52:20
gang in a sentenceI am distantly related to a famous gangster of the 1920s. The gang members killed a man who was accused …2018-03-05 15:51:52
psychological in a sentenceIt is the psychological moment to let the cat out of the bag. The reasons for the child’s bad behavior …2018-03-03 16:58:32
attributed to in a sentenceHis good health is attributed to getting plenty of sleep. The telephone is among the inventions attributed to Bell. Ten …2018-03-03 16:58:01
ought to be in a sentenceIt ought to be fine tomorrow. One ought to be true to oneself. You ought to be quiet in a …2018-03-03 16:56:40
environmental in a sentenceI know a lot about environmental problems. We had a lecture on environmental pollution. We must pay attention to environmental …2018-03-03 16:55:54
ozone in a sentenceThere is now a noticeable hole in the ozone over the Antarctic region. The earth will receive more ultraviolet rays …2018-03-03 16:48:43
Antarctic in a sentenceThey explored the Antarctic. They went on an expedition to the Antarctic. The expedition has postponed its departure to the …2018-03-03 16:47:43
Arctic in a sentenceShe has finally reached the Arctic. They set out on an Arctic expedition. They fly south from the Arctic region. …2018-03-03 16:47:14
starvation in a sentenceHe lost his entire crew to cold and starvation during his Arctic voyage. Find someone who is concerned about starvation …2018-03-03 16:46:41
in touch with in a sentenceI am in touch with him. I got in touch with him. He stays in touch with her. I cannot …2018-03-03 16:45:37
disturbing in a sentenceWe are disturbing him. Plodder I’ve just heard a disturbing rumor. I have no intention whatever of disturbing you. I …2018-03-01 18:20:27
fragile in a sentenceThe balance of nature is very fragile. The model plane they built was fragile. He attached a fragile label to …2018-03-01 18:18:29
advantage in a sentenceYouth has its advantages. She has an advantage over me. I have an advantage over him. I sold the house …2018-03-01 18:16:07
actress in a sentenceShe became an actress. He married an actress. She resembles that actress. My girlfriend is an actress. She is famous …2018-03-01 18:14:49
addict in a sentenceI’m a TV addict. He is a heroin addict. He is addicted to cocaine. She is addicted to alcohol. ventana …2018-03-01 18:13:47
aboard in a sentenceI went aboard. I slept aboard the ship. We went aboard the plane. He went aboard the plane. They went …2018-03-01 18:12:18
balloon in a sentenceThey sent up a balloon. She pricked the balloon. Kids really want balloons. I rode in a hot air balloon. …2018-03-01 09:06:32
convenient in a sentenceIt is convenient for us to start now. Come whenever it is convenient to you. Would after lunch be convenient …2018-03-01 09:01:35
I’m not sure in a sentenceI’m not sure right now. I’m not sure I can afford it. I’m not sure of the exact date. I’m …2018-03-01 09:00:43
What kind of ina sentenceWhat kind of material is your dress made of? What kind of background do you have in education? Discussion question: …2018-03-01 08:59:37
made of in a sentenceHe is made of money. A book is made of paper. My desk is made of wood. It’s made of …2018-03-01 08:57:16
muscle in a sentenceI pulled a muscle. The heart is made of muscle. Find someone who has strained a muscle. The pain from …2018-03-01 08:55:53
involuntary in a sentenceThe muscles make voluntary or involuntary movement of the body possible. Say involuntary treatment was made absolutely illegal. This species …2018-03-01 08:51:48
voluntary in a sentenceHe made a voluntary contribution to the school. She did a lot of voluntary work for the Red Cross. Seneca …2018-03-01 08:49:53
going bankrupt in a sentenceI hear his business is on the verge of going bankrupt. The union took a voluntary pay cut to keep …2018-03-01 08:48:54
on the verge of in a sentenceShe was on the verge of crying. He was just on the verge of going to sleep. I hear his …2018-03-01 08:47:25
bankruptcy in a sentenceAs a matter of fact, bankruptcy is inevitable. Was it gambling that brought about his bankruptcy? My father’s company is …2018-03-01 08:46:16
ink in a sentenceMay I use your ink pad? She spilt ink on the desk. I got an ink blot on this form. …2018-03-01 08:44:58
interclass in a sentenceThe ethnographic reports show that interclass crises directly affected therapeutic criteria and care of the ill. For each outcome the average interclass correlation across …2018-03-01 08:29:00
SSA in a sentenceSSA projects support community improvement and economic development. The local SSA office approves each branch individually. SSA is able to extract polynomial and exponential …2018-03-01 08:26:02
diverter in a sentenceCompact diverter valve unit easily attaches to most taps. The tokamak once had two exhaust components, called diverters . Detail of the valves, temperature …2018-03-01 08:22:29
diverticular in a sentenceA fiber supplement may improve constipation related to diverticular disease. Several had minor diverticular disease of the colon. The impact of socioeconomic status on …2018-03-01 08:21:04
revolutionist in a sentenceThis was revolution that appalled the most radical revolutionist . And now the revolutionists are beginning to reject him . Mrs. Scott is a revolutionist in …2018-03-01 08:19:41
kunlun mountains in a sentenceIn the Kunlun Mountains , the Old Chinese Gods plan to invade Hong Kong. Recker and Irish are then taken to a …2018-03-01 08:15:30
speed skating in a sentencespeed skating was first form of skating sport. South Korea is especially strong in short track speed skating . speed skating would appear to …2018-03-01 08:14:27
postmodernist in a sentenceThese conditions postmodernist art is often held to reflect. In postmodernist art a linguistic support is often necessary. His criticisms of scientific method were …2018-03-01 08:12:10
chondrite in a sentenceOther ways of classifying chondrites include weathering and shock. They are ordinary chondrite meteorites and contain 10% iron. The big meteorite found in Antarctica …2018-03-01 08:10:53
manhole cover in a sentenceI had center field, behind the third manhole cover . Originally he used trash can lids or manhole covers . And manhole covers may explode in …2018-03-01 08:09:34
severable in a sentenceThese terms and conditions shall be deemed severable . See also partially integrated contract and severable contract. The provisions of this section are severable . The …2018-03-01 08:08:05
interoperable in a sentenceSeveral examples of interoperable systems illustrate this point. Web services are interoperable , where as . The military has limited tactical capabilities, interoperable with NATO. The …2018-03-01 08:06:31
bellarmine in a sentenceBellarmine University completes 60 years of operation. Bellarmine is the oldest high school in California. Cardinal Bellarmine said a nice thing there. Knights Hall …2018-03-01 08:04:52
disingenuously in a sentenceIt’s also used almost exclusively disingenuously . You keep asking disingenuously , “Where is your proof? Nor is she disingenuously humble about her triumphs. TShane 3000 disingenuously brought …2018-03-01 08:02:09
Japanese in a sentenceJapanese, be talkative! I am a Japanese. We speak Japanese. Are they Japanese? He is not Japanese. I like Japanese …2018-02-28 18:11:44
difficulty in a sentenceI have difficulty chewing. I have difficulty breathing. A new difficulty has arisen. She overcame the difficulty. I have difficulty …2018-02-28 18:10:45
met with in a sentenceHe met with an accident. I met with an awful accident. He met with a traffic accident. My proposal met …2018-02-28 18:09:44
unexpected in a sentenceI allow for the unexpected. We had unexpected visitors. He met an unexpected obstacle. An unexpected result was arrived at. …2018-02-28 18:08:27
sudan in a sentenceSudan offered heavy and lightweight logistic support. Sudan has fertile land where expanded irrigation could be profitable. Sudan has had a huge surplus …2018-02-28 09:18:30
Aaron copland in a sentenceThe play’s music was composed by Aaron Copland . Parker and composer Aaron Copland were also impressed. The musical score was by American composer Aaron …2018-02-28 09:09:16
archipelagic in a sentenceAll waters inside this baseline are designated ” archipelagic Waters”. However, archipelagic states may designate certain sea lanes through these waters. The marching athletes …2018-02-28 08:59:46
hopi in a sentenceHopi had the same caliber of talent. Traditionally the Hopi are highly skilled micro or subsistence farmers. Many Hopi children are being raised in the …2018-02-28 08:57:49
gunsmith in a sentenceGunsmiths who lack sophisticated machine shop capabilities must understand the law. For many years scout rifles were only available from custom Gunsmiths . …2018-02-28 08:26:19
market gardening in a sentenceThe family also tried unsuccessfully to engage in market gardening . The railway boosted Kenilworth’s market gardening . At the same time, farms specializing …2018-02-28 08:24:00
remembrance day in a sentenceA page is turned in each book every Remembrance Day . Holocaust Remembrance Day was marked this week. Remembrance Day and spiritual celebration is on …2018-02-28 08:21:02
delict in a sentenceThe equivalent of tort in civil law jurisdictions is delict . An innocent party may have alternative or additional claims in delict . Examples …2018-02-28 08:18:55
steepled in a sentenceIt is topped with a 71-meter steepled tower. She swallowed, then steepled her fingers together. The investigating magistrate steepled his fingertips judiciously. Bishop clasped his hands …2018-02-28 08:15:31
february in a sentenceI was born on February , . It’s very cold here in February. We have a lot of snow in …2018-02-28 08:11:21
result in a sentenceMuch depends upon the result. I informed him of the result. A good result is in prospect. I will answer …2018-02-27 18:27:48
bardic in a sentenceGaelic literature derives from bardic verses celebrating heroes and political leaders. The tradition arose out of early bardic oral historians. The ” bardic arts” are also …2018-02-27 09:22:27
three-fold in a sentenceThe principal difficulties with vaccine formulations are three-fold . The process for seeking these less burdensome alternatives is three-fold . This represents a three-fold increase in …2018-02-27 09:19:44
cultivar in a sentenceNamed cultivars are generally reproduced from cuttings. Many other interesting basil cultivars are available. F1 hybrids and many highly cultivars . Some 194 improved cultivars are now planted …2018-02-27 09:17:06
telomerase in a sentenceStem Cells are preserved using telomerase activation. But mice lacking telomerase were viable up to six generations. What is the function of telomerase enzyme? telomerase activity was …2018-02-27 09:15:38
soaker in a sentencesoaker hoses are water conserving means of watering shrub beds especially. There are soaker hoses for really dry times. A soaker hose is surely an …2018-02-27 09:14:11
first prize in a sentenceHe got the first prize. He took the first prize. Luckily, I won first prize. He will win the first …2018-02-27 09:09:59
was able to in a sentenceI was able to help her. I was able to pass the test. I was able to pass the exam. …2018-02-27 09:08:17
postcode in a sentenceThe city’s postcode is 90 000. All UK postcodes except those listed below. Free results have phone numbers and full addresses including postcodes . The postcode area is …2018-02-27 09:05:36
aircraft in a sentenceShips can’t rival aircraft for speed. One of the aircraft‘s engines cut out. Thanks to the development of aircraft, the …2018-02-27 09:03:42
rival in a sentenceHe is my rival in business. I find a good rival in him. Don’t hold your rival cheap. He criticized …2018-02-27 08:55:26
hold in a sentencehold it with both hands. hold your breath, please. hold it! hold your tongue! hold good. hold the door. hold …2018-02-27 08:53:02
privatisation in a sentenceThe initial privatisation programme looks relatively timid. Rail investment had jumped again since privatisation . So has prison privatisation here influenced judicial policy? This obsession with privatisation is …2018-02-27 08:51:40
developing in a sentencedeveloping political awareness takes time. He is engaged in developing new materials. The Japanese national power is still developing. Advanced …2018-02-27 08:32:49
atomic energyWe should make use of atomic energy. Discussion question: How do you feel about atomic energy? We must think about …2018-02-27 08:28:39
southwards in a sentenceThe average annual water quantity increases southwards . The airfield traffic pattern is flown either northwards or southwards . The division fought several brisk …2018-02-27 08:25:28
northwards in a sentenceThus cozy labelling northwards relatively enter appetite. The airfield traffic pattern is flown either northwards or southwards. The next morning we set off northwards . The …2018-02-27 08:17:37
set off in a sentenceIt might set off quite a fight. The band” sets off ” the main panel. We set off again along the gravel paths. The report set off a …2018-02-27 08:13:07
gravel in a sentenceAnother deterrent around a house is gravel . We set off again along the gravel paths. Both roads were graded and gravel surfaced. Their pavement varies …2018-02-27 08:10:06
reservoirs in a sentencePossible environmental reservoirs include contaminated water sources. Areas where the virus is hiding are called reservoirs . The melt did little to boost reservoirs . Passive …2018-02-27 08:08:08
Himalayan in a sentenceA majestic serene lake surrounded by mighty Himalayan peaks. He distinguished himself on several arduous winter Himalayan expeditions. I visited different villages in Himalayan mountains. Trans Himalayan migratory …2018-02-27 08:06:20
peaceful in a sentenceNever have I seen such a peaceful sight. My father died a peaceful death last night. He led a very …2018-02-27 08:04:48
serene in a sentenceYour pictures are very still and serene . The life inside was serene and orderly once again. He is brave enough and serene enough . The …2018-02-27 08:02:14
don’t understand in a sentenceI don’t understand the problem I don’t understand English. I don’t understand you at all. I don’t understand electronics shoptalk. …2018-02-27 08:00:42
even more in a sentenceShe is even more beautiful. JimBreen She knows French, and even more English. He can speak French, and even more …2018-02-27 07:59:40
undisturbed in a sentenceThe undisturbed water makes green streaks among the foam. The carpet where he lay was undisturbed . It then runs through almost undisturbed nature. As a …2018-02-27 07:57:51
enormous in a sentenceHe has an enormous conceit. He lives in an enormous house. I have an enormous appetite today. An elephant is …2018-02-26 09:10:37
no one knows in sentenceno one knows his name. no one knows the fact. no one knows his real name. no one knows my …2018-02-26 09:10:06
apart from in a sentenceI sat apart from them. He stood apart from us. He lives apart from his family. He lives apart from …2018-02-26 09:09:21
stood in a sentenceHe stood aloof. I stood for him. She stood by him. He stood up slowly. All of us stood up. …2018-02-26 09:08:49
canvas in a sentenceOur old canvas tent weighs a ton. He swept his brush across the canvas. Find someone who has painted on …2018-02-26 09:07:58
equipment in a sentenceIs it possible to rent equipment? Keep away from the electrical equipment. Intelligent equipment has replaced manual labor. He was …2018-02-26 09:07:26
keep away in a sentenceShe tried to keep away from him. keep away from the unlicensed taxis. keep away from the electrical equipment. It …2018-02-26 09:05:52
electrical in a sentenceKeep away from the electrical equipment. electrical current is measured in cycles. There is a fault in the electrical system. …2018-02-26 09:05:12
accompanied in a sentenceEconomic expansion has accompanied imperial expansion since ancient times. Administrative paperwork always accompanied mundane daily tasks. Major illnesses are usually accompanied by physical symptoms. This brain …2018-02-26 09:04:26
Victor Hugo in a sentenceVictor Hugo has faithfully kept his word. There was once a wave that was Victor Hugo‘s wave. And whatever he did he shouldn’t …2018-02-26 09:02:28
faithfully in a sentenceThe outer world faithfully reflects our inner world. They faithfully accepted the challenges of leadership. We have been going back faithfully ever since. The quaint spellings …2018-02-26 08:59:56
epoch in a sentenceAn epoch date may be associated with coordinates of control network. It is the epoch of the technological singularity. The temporal equivalent of a …2018-02-26 08:35:16
metaphysical in a sentenceEven young children are interested in metaphysical questions. Arguments against metaphysical naturalism include the following examples. Thus does metaphysical equivalence lead to moral equivalence. These classes …2018-02-26 08:33:41
generational in a sentenceThese demographic factors are often associated with generational buying trends. This is very much a generational problem. Broad generational appeal across all three brands. This can …2018-02-26 08:28:04
cloning in a sentenceOne very popular cloning method today is yeast recombination . Here is another region for potential cloning . We discuss marijuana cloning in more depth here. …2018-02-26 08:20:13
artificial intelligence in a sentenceThe key factor is explosive artificial intelligence . Cooking perfect rice is dirt simple with artificial intelligence . artificial intelligence within video is a reality. …2018-02-26 08:18:45
loosely in a sentenceThe term operating system is often used rather loosely . The energy times loosely implemented refers each marketing. All air guns are very loosely regulated. The …2018-02-26 08:16:56
local authorities in a sentenceThe circular pushed local authorities towards change. The local authorities calculate this tax annually. There are too many local authorities and too many councillors. Some local authorities have …2018-02-26 08:15:20
large proportion of in a sentenceThe largest proportion of funds is received through local authorities. Urban locations typically involve a larger proportion of minority participants. Women represent the larger proportion …2018-02-26 08:14:03
abuser in a sentenceWhat treatments are available for marijuana abusers ? There are large free rally user abusers in care. Psychiatry is a great tool for abusers . Many abusers have …2018-02-26 08:11:17
loophole in a sentenceSuch arguments are generally called ” loophole theories. Naked greed and legal loopholes encourage very bad behavior. All these fortified houses contained rifle loopholes . The loophole here …2018-02-26 08:08:50
unscrupulous in a sentenceUnfortunately many fur traders were unscrupulous and cruel. These tensions were further heightened by unscrupulous payment practices. Many cash advances companies have unscrupulous policies. Many payday …2018-02-26 08:04:17
payday in a sentenceCompanies offering speedy payday loans are coming under increased criticism . Do payday loans help prevent extreme measures ? Is payday loans online trying seed light. …2018-02-26 08:02:43
cope in a sentenceNo one can cope with him. He can cope with the problems. She will cope with all the work. She …2018-02-25 14:56:55
be prepared to in a sentenceHe is prepared to help me. I’m prepared to do anything to protect freedom. We have to be prepared to …2018-02-25 14:56:17
help me in a sentencehelp me. Please help me. help me, please. Will you help me? Who will help me? How kind of you …2018-02-25 14:55:32
kindness in a sentenceHe is kindness itself. She is kindness itself. Her kindness touched me. I relied on his kindness. He traded on …2018-02-25 14:52:18
Thank you for in a sentenceThank you for today. Thank you for the lead. Thank you for the present. Thank you for the shipment. Thank …2018-02-25 14:50:59
the other day in a sentenceI met Jane the other day. CN Thank you for the other day. I met him the other day. Swift …2018-02-25 14:49:22
every other in a sentenceHe called her every other day. She visits us every other day. I take a bath every other day. I …2018-02-25 14:48:29
sat down in a sentenceHe sat down by my side. We sat down face to face. They sat down by the fire. The dog …2018-02-25 14:47:46
sit down in a sentencesit down with me. We had better sit down here. sit down and rest for a while. Why don’t you …2018-02-25 14:47:10
had better in a sentenceYou had better go by tram. You had better relax a bit. We had better sit down here. You had …2018-02-25 14:46:31
You’d better in a sentenceYou’d better back off. You’d better not go today. You’d better not tell him. You’d better go in person. You’d …2018-02-24 12:37:22
pouring in a sentenceSweat was pouring from his brow. They made little of the pouring rain. The little dog looked pathetic sitting out …2018-02-24 12:36:53
little of in a sentenceDon’t make little of me. I think little of his novel. He made little of his illness. He makes little …2018-02-24 12:36:02
scholar in a sentenceHe is much of a scholar. He is far from a scholar. Taro passes for a scholar. She is a …2018-02-24 12:35:08
thought of in a sentenceI thought of a good idea. He thought of a good idea. She has no thought of self. She thought …2018-02-24 12:32:50
solution in a sentenceSurgery is the best solution. He thought of a good solution. She thought of a good solution. She came up …2018-02-24 12:32:13
dishes in a sentenceLet’s do the dishes. We cooked egg dishes. I’ll wash the dishes. I like Japanese dishes. I’m washing the dishes. …2018-02-23 11:19:14
wash dishes in a sentencewash dishes in a sentence: My job is to wash dishes. I got her to wash dishes. I helped her …2018-02-23 11:17:32
Wash hands in a sentenceWash your hands well. I’ll wash the dishes. Help me with the wash. I saw him wash the car. I …2018-02-23 11:15:45
every morning in a sentenceShe showers every morning. He has a walk every morning. I take a walk every morning. I wash my face …2018-02-23 11:14:41
take a walk in a sentenceLet’s take a walk. I take a walk every morning. Let’s take a walk in the park. I don’t want …2018-02-23 11:13:27
don’t want in a sentenceI don’t want lunch. I don’t want dinner. I don’t want to go out. You don’t want to be lazy. …2018-02-23 11:12:26
don’t go in a sentencedon’t go back to sleep! I don’t go by what he says. don’t go against his wishes. I don’t go …2018-02-23 11:11:30
by bus in a sentenceI go to Osaka by bus. I go to school by bus. He visited Nara by bus. We go to …2018-02-23 09:16:02
sister city in a sentenceOntario has five sister cities around the world. Tijuana has multiple sister cities and twin towns. Hawaii has many sister cities and twin towns. Chicago has …2018-02-23 09:14:40
Spiderman in a sentenceThe city has 1,700 registered bamboo spidermen . Spiderman was just released a couple days ago . The Spiderman bounce house is here and ready …2018-02-23 09:13:24
Chicago in a sentenceShe went to Chicago by bus. We had a stopover in Chicago. The scene shifted to Chicago. I want a …2018-02-23 09:02:09
Seattle in a sentenceKobe is a sister city of Seattle. Starbuck’s is headquartered in Seattle. The weather in Seattle is constantly changing. They …2018-02-23 08:27:39
Pacific in a sentenceThe Pacific is very wide. He has twice flown the Pacific. We are flying over the Pacific. The ship made …2018-02-23 08:26:23
shallow in a sentenceHe leaped over the shallow ditch. The river was shallow at that point. The sign said, “Warning: shallow water – …2018-02-23 08:24:52
deep water in a sentenceVery deep water must inhibit delta building. A few perch were caught in deep water . Some hearing these words are going through deep waters . …2018-02-23 08:24:09
Sophie in a sentenceSophie was already getting her things together. Sophie bent down to examine her patient. Sophie felt a chill run through her. Sophie herself was …2018-02-23 08:22:06
antihero in a sentenceHe has sometimes been considered an antihero . Daredevil himself was gradually developed into an antihero . I’ve had enough of antiheroes who redeem themselves. Raistlin …2018-02-23 08:20:23
mathematics in a sentenceShe studies mathematics. He excels in mathematics. I am weak in mathematics. He is good at mathematics. mathematics is her …2018-02-23 08:17:15
Daredevil in a sentenceDaredevil has a convoluted and often tortured love life. Daredevil – Your Sim loves taking risks. But where does the man known …2018-02-23 08:16:00
Grade in a sentenceHe skipped a grade. He is in the tenth grade. She was in the eighth grade. My grade is above …2018-02-23 08:13:33
as a result of in a sentenceHe went deaf as a result of an accident. He was late as a result of the accident. I was …2018-02-22 12:18:09
forthcoming in a sentencePreparations continue for the forthcoming celebrations. Find someone who knows the chemical formula for water. forthcoming The band met with …2018-02-22 09:09:04
by noon in a sentenceCan you finish it by noon? We should be there by noon. She was supposed to be here by noon. …2018-02-22 09:06:58
impossible in a sentenceIt’s all but impossible. He is utterly impossible. He is impossible to beat. It’s impossible to go out now. I’m …2018-02-22 09:06:08
sickness in a sentenceFever indicates sickness. Germs can cause sickness. sickness empties the wallet. His long sickness ran him into debt. Eating too …2018-02-22 09:05:13
because of in a sentenceHe was late because of the snow. He is absent because of illness. He went mad because of the shock. …2018-02-22 09:02:23
put off in a sentenceI have put off my coat. Let me put off my decision. She put off going to Mexico. We had …2018-02-22 08:32:57
President in a sentenceThe President is out now. The President desires peace. I met the President himself. The President took a hard line. …2018-02-22 08:30:49
merger in a sentenceEffective merger control requires effective judicial redress. The merger was abandoned five months later amid falling oil prices. The merger may touch off huge gravity waves. …2018-02-22 08:29:35
resulted in in a sentenceOur plan resulted in failure. Their plan resulted in failure. Her excuse resulted in nothing. His efforts resulted in failure. …2018-02-22 08:22:10
morphological in a sentenceThis morphological class is called “grazing resistant”. Even more complex morphological changes are sometimes possible. The parish geographical and morphological infrastructure was complete. Two main types …2018-02-22 08:20:43
ecosystem in a sentenceDestroying one part of the ecosystem affects every other part of it. Degradation of an ecosystem signifies serious environmental pollution. …2018-02-22 08:18:46
dolphin in a sentenceA dolphin is no more a fish than a dog is. The boy considered the dolphin his best friend. The …2018-02-22 08:17:39
black and white in a sentenceUse black and white in a sentence: Example Sentences: Dogs see in black and white . A black and white …2018-02-22 08:14:22
genome in a sentenceNow we sequence several human genomes every few days. Many genes are duplicated within a genome . This number should approximate the “minimal genome “. The …2018-02-22 08:12:44
Overall in a sentenceOverall we are on schedule. The overall output was tons. His overall was covered with paintstains. How much time do …2018-02-22 08:10:52
ahead of schedule in a sentenceOur fence arrived yesterday ahead of schedule . Its construction was completed four months ahead of schedule . The genome was sequenced ahead of schedule . …2018-02-22 08:09:49
behind schedule in a sentenceI am a few mile behind schedule . But the project is already years behind schedule . The production encountered difficulties and slipped behind schedule . …2018-02-22 08:06:42
schedule in a sentenceIt’s behind schedule. I’ll check my schedule. It’s ahead of schedule. Work is behind schedule. Is the plane on schedule? …2018-02-22 08:03:27
reluctant to in a sentenceThey are invariably reluctant to suggest alternatives. Government has traditionally been far too reluctant to provide information. Even trade unionists were reluctant to show solidarity. The …2018-02-22 08:02:03
understandably in a sentenceBut such situations are understandably very rare. Investors are understandably interested in where stocks are headed next. It makes those who appoint judges understandably cautious. Farmers …2018-02-22 07:58:10
lecture in a sentenceHis lecture is very long. The lecture was above me. They attended the lecture. His lecture disappointed us. Give a …2018-02-22 07:55:32
very much in a sentenceI like him very much. I like dogs very much. I like music very much. He loved her very much. …2018-02-21 18:34:55
taking care of in a sentenceHe likes taking care of the garden. She’s at home taking care of the kids. I like taking care of …2018-02-21 18:33:44
incapable in a sentenceShe is incapable of deceit. He is incapable of telling a lie. She is incapable of doing anything alone. A …2018-02-21 18:31:51
coward in a sentenceHe called me a coward. He is a bit of a coward. They called him a coward. He was denounced …2018-02-21 18:30:19
particularly in a sentenceI don’t particularly like her. He particularly liked history. He is particularly kind to her. I am not particularly fond …2018-02-21 18:29:27
history in a sentenceI like history. history is my major. I majored in history. He teaches us history. I am not up on …2018-02-21 18:28:18
different from in a sentenceHe’s different from before. My plan is different from yours. My idea is different from yours. My watch is different …2018-02-21 11:20:16
similar to in a sentenceHis car is similar to mine. My opinions are similar to his. My opinion is similar to yours. Her idea …2018-02-21 11:18:20
hefty in a sentenceSuch overseas trips often involve hefty overtime charges . They were plump, hefty looking fish. But there are some pretty hefty problems. I paid a hefty price for …2018-02-21 08:31:39
overseas in a sentenceThe 1970s brought further overseas expansion. How many health professional are migrating overseas ? An intensive overseas training program was immediately undertaken. Such overseas trips often involve hefty …2018-02-21 08:28:33
dramatically in a sentenceUnion medical care improved dramatically during 1862. The draw weight was thus dramatically increased. This number had risen dramatically since 2000. Keep upper body upright while dramatically bending …2018-02-21 08:27:19
Android in a sentenceThis open source software platform motivates Android construct magnificent mobile apps. They were supported by various Android soldiers. The Android tutor had a special location unit. …2018-02-21 08:21:43
ubiquitous in a sentenceReligious life was ubiquitous in medieval society. Organic oxygen compounds are ubiquitous in organic chemistry. Slow motion is ubiquitous in modern filmmaking . Concern about excessive …2018-02-21 08:19:42
postwar in a sentenceThe postwar era was marked by widespread political corruption. The project continued postwar but was eventually abandoned. The postwar period saw dramatic population and economic growth. …2018-02-21 08:18:30
NCAA in a sentenceHis total NCAA tournament postseason record is 20–19. Both players are NCAA college hockey players . Both schools making their inaugural NCAA tournament appearance suffered quick …2018-02-21 08:16:20
training group in a sentenceSubjects were randomly divided into 2 different training groups . The imagery training group participated in five visualization activities. Each training group consisted of 25 female …2018-02-21 08:14:46
randomly in a sentenceThe computer name is randomly assigned during installation. The patterns used here are generated randomly . A computer randomly selects 20 numbers every 4 minutes. These …2018-02-21 08:12:34
my business in a sentencemy business career was doing very well. my business is very complex and individual. my business card is attached as requested. Can accepting …2018-02-21 08:10:57
numbness in a sentenceI have some numbness in my left hand. Doctors say that if you have a feeling of dizziness accompanied by …2018-02-20 23:54:55
environmental in a sentenceGorillas, endangered in most other parts of Africa, are said to be so numerous in the nation of Gabon that …2018-02-20 23:54:38
burial in a sentenceThe Etruscans practiced elaborate burials which included bronze, iron, and ivory objects. The contents of ancient burial chambers in Northern …2018-02-20 23:53:09
During the timeVincent Van Gogh’s use of intense color became more muted During the time he was hospitalized for mental illness. She’ll …2018-02-20 23:52:32
accompanied by in a sentenceA French proverb notes that beauty, unaccompanied by virtue, is as a flower without perfume. The President is usually accompanied …2018-02-20 23:51:01
civilization in a sentenceRobert Graves once suggested that civilization has gotten further and further from the so-called ‘natural’ man, who uses all his …2018-02-20 23:49:39
clean up in a sentenceThe government has passed a new bylaw which requires all dog owners to clean up after their pets. I will …2018-02-20 22:15:46
kitchen in a sentenceMy mom wanted to buy this kitchen table we saw at the auction, but the bidding went too high. She …2018-02-20 22:14:04
naive in a sentenceThe naive man blushed with shame. The experiment was done using naive mice. He made heaps of money by ripping …2018-02-20 10:25:03
honeymoon in a sentenceThe couple went off on their honeymoon. We just got married, and this is our honeymoon. We are busy preparing …2018-02-20 09:19:24
Alaska in a sentenceWinter in Alaska is long and bitterly cold. Of all the places I’ve been, Alaska is the most beautiful. America …2018-02-20 09:17:30
London in a sentenceI am in London. I arrived in London. I often go to London. He set off for London. He has …2018-02-20 09:15:38
New York in a sentenceI read the New York Times. I lost my way in New York. They set out for New York. My …2018-02-20 09:13:01
No sooner had in a sentenceNo sooner had he seen me than he ran away. No sooner had he said it than he was sorry. …2018-02-20 09:04:07
run away in a sentenceDid you see anyone run away? He had no choice but to run away. He made a gesture to me …2018-02-20 09:02:48
way back in a sentenceWe’re friends from way back. She could not find her way back. I met with a traffic accident on my …2018-02-20 09:01:13
met with in a sentenceHe met with an accident. I met with an awful accident. He met with a traffic accident. My proposal met …2018-02-20 08:52:21
unexpected in a sentenceI allow for the unexpected. We had unexpected visitors. He met an unexpected obstacle. An unexpected result was arrived at. …2018-02-20 08:17:01
at a loss in a sentenceI am at a loss for words. I was at a loss what to do. He was at a loss …2018-02-20 08:14:51
what to do in a sentenceI know what to do. I told him what to do. Tell us what to do next. Ask him what …2018-02-20 08:12:48
on the phone in a sentenceHe’s now on the phone. I’m talking on the phone. I called him up on the phone. I ordered a …2018-02-20 08:10:51
Would you mind in a sentenceWould you mind coming with me? Would you mind standing aside? Would you mind waiting a moment? Would you mind …2018-02-20 08:09:19
next time in a sentenceBetter luck next time. next time phone ahead. Do a better job next time. Try and do better next time. …2018-02-20 08:07:57
birthday party in a sentenceI was invited to her birthday party. She invited us to her birthday party. I failed to go to his …2018-02-20 08:04:51
I doubt in a sentenceI doubt his story. I doubt her words. I doubt if it will. I doubt if he will come. I …2018-02-20 08:02:26
make a speech in a sentenceDo you have to make a speech? She was afraid to make a speech. Do I have to make a …2018-02-20 08:00:51
at the party in a sentenceI was at the party. I saw her at the party. I met a Smith at the party. She was …2018-02-20 07:55:57
ended up in a sentenceHe ended up in jail. She ended up a movie star. She ended up in the hospital. She ended up …2018-02-20 07:55:06
the flu in a sentenceShe’s off with the flu. I had the flu last month. He’s in bed with the flu. He came down …2018-02-20 07:54:04
came in a sentenceNobody came to my rescue. The se feeling came back. He waited until she came. He came here before noon. …2018-02-20 07:52:58
given in a sentenceI was given this watch by my uncle. The prisoner was given his freedom. I’ve given my best for the …2018-02-20 07:51:59
handicapped in a sentencePoland’s important agricultural sector continues to be handicapped by surplus labor, inefficient small farms, and lack of investment. The Special …2018-02-20 00:04:13
gave in a sentenceHe gave a big yawn! He gave in. His knee gave. He gave a ball. She gave money. He gave …2018-02-19 08:51:35
a piece of in a sentenceGive me a piece of paper. Give him a piece of advice. I bought a piece of baggage. He gave …2018-02-19 08:49:05
paper in a sentenceI need some paper. paper burns easily. I made a paper plane. May I use some paper? She ran out …2018-02-19 08:47:30
hamburger in a sentencePlease give me a hamburger. I ate a hamburger and ordered another. I wanted a hamburger, but I restrained myself. …2018-02-19 08:36:09
went camping in a sentenceI went camping last summer. I went camping with my family. We went camping near the river. We went camping …2018-02-19 08:34:35
campfire in a sentenceThe wet wood hissed and smoked in the campfire. Spirals of smoke drifted heavenward from the campfire. The campfire was …2018-02-19 08:33:31
mom in a sentenceI feel sorry for his mom mom did not mention it. mom didn’t look calm enough. Dad looked at mom …2018-02-19 08:32:24
hair in a sentenceShe was busy doing her hair. He is one of our most experienced chairmen. Rolfe Neill once said, “Reading transports …2018-02-18 21:29:51
equator in a sentenceThe ship will cross the equator tonight. Distance per degree of longitude at equator. The equator divides the globe into …2018-02-17 11:42:43
noiseless in a sentenceThe floor should be firm, level and noiseless . noiseless governor but outstanding performer, carry go! Irinyi thus invented the ” noiseless match”. Study was …2018-02-17 11:41:05
practically in a sentenceHe is practically dead. The mother was practically worn out. Dave and I have been friends practically all our adult …2018-02-17 11:28:33
by means of in a sentenceHe explained by means of diagrams. They lifted the rock by means of a lever. Thoughts are expressed by means …2018-02-17 11:27:30
went up in a sentenceI went up to the door. We went up step by step. My dream went up in smoke. The ship …2018-02-17 11:25:54
Picasso in a sentenceHe has a Picasso. He has two Picassos. I want to be a Picasso. I like the works of Picasso. …2018-02-17 11:24:49
on the wall in a sentenceThere is a map on the wall. I hung a picture on the wall. There is a clock on the …2018-02-17 11:23:31
There are in a sentenceThere are some shops near my house. There are four people in my family. There are four oceans in the …2018-02-17 11:22:32
unquestionably in a sentenceAll children are unquestionably included and integrated. Technology has unquestionably made things more efficient and effective. But the dark areas were unquestionably creepy. Not surprisingly his …2018-02-17 11:20:58
Not surprisingly in a sentenceNot surprisingly research on different places produced conflicting results. Not surprisingly an overwhelming majority votes yes. Not surprisingly wind power is regarded as …2018-02-17 11:19:19
overwhelming majority in a sentenceNot surprisingly an overwhelming majority votes yes. An overwhelming majority prefers the online book. The overwhelming majority were lost to air attack. The overwhelming majority of student loans …2018-02-17 11:13:37
grocery store in a sentenceThe tights are another grocery store pair . The grocery stores were almost completely bare. He was a grocery store manager aged 31. Not every grocery store follows …2018-02-17 11:09:15
organic food in a sentenceThe organic foods market is booming internationally. Is organic food more nutritious than conventional food? One should eat organic food and avoid processed food. organic foods are …2018-02-17 11:07:43
unpredictable in a sentenceThis seemingly unpredictable behavior has been called “chaos”. Medical discovery is essentially an unpredictable process. Some of those differences were relatively unpredictable . Economic events and …2018-02-16 09:14:43
alpine in a sentenceThis rocky alpine landscape leaves waterways starved for nutrients. Rich alpine flora and unique bird life. A botanical conservatory devoted to alpine plants. alpine species occur at …2018-02-16 09:12:28
conservatory in a sentenceA botanical conservatory devoted to alpine plants. The highly regarded music program offers conservatory study at all levels. A full log basket is stored …2018-02-16 09:10:22
barefoot in a sentenceJulien passes completely barefoot among many great hard rocks. There are too many barefoot shoes with hybrid. My friends went barefoot and loved wearing vintage clothing. …2018-02-16 09:07:59
water skiing in a sentenceHis hobbies include cycling and water skiing . Another tool used in barefoot water skiing is the barefoot boom. water skiing tournaments and water skiing …2018-02-16 09:06:03
canoeing in a sentenceThe bird life while canoeing is very rewarding. Review kayaking and canoeing safety principles here. Avoid cotton clothes for hiking and canoeing . Inland there are …2018-02-16 09:03:42
snorkelling in a sentenceThere is great scuba diving and snorkelling when conditions are right . The scenery was stunning and the snorkelling was fantastic ! It is …2018-02-16 09:01:28
best experience in a sentenceSome places are best experienced in peak season. The best experiences offer an interface to complexity. We strive to provide the best experience possible. best experience yet …2018-02-16 08:59:04
literature in a sentenceGive a lecture on literature. He majors in modern literature. She majors in French literature. He majors in English literature. …2018-02-15 08:53:48
excerpt in a sentenceThe priest read an excerpt from the Bible at mass. I decided to buy the book after reading an excerpt …2018-02-15 08:50:29
Shakespeare in a sentenceHe took a line from Shakespeare. He often quotes from Shakespeare. I know a little about Shakespeare. He read a …2018-02-15 08:49:42
crown in a sentenceYou have to have a new crown. He was crowned with eternal victory. Her efforts were crowned with victory. He …2018-02-15 08:48:34
finest in a sentenceThe finest wines are those from France. Even the finest fete becomes mere hogs swill. His college boasts the finest …2018-02-15 08:47:08
pathetic in a sentenceThe old ” foreigners diving” stereotype is pathetic . The desperate media feeding frenzy is beyond pathetic . You bleeding heart liberals are predictably pathetic . …2018-02-15 08:31:02
screenplay in a sentenceThe finished screenplay was approximately 100 pages long. The screenplay took four months to write. The movie itself toys with standard screenplay formulas. I wrote the screenplay literally …2018-02-15 08:29:17
co-written in a sentenceThe novel has been co-written by Richard Preston. Vitamin C has written or co-written many songs for other artists. It was directed and co-written by Woody …2018-02-15 08:26:49
Chicago in a sentenceChicago hosted many dramatic speeches and historic moments. Chicago reported steady vacancy and rental rates. Chicago law firms are asked to sponsor individual …2018-02-15 08:22:07
running water in a sentenceIt has neither electricity nor running water . Some 6 million households are without electricity and running water . The houses only had cold running …2018-02-15 08:18:15
household in a sentenceThey are basically 100 million loose household cannons. The household income variable had several missing values. The graph below shows slightly longer term household income trends. …2018-02-15 08:15:49
contextual in a sentenceAt least three contextual considerations favor the more comprehensive exclusion. Several broader contextual considerations reinforce this conclusion. This method excludes contextual links and slide shows. This …2018-02-15 08:12:29
computer-controlled in a sentencecomputer-controlled holiday displays are becoming more and more common today. computer-controlled manufacture creates works of startling precision and complexity. Many continuous casting …2018-02-15 08:10:30
hundred thousand dollars in a sentenceThat building was estimated to cost several hundred thousand dollars . The artist earned several hundred thousand dollars selling the sculptures. The plan eventually …2018-02-15 08:07:33
reduced to in a sentenceThe series was reduced to 8 episodes. After installation contaminants were reduced to target levels. His force was reduced to five men. The headway was reduced to 15 …2018-02-15 08:05:01
fully automatic in a sentenceIt is a fully automatic portable mini gun. The majority of such offline operations are fully automatic . The next improvement was a fully automatic mule. …2018-02-15 08:04:40
firearm in a sentenceThese are considered “free” firearms . Personal firearms are “weapons” or “firearms”. firearms introduced by settlers increased tribal warfare. Entertainment firearms permits are also described below. firearms are …2018-02-15 08:00:06
replicas in a sentenceThe sports stores really should sell cheap replica soccer jerseys. Another gallery displays replica historic farmhouse interiors. The following section contains several strategies for replica placement. …2018-02-15 07:56:43
Springfield in a sentenceSpringfield has several colleges and universities within the city. Springfield is currently home to six public and private high schools. His musket …2018-02-15 07:54:55
home office in a sentenceThat picture still hangs in my home office . My home office is just about perfect . How does your home office weigh in? Provides remote …2018-02-15 07:53:06
was born inAnother snow leopard was born in 2009. Their second child was born in 2012. A third son was born in 1895. John the fourth son was born …2018-02-14 11:00:31
was born in a sentenceSo presumably she was born around 1992. And thus a boundary dispute was born . African nationalism was born during the early colonial times. Rebecca was born at …2018-02-14 10:56:43
unfit in a sentenceThat single room was unfit for human habitation. The whole system is unfit for purpose. My behaviour is thus far from unfit . I am unfit and never …2018-02-14 10:53:50
barracks in a sentenceThe barracks room accommodated approximately 20 men. I followed signs past abandoned barracks and empty streets. New barracks were built and rations increased. The remaining troops …2018-02-14 10:51:57
at ease in a sentenceThe working culture is slightly more at ease . The murderer suddenly felt ill at ease . Yet apparently his heart was ill at ease . …2018-02-14 10:50:27
big smile in a sentenceDonna threw another big smile around the table. Do older children have bigger smiles than younger children? She has such a nice, big smile . She …2018-02-14 10:48:51
around the table in a sentenceThe separate dining room has ample space around the table . Donna threw another big smile around the table . We enjoy fellowship and …2018-02-14 10:47:29
dining room in a sentenceIts rear dining room is surprisingly quiet. The dining room has wrap around view windows. The dining room light refused to turn off. The large dining room features …2018-02-14 10:45:00
central heating in a sentenceOther features include gas fired central heating . The house has full central heating throughout. Full gas fired central heating is installed. Oil central heating is fitted throughout …2018-02-14 10:43:35
central in a sentenceThe word “global” is central . The central tram lane is clearer here. The central spire is 252 ft high. Most central nervous system cancers are brain tumors. …2018-02-14 10:42:05
per capita in a sentenceUSA has 45% more patents per capita . Canada has 7 times more representatives per capita . Rural real consumption per capita has increased four times …2018-02-14 09:09:31
obtainable in a sentenceSimilar results are believed obtainable using communications satellites. PC offers much more computer software obtainable . What billing code guides are obtainable and essential? That is …2018-02-14 08:34:25
talisman in a sentenceThis stunning cure is carefully tied together as a love talisman . The portal is destroyed and the talismans become scattered. talisman Ring books are …2018-02-14 08:32:40
special powers in a sentenceThey are unforgettable and have special powers . She suspected it might have special powers . He has been granted the special powers for 18 months …2018-02-14 08:29:42
unforgettable in a sentenceIt is an unforgettable city once explored. A glittering world filled with unforgettable characters. This unforgettable experience has influenced my outlook ever since. She writes hip …2018-02-14 08:27:29
masterpiece in a sentenceThe result was another action adventure masterpiece . Their masterpieces were witty birthday and leaving cards. The house soon become his architectural masterpiece . These six …2018-02-14 08:23:48
nonfiction in a sentenceI find nonfiction harder mechanically and fiction more difficult emotionally. There are fiction and nonfiction manga about every subject. Applicants should have expertise in …2018-02-14 08:20:36
Most students in a sentenceMost students are served in their neighborhood school. Most students are enrolled in a business discipline. Most students are on a full tuition …2018-02-14 08:19:11
disrespectful in a sentenceGenerally calling someone names is considered disrespectful . Allen felt their body language was disrespectful . It called her remarks ” disrespectful “. The attitude I …2018-02-14 08:16:11
body language in a sentenceEverything acting wise in silent movies is body language . Make sure your own body language is positive. Not using “killer phrases” or negative body …2018-02-14 08:13:26
pay attention to in a sentenceI paid attention to astronomy education research. Why should trucking pay attention to such trends ? Specifically pay attention to foreign language prerequisites. He stopped paying attention …2018-02-14 08:09:36
prerequisites in a sentenceThis is normally done through curriculum prerequisites . The table includes prerequisites for specific settings. My question is for forensic science specialties subject post prerequisites . …2018-02-14 08:06:48
foreign language in a sentenceforeign language acquisition and “summer vacations abroad” were encouraged. A person that discussions foreign languages is actually important. In high school a second foreign …2018-02-14 08:04:27
abroad in a sentenceAny presidential speech abroad has multiple audiences. It has nine permanent diplomatic missions abroad . Opposition sources said others named were currently living abroad . The …2018-02-14 08:02:00
unfettered in a sentence1 Without appellate review, judicial discretion is virtually unfettered . 2 Free flow does not necessarily mean unfettered flow. 3 …2018-02-13 10:16:24
up-front in a sentenceup-front extra costs would almost certainly be involved . These costs usually far outweigh the up-front investment. He should have been much more up-front . …2018-02-13 09:16:05
percentage scale in a sentenceCash flow measures on a common-size percentage scale . Pay is by percentage scale . Like almost all Amiga magazines of the time, they …2018-02-13 09:14:50
graded at in a sentenceThe hardest routes are currently graded at 6-Dan. The player’s performance is graded at the end of the minigame. Choose boards graded at least No. 2 …2018-02-13 09:13:59
box number in a sentenceI assume it is post office box number . I never wrote to that box number . Please include your box number on all correspondence. A box …2018-02-13 09:12:17
post office in a sentenceThe historic building has remained a post office ever since. Rural post offices in particular are important institutions. Not everyone sent their letters through …2018-02-13 09:04:31
If in doubt in a sentenceIf in doubt seek specialist or stay moderate. If in doubt , seek proper professional advice. If in doubt – bring your own! …2018-02-13 09:01:02
vigorous physical activity in a sentenceOutdoor play in cold weather encourages more vigorous physical activity . Remember that the natural conclusion of fight or flight is vigorous physical …2018-02-13 08:58:55
cold weather in a sentenceIn very cold weather much larger flocks appear. Record cold weather events precede cooling climate change. So intense cold weather is returning again . What are …2018-02-13 08:57:35
exacerbated in a sentenceThis growing socioeconomic inequality cd underlying religious tensions. The escalation exacerbated an already fragile humanitarian situation. The second is exacerbated by conservative misinformation. Thermal line expansion …2018-02-13 08:39:15
mental illness in a sentencemental illnesses are biologically based brain disorders. No mention of ” mental illness “. No universally accepted definition of mental illness exists. mental illness creates enormous …2018-02-13 08:35:50
stigma in a sentenceThe stigma is usually colored deep pink. But does the “brain disease” belief actually reduce stigma ? Criminal law is intended to impose moral stigma . …2018-02-13 08:31:50
dementia in a sentenceThe primary cause of vascular dementia is high blood pressure. I actually thought he was developing dementia . No area has a specific” dementia service”. Ralph …2018-02-13 08:27:37
substandard in a sentenceWe observe substandard cure rates and increasing mortality figures. Housing has always been substandard and overcrowded. This is due to substandard safety standards. A dozen students …2018-02-13 08:26:29
mortality in a sentenceAnd nowhere else did stations suffer such massive mortality . The infant mortality statistics are equally grim. No significant mortality difference between decks was observed. The …2018-02-13 08:19:41
cardiovascular in a sentenceOnly 22% had previous cardiovascular disease. Job shower area once cardiovascular physical workout. His cardiovascular disease had been completely reversed. What normal cardiovascular changes are expected during pregnancy? …2018-02-13 08:17:58
aerobic in a sentenceDoes aerobic exercise promote growth hormone release? Circuit training combines resistance exercises alongside high intensity aerobic work. This process function is essential to aerobic respiration. Each …2018-02-13 08:16:11
oxidative in a sentenceSuch oxidative modification could rupture animal cell membranes. A related problem for aerobic organisms is oxidative stress. It protects the body from oxidative stress. This effect …2018-02-13 08:14:10
ruptured in a sentenceMuscle tissue is torn and blood vessels rupture . Remember reading the possible side effects being ruptured tendons. The diagnosis may very difficult immediately …2018-02-13 08:12:08
an explosion of in a sentenceAfrica has seen an explosion of cellphone usage. The record is indeed an explosion of raging energy. an explosion of sound ruptured the moment. What …2018-02-13 08:01:25
cellphone in a sentenceThe cellphone pocket really is about pointless. His cellphone had been turned off during his flight. Africa has seen an explosion of cellphone usage. Nearly absolutely …2018-02-13 07:59:42
pointless in a sentenceIt is pointless allocating hours of teaching to irrelevant material. The ending was utterly pointless after everything that had been before. Without such a …2018-02-13 07:57:57
where possible in a sentenceWe always operate green laundry practices where possible . Ideally musical components should be performed live where possible . where possible the breakfast is made …2018-02-12 09:07:33
technical assistance in a sentenceIt is considered bilateral and multilateral technical assistance . Minnesota was offering workshops and technical assistance statewide. The commission provides technical assistance and education where possible. …2018-02-12 09:05:57
statewide in a sentenceAverage teacher experience is already roughly equivalent across schools statewide . A statewide school voucher program was enacted. About 160 retailers are still seeking …2018-02-12 09:04:35
atrocities in a sentenceJapan committed terrible atrocities during the war. Both sides committed numerous atrocities during the conflict. Little could be done beyond establishing atrocities had taken place. There …2018-02-12 09:03:12
without restraint in a sentenceIt merely means “happy without restraint “. Inside cats can roam around without restraint . Christ has absolute dominion over us without restraints . The atrocities …2018-02-12 09:01:42
indiscriminately in a sentenceThe attacks occurred indiscriminately and without warning. The vast majority of rockets were launched indiscriminately towards populated areas. Sharing information indiscriminately probably just means taking more …2018-02-12 08:59:16
Hindu in a sentenceThe laws regulating Hindu religious marks was withdrawn. The tank has twelve minor shrines containing Hindu deities. Hindu traditional literary sources say little about homosexuality …2018-02-12 08:53:57
gain support in a sentenceThis heretical view is beginning to gain support . The repeal effort gained support nationally and internationally. This idea has failed to gain support among academics. …2018-02-12 08:46:41
heretical in a sentenceThis heretical view is beginning to gain support. Various solutions were developed that were ultimately deemed heretical . Fresh passion fruit is heretical but wonderfully aromatic. …2018-02-12 08:43:16
wonderfully in a sentenceThe finely shaded gradient is wonderfully colorful. This attractive home has been wonderfully renovated . Birds are truly amazing creatures and are wonderfully designed. The blogging …2018-02-12 08:40:54
flabbergasted in a sentenceYour writing taste has been flabbergasted me . The dentist was flabbergasted at our prices. I was flabbergasted by all the unexpected attention. Everyone was buzzing …2018-02-12 08:38:11
sense of certainty in a sentenceNew Zealanders are losing that sense of certainty . Ironically , this unexamined sense of certainty makes their faith vulnerable. But the sense of certainty your …2018-02-12 08:34:44
unexamined in a sentenceA published, unexamined Japanese patent application. A lot of this stuff is just unexamined cant. Other facts seem to be unexamined or overlooked. That ecology was …2018-02-12 08:32:57
unscientific in a sentenceThis is neither rocket science nor is it unscientific . Doctors therefore relied on various unscientific treatments. Terms relating to ethnicity are often unscientific . The …2018-02-12 08:31:28
scientific book in a sentenceSeveral chromosome count lists are available in scientific books . He published three scientific books during this period. Joan Procter published widely in scientific books and …2018-02-12 08:29:02
chromosome in a sentenceThe human sperm cell has 23 chromosomes . The basic chromosome number is x=13. The gene is located on chromosome 12. The gene is located on chromosome 7. …2018-02-12 08:24:57
mapped in a sentenceThe clan system mapped onto battlefield organization. The result is thousands of sales mapped every week. An address space with four mapped regions. Fixed points are mapped to …2018-02-12 08:23:55
battlefieldOn certain battlefields animal sounds are used. The clan system mapped onto battlefield organization. New combat engine with “dynamic battlefield “. The entire country has become …2018-02-12 08:19:30
Prussian in a sentenceAll units are Prussian unless otherwise noted. Christianity along western lines slowly spread through Prussian culture. Prussian authorities imprisoned 185 priests and forced hundred others …2018-02-12 08:13:28
discrimination againstSo why is discrimination against women allowed ? The final variable introduced in many studies is discrimination against blacks . Deaf communities strongly oppose discrimination …2018-02-12 08:11:12
widely accepted in a sentenceHis reasoning has never been widely accepted . It is widely accepted across multiple operating systems and platforms. Gay marriage has become widely accepted across the …2018-02-12 08:08:02
contemporaries in a sentenceOccasionally using different calendars has caused confusion between contemporaries . Many contemporaries hailed this development with delight. Both were thought odd by their contemporaries . This …2018-02-12 08:06:32
calendar in a sentenceThe word “months” means calendar months. Occasionally using different calendars has caused confusion between contemporaries. Roman calendars show roughly forty annual religious festivals. The word “month” …2018-02-12 08:05:08
Edgar Allan Poe in a sentenceEdgar Allan Poe wrote that there is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion. Author Edgar Allan Poe …2018-02-11 22:46:31
sunlight in a sentenceThe rock glittered in the sunlight. We tied back the flaps of the tent to let some morning sunlight in. …2018-02-11 22:45:47
parade in a sentenceThe parade lead to the Hindu temple in the center of town. The police paraded the captured escapees in front …2018-02-11 22:44:00
evacuation in a sentenceThe office tower was well-organized for emergencies, so evacuation of the entire building only took about 5 minutes. Many buildings …2018-02-11 21:26:08
outlook in a sentenceA sense of humor and a good outlook on life help to make you a happier person. The outlook is …2018-02-11 21:25:46
proxies in a sentenceOrganized credit card fraud rings often use anonymous proxies . All proxies are checked against this list. The proxies were in practice widely used. Therefore so …2018-02-10 12:11:29
credit card in a sentencecredit cards fixed rate transfer balances 3. Most credit card thefts are reported within 24 hours. credit card best lowest rate lowest introductory rate. …2018-02-10 12:10:10
debit card in a sentenceUse debit cards payday loans short need. Days ago debit card payday loans assigned to debit card owners. Instead customers are turning to debit cards . …2018-02-10 12:08:48
providian in a sentenceprovidian credit card home, bad credit mortgage loan interest rates. This number is washington mutual which is providian credit card. providian com is a …2018-02-10 12:07:35
loan interest rate in a sentenceThese rates are usually significantly below standard auto loan interest rates . The student loan interest rate was 2 percent. The plus loan interest rate is …2018-02-10 12:03:21
Barack Obama in a sentenceBarack Obama speaks on the student loan interest rate increase bill. Barack Obama is and has always been a centrist. So compelling …2018-02-10 12:01:59
Donald Trump in a sentenceDonald Trump later denied seeking any tax relief. I wish I had Donald Trump money. Even Donald Trump has to control his spending. It became …2018-02-10 12:00:58
voting percentage in a sentenceThe key here is boosting the voting percentage . The voting percentages were revealed after the final. voting percentages throughout the show are not made …2018-02-10 11:57:10
boost in a sentenceAny subsequent intermediate cutting temporarily boosts forage production. Most current fission weapons contain boosted warheads. boost pressure during hard acceleration under ideal conditions is approximately …2018-02-10 11:55:08
Popeye in a sentencePopeye later attributed his strength to spinach. And Popeye is merely showing clips from old cartoons. The popularity of Popeye helped boost spinach sales. Popeye is …2018-02-10 11:54:09
cartoons in a sentenceShe said she personally found the cartoons offensive. Even the more recent strips border on decent quality cartoons . I consider my cartoons my social object. …2018-02-10 11:52:46
comic strips in a sentenceHe already had experience creating comic strips . The comic strips and derivative movie serials greatly popularized science fiction. I never read comic strips as a …2018-02-10 11:41:57
science fiction in a sentenceThere are many examples of youth science fiction . The show used a few established science fiction authors. It was followed by three more science …2018-02-10 11:40:28
quantum in a sentencequantum particle swarm optimization is another approach. It is best understood within quantum mechanics. A more general category is quantum field theory. Many transitions involving …2018-02-10 11:38:02
theoretical in a sentencePrevious estimates depended extensively upon theoretical modeling. This research has produced advanced theoretical breakthroughs directly supporting engineering practice. There are sound engineering principles providing theoretical background. …2018-02-10 11:35:41
legislative power in a sentenceThe town council has some legislative powers . legislative power is divided between federal and state legislatures. legislative power may be concurrently vested in …2018-02-10 11:33:12
executive power in a sentenceActing against public opinion using executive power is not democratic. The executive power is reserved for government. The sultan no longer had executive powers . The …2018-02-10 11:31:31
concurrently in a sentenceThe performances are concurrently contingent upon each other. Three major initiatives are being scaled up concurrently . The three highways join and run concurrently through downtown. …2018-02-10 11:29:11
contingent in a sentenceHigh pay contingent on company performance 5. The contingent liability for product warranties almost always is accrued. Portfolio interest generally does not include contingent interest. Two …2018-02-10 11:25:56
Istanbul in a sentenceIstanbul has a lively and exciting nightlife. Istanbul‘s cultural celebration debuts the following weekend. And Istanbul is unbelievable and simply modern. Istanbul‘s contingent liabilities remain …2018-02-10 11:22:50
rhetoric in a sentenceThe demonstrations were unprecedented both in size and political rhetoric . This we believe is no mere rhetoric . Does this kind of rhetoric sounds familiar? …2018-02-09 08:47:38
antisemitic in a sentenceOpposition to antisemitic prejudice ran across party lines. Several fundamentalist churches also preach antisemitic messages. A few antisemitic incidents were recorded during this period. Hamas has …2018-02-09 08:46:26
intertwine in a sentenceTheir worlds intertwined but never quite collided. Congressional policy and military strategy were intertwined . Each episode typically intertwined several plots involving an ensemble cast. External …2018-02-09 08:44:25
microscopy in a sentenceThe slides were evaluated by fluorescence microscopy . Video microscopy shows that mitochondria are incredibly dynamic. This phenomenon has been observed frequently in transmission …2018-02-09 08:38:03
electron in a sentenceThe negatively charged particles were later named electrons . The overall electron density is very low. This is hardly surprising since every chemical reaction …2018-02-09 08:36:34
oxidation in a sentenceFast oxidation states are found much more commonly among younger individuals. The research showed green tea increased fat oxidation . Both oxidation states absorb ultraviolet light …2018-02-09 08:35:18
acidophilic in a sentenceThe acidic nature of bogs supports acid-loving (acidophilic) vegetation, especially Sphagnum mosses, and contributes to a deficiency in available plant …2018-02-09 08:34:05
ammonia in a sentenceOne such gas intensive industry is ammonia production. They are extremely messy fish producing tons of ammonia . These ammonia technologies are widely used within the …2018-02-09 08:31:47
carbon dioxide in a sentencecarbon dioxide concentration started increasing decisively around 1850. Another method involves using freezing carbon dioxide . A common gaseous fire suppression agent is carbon …2018-02-09 08:30:10
photosynthesis in a sentenceThe small leaflet size prevents too much moisture loss during photosynthesis . The negative side to leaf rolling is photosynthesis is often limited. Plant …2018-02-09 08:27:48
interdependent in a sentenceIn an increasingly interdependent world such sanctions cause significant suffering. Both thematic groups alternate but remain continuously interdependent . The complete set of interdependent relationships is …2018-02-09 08:25:54
inexorably in a sentenceThe small town was inexorably falling asleep. But without communication, human growth is inexorably impeded. As climate change is inexorably tightening its grip. The common pool …2018-02-09 08:24:36
falling asleep in a sentenceBeau was bored and literally falling asleep . He ran through it once before falling asleep . falling asleep is a challenge unless physically exhausted. …2018-02-09 08:23:25
literally in a sentenceIt literally took less than 10 minutes. Our culture is literally submerged in such references. It literally takes less than 15 seconds! Taken literally the story makes little …2018-02-09 08:20:43
filmmaker in a sentenceOrlando is very popular among independent filmmakers . These early filmmakers often had trouble making a profit. This is a near crippling disability affecting …2018-02-09 08:17:59
childbirth in a sentenceIt is therefore suitable for urinary problems following childbirth . The latter is more cohesive with beneficial hormonal function during childbirth . There is …2018-02-09 08:16:35
taught in a sentenceWhatever was taught was very much worth learning. Kabbalah has always been taught through books. A thirty credit taught module is studied per semester. Ive never taught algebra …2018-02-09 08:12:12
comprehension in a sentenceHow context makes metaphor comprehension seem special. Such conduct was completely beyond my comprehension . The results are important for discourse comprehension . Prior knowledge is …2018-02-09 08:10:55
reading speed in a sentenceThe average reading speed is approximately 200 words per minute. The average adult reading speed is about 250 words per minute. Research shows a …2018-02-09 08:09:34
approximately in a sentenceThree state agencies oversee approximately 26 early learning programs. The earliest eruption was approximately 3 million years ago. He has completed approximately 100 civil jury trials. …2018-02-09 08:07:53
medical school in a sentenceI was already a medical school graduate. The academy has a high status among pediatric medical schools . Also university medical schools might be interested. medical …2018-02-09 08:06:11
school curriculum in a sentenceA broader primary school curriculum was developed. In 1923 the school curriculum was changed radically. Medical school curriculum consists of five years. The public school curriculum further buried …2018-02-09 08:04:52
broader in a sentenceThe shark sanctuary is already inspiring broader change. The overall alcohol problem is far broader . My broader point is still unchanged though. This locus may …2018-02-09 08:03:34
wind speed in a sentenceThe mean wind speed is 8 mph. Other indicators may show track side wind speed . The peak wind speed was clocked at 58 miles mph. …2018-02-08 08:55:50
mph in a sentenceThe previous fastest time recorded was 45 mph . The complete system is engineered to handle 75 mph winds. The peak wind speed was …2018-02-08 08:52:10
windshield in a sentenceThe original “classic” flat windshield van. You should likewise clean your windshield regularly. A cracked windshield presents a safety risk. The cab featured a “wrap around” windshield . …2018-02-08 08:33:47
sweeping across in a sentencePet obesity is an epidemic sweeping across industrialized countries. That message is sweeping across the country. A wave of movement was sweeping across the forest. Whether …2018-02-08 08:31:27
obesity in a sentenceThis map shows obesity rates since 1985. obesity is a major global health problem. There are various surgical methods to combat obesity . obesity is a …2018-02-08 08:29:46
map in a sentenceAn example map file is shown below. The route map above displays both route options. maps show towns where stores are located. The large map is $6 …2018-02-08 08:28:15
unduly in a sentenceNone is neglected and none unduly favoured. Evidently the firemen had been unduly prompt! An unduly high proportion of such families were black. The second objection …2018-02-07 08:53:18
peer pressure in a sentenceA common phenomenon among students where peer pressure is strong. Will uniforms assist students to resist peer pressure ? Many programs exist to help …2018-02-07 08:43:27
phenomenon in a sentenceThe phenomenon itself however has been described since ancient times. This psychological phenomenon is called social proof . This phenomenon is called frequency following response . …2018-02-07 08:41:31
unknown in a sentenceAny complications those women experienced remain unknown . Fields where ownership is unknown are left blank. The bilingual brain is still very unknown . The true …2018-02-07 08:39:16
nineteenth in a sentenceThe nineteenth stage featured three categorized climbs. A fine nineteenth century calf gilt binding. The solution has outgoing intended nineteenth teachers. A huge revolution was taking …2018-02-07 08:33:35
solution in a sentenceA search through many alternative solutions is often required. Three such initial solutions are shown below. The correct solution makes both sides equal. Such solutions verify specified window …2018-02-07 08:31:53
fishermen in a sentenceThe inhumane actions against the fishermen are unacceptable. Yet fishermen target salmon during the spawn. We are avid hunters and fishermen ourselves. There were nearly 200 …2018-02-06 11:37:28
thrown throw threw down in a sentenceThe boundaries of party are thrown down . One large stone residence had the entire front thrown down . The challenge was thrown down about five …2018-02-06 11:36:11
boundaries in a sentenceAny spacing between grain boundaries is significantly reduced. Most franchise businesses are granted exclusive franchises within certain geographic boundaries . The regional boundaries primarily indicate where …2018-02-06 11:33:36
phoneme in a sentenceThe phoneme processor is an excellent example. The consonant phoneme is evident and pronounced more clearly. The language has 14 phonemes and 120 root words. Hungarian …2018-02-06 11:32:00
non-native in a sentenceIntroduced species are essentially ” non-native ” species. There are extensive plantations of non-native pine trees. The marine environment is host to numerous non-native species. The …2018-02-06 11:30:37
pine tree in a sentenceThe old pine tree was placed under protection in 1991. The project base is located near the sea under pine trees . There is …2018-02-06 11:29:25
obliterated in a sentenceThis terror network has been effectively obliterated . Winter storms swiftly obliterated his expensive engineering structures. A snow storm had obliterated her tracks. Those near the …2018-02-06 11:27:58
tsunami in a sentenceThe tsunami warnings came three minutes later. This system collects vital ocean data for tsunami forecasting. A tsunami warning was issued but waves observed were small. …2018-02-06 11:26:38
warning in a sentenceThe compiler produces warnings against such things. It had posted signs warning against swimming. The flood warning normally specifies crest information. warning signs are often used where …2018-02-06 11:24:58
journalism in a sentenceThis book is journalism rather than science. He has spent nearly 25 years in journalism . She has worked in journalism since 2005. It is natural …2018-02-06 08:59:52
evident in a sentenceThis is very evident during company layoffs. These characteristics are typically evident before age 3. A similar pattern is evident several years later. Three rather disparate …2018-02-06 08:57:09
changeover in a sentenceEffective separation of product types during changeovers . The full changeover to colour transmission did not occur until 1975. Higher productivity with faster product changeover and …2018-02-06 08:45:01
Family Day in a sentenceThis is a great Family Day hike. Regular Family Days , please ring for details. Click here for a Family Day activity kit! A Family Day ticket is …2018-02-06 08:43:22
full day in a sentenceTake 30 full days to read and listen to everything. This blog was condensed from a full day workshop. A full day for a great cause! …2018-02-06 08:41:32
off-site in a sentenceThe five off-site power lines remain available. off-site duties included many routine police and even administrative tasks. The airport also has several off-site airport parking …2018-02-06 08:38:47
carport in a sentenceThere are a total of 22 carport spaces . There is a brick built Moorish style carport for 4 cars. This is a fully …2018-02-06 08:32:56
parking facilities in a sentenceWe are building better car parking facilities . There is ample car parking facilities for 50 cars. There is also free parking facilities within 300 yards. …2018-02-06 08:26:43
facilities in a sentenceDuring winter skiing facilities are available here. Campus facilities auto leasing page th font size. All 14 facilities served publicly funded residents. The company employees 41 …2018-02-06 08:25:01
twin room in a sentencePrice per person sharing a twin room . Price is £43 per person per night in twin rooms . One double room and two twin …2018-02-06 08:23:36
sea view in a sentenceIts large balconies offer stunning sea view . A fantastic cottage with amazing sea views . A second double bedroom also has excellent sea views . …2018-02-06 08:22:14
afterward in a sentenceThe fort was abandoned several years afterward . A skin graft may be applied afterward . The person cited may afterward alter his mind. Such laws …2018-02-05 12:32:15
arduous in a sentenceThe magical training I already knew was very arduous . It seems he is always being picked for arduous duty. However the journey towards …2018-02-05 12:30:51
legal representation in a sentenceThere are several provisions governing legal representation . Nothing is more expensive than ineffective legal representation . Increasingly individuals are seeking legal representation to address hostile …2018-02-05 12:29:31
confiscated for in a sentenceIt was confiscated for inciting racial hatred. Their premises were confiscated for military purposes. Many private and public buildings were confiscated for federal use, including nearby …2018-02-05 12:28:02
hatred in a sentenceArticle 20 mandates sanctions against inciting hatred . It was confiscated for inciting racial hatred . Who has spread hatred among the world? THIS man has …2018-02-05 12:25:45
far away in a sentenceThe troubles of emerging markets seem far away . And that planet is really really far away . Its front door was very small …2018-02-05 08:53:52
speak French in a sentenceShe can speak French, and is even better at English. He doesn’t speak French, neither do I. I will employ …2018-02-04 19:36:41
better in a sentenceI feel much better today. You’d better back off. The Department of Justice is continually working to better prevent computer …2018-02-04 19:35:40
practice in a sentenceIn 1905, forced labor practices were completely outlawed in Thailand. practice makes perfect. One section of the tutorial facility is …2018-02-03 15:45:57
disciplined in a sentenceSathya Sai Baba once observed that we can be successful leaders only if we are disciplined followers. In Western democracies, …2018-02-03 15:42:03
creativity in a sentenceSpirited debate and competition are the essence of creativity. Arthur Koestler once said that creativity is a type of learning …2018-02-03 15:41:16
Australian in a sentenceShe wrote a remarkable book about her journey across the Australian desert by camel. Victor’s parents asked the Australian Embassy …2018-02-03 15:40:10
Australia in a sentenceI will be leaving for Australia next month. She wrote a remarkable book about her journey across the Australian desert …2018-02-03 15:38:27
made up of in a sentenceIndonesia is made up of 17,000 islands, and the nation is made up of 300 ethnic groups. Normal sleep is …2018-02-03 15:35:31
computer screen in a sentenceWho has been putting their dirty hands on the computer screen? A window is an area of the computer screen …2018-02-03 15:31:36
dirty hand in a sentence1 I don’t eat food with dirty hands either. 2 He put his dirty hand over the frightened boy’s mouth. …2018-02-03 15:30:39
computer in a sentenceI bought a new computer to keep up with the times. The Department of Justice is continually working to better …2018-02-03 15:28:21
background in a sentenceA huge conflict with profound political background exploded soon. Automated noise control conveniently reduces background noise where ever you are. Where is the old …2018-02-02 09:12:30
graffiti in a sentenceIt may change peoples viewpoint about graffiti . Each graffiti is a small radio station. There are many common factors between public graffiti and art. The …2018-02-02 09:07:26
hooliganism in a sentenceTough action has cut down football hooliganism . This violent type of fan reaction is often called hooliganism . The game was unfortunately marred …2018-02-02 09:05:04
football hooligan in a sentenceWe were treated like the worst kind of football hooligans . And it wasn’t 500 football hooligans , not 5000! Police arrest 26 suspected football …2018-02-02 09:02:01
skinhead in a sentenceHe is every skinhead‘s nightmare”. The original skinhead scene had mostly died out by 1972 . This led to skinheads being both hated and feared. Hair …2018-02-02 08:58:35
foreign student in a sentenceCan foreign students be in the club? He keeps company with a foreign student. She keeps company with a foreign …2018-02-02 08:52:56
tuition fee in a sentenceThey demonstrated against the raising of the tuition fees. In 2002, Wales announced its plans to eliminate tuition fees. tuition …2018-02-02 08:35:50
in anger in a sentenceHe went out in anger. She turned away in anger. They bundled off in anger. He banged the door in …2018-02-02 08:34:16
ran out of in a sentenceWe ran out of food. He ran out of money. I ran out of breath. She ran out of paper. …2018-02-02 08:33:12
downtown in a sentenceI often go downtown on Sunday. We go downtown to do shopping. She is a lounge singer in a club …2018-02-02 08:31:15
stray dog in a sentenceSome are stray dogs found by a private party. Their heads are thrown to the stray dogs . A mixed stray dog with an enigmatic background. …2018-02-02 08:28:54
food poisoning in a sentenceHave you ever had food poisoning ? They are alert to the dangers of food poisoning . The entire crew …2018-02-02 08:26:16
outbreak in a sentenceThe school has been closed due to a severe outbreak of the flu. The outbreak of SARS in 2002 had …2018-02-02 08:23:53
Annie in a sentenceAnnie had her last walk down here. Annie suddenly felt uncomfortable beneath his gaze. Annie is canceled that her reaction centers are still …2018-02-02 08:21:54
unsafe in a sentenceI would never admit you and your unborn baby to an unsafe hospital. In my mind, the situation was unsafe, …2018-02-02 08:19:03
uncomfortable in a sentenceI always feel uncomfortable providing such economic accountability. That uncomfortable question has faced many investors. Tabitha gets even more uncomfortable standing inside. Many moments leave the …2018-02-02 08:18:03
grow hot in a sentenceMeanwhile the battle was growing hot again. The sun grows hotter moment by moment. The sun seemed to have grown hotter . The day grew hotter and the …2018-02-02 08:14:14
action against in a sentenceThe ARA was the armed branch of the PCP that would be responsible in the 1970s for some military action …2018-02-02 08:12:29
Meanwhile: in a sentenceThe closing hole meanwhile is another great hole. Meanwhile net migration has become very negative. But the dire arrest was meanwhile greater. The city itself …2018-02-02 08:09:39
come along in a sentenceThe watch tower is coming along nicely. How are the online tools coming along ? That is the reason why hybrids came along . A better …2018-02-02 08:07:29
Predict in a sentenceScientists predict 2020 while soldiers predict 2025. Do general personality traits predict expert performance? The defect symmetry allows predicting many optical properties. Teams are listed in predicted finishing …2018-02-01 17:42:00
directed against in a sentenceMany states enacted conspiracy laws directed against labor. Some drugs are specifically directed against dividing cells. Extreme philosophical scepticism directed against any comforting faith. It was …2018-02-01 09:15:10
naval vessel in a sentenceStandard missiles are capable of attacking naval vessels . naval vessels were also routinely used as prison ships. There have been many types …2018-02-01 09:13:52
deadly attack in a sentenceRebels conducted deadly attacks on arriving troops. Numerous deadly attacks were carried out against political parties in April. The bombing represented ETA’s first deadly attack since …2018-02-01 09:11:43
troops in a sentenceThe resulting crash severely wounded three airborne troops . Her embarked troops went ashore against slight resistance. Yet independent reports indicated far more troops . Several …2018-02-01 09:09:37
US Army in a sentenceThe Marines were replaced by US Army troops. Also US Army veteran, so doubly useful. US Army recruitment slogan from the late 1970’s to 2001. …2018-02-01 09:07:19
air-force in a sentenceHe had on plain dark-wash jeans, and brown air-force 1’s. He buried his nose in a large air-force blue handkerchief and searched among his …2018-02-01 09:04:13
Olympiastadion in a sentenceThe capacity of the Olympiastadion reached 110,000 spectators. Finally, it was decided to renovate the Olympiastadion . The German Cup final match is held …2018-02-01 09:02:22
artificial illumination in a sentenceDark blue also proved effective under artificial illumination during night actions. It is shaded with artificial illumination to enhance relief. The Olympiastadion was equipped …2018-02-01 09:00:34
dark blue in a sentenceHis body covered with dark blue patches. She wore light blue slippers over dark blue stockings. She has short blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Standard …2018-02-01 08:57:39
fraternity in a sentenceHe said fraternity membership costs around $475 annually. Battles put fraternity brother against fraternity brother. The criminal fraternity have often featured here. Human relationships should involve fraternity and …2018-02-01 08:40:13
sorority in a sentenceThey conduct tutoring and study groups helping younger sorority members. The sorority organized social activities but also emphasized scholastic achievement. There is sorority clothing specially designed …2018-02-01 08:38:17
far less common in a sentenceFood allergies seem far less common in underdeveloped countries. The tank locomotive version was a far less common type. It is far less common in industrial …2018-02-01 08:33:14
self-injury in a sentenceCan sometimes handle a gun without inflicting self-injury . The self-injury can increase during times of stress. Efforts should be taken to prevent further self-injury . …2018-02-01 08:30:43
promote awareness in a sentence1 We also highlight certain information to promote awareness . 2 Media scholars are conducting research to promote awareness of …2018-02-01 08:25:29
water conservation in a sentenceAnd municipalities save money through water conservation . This has mostly been achieved through water conservation . The goals of water conservation include 1. He has …2018-02-01 08:23:31
municipality in a sentenceAnd municipalities save money through water conservation. The municipality has three main archeological sites. All four neighboring municipalities contain extensive rural areas despite recent urbanization. The …2018-02-01 08:21:56
subdivided in a sentenceBut twin peaks itself was further subdivided . Each circle is subdivided into smaller segments. Each chapter is further subdivided into parts covering specific regulatory areas. …2018-02-01 08:19:55
southeastern in a sentenceOnly the southeastern corner guard tower has survived. There are more food barrels in the southeastern corner. There were ten southeastern provinces located in the mountainous …2018-02-01 08:17:17
guard tower in a sentenceWalk east through the ” guard tower “. guard towers were located on each corner. Only the southeastern corner guard tower has survived. The guard tower is …2018-02-01 08:15:41
east in a sentenceThe ranges trend north west – south east . The general ground configuration is having gentle slope towards east . SR 50 is signed east –west. …2018-02-01 08:13:55
speckled in a sentenceThe pretty speckled trout pattern is shown here. Red dogs are evenly speckled with solid red markings. She was evenly speckled with silver glitter. Their wings …2018-01-31 09:27:00
colouration in a sentenceThere are numerous factors that may influence colouration during glass production. Over time such colouration often becomes very faded. Body colouration is highly variable and diverse. …2018-01-31 09:25:06
Aggressiveness in a sentenceAn inappropriately strong handshake may indicate aggressiveness . As children grew older aggressiveness and retaliation increased. A variety of aggressiveness strategies were developed. Nor had enemy …2018-01-31 09:23:06
inappropriately in a sentenceThis in turn causes inappropriately elevated blood sugar levels. They are often inappropriately trained to provide general primary medical care. Why are such patients …2018-01-31 09:21:13
elevate in a sentenceNFL levels were still elevated three months later. Neither party is very elevated in consciousness. The coal tipping cranes were elevated well above water level. Suicide …2018-01-31 09:19:04
vice versa in a sentenceEven numbered harmonics are odd numbered overtones and vice versa . His success is mine and vice versa . The doctor said the same vice …2018-01-31 09:10:29
preoccupied with in a sentenceThey are much too preoccupied with appearance. Harold was more preoccupied with medical matters. Peoples in past generations were preoccupied with survival. They are too preoccupied with their …2018-01-31 09:09:03
Economic interest in a sentenceEconomic interests and previous relationships often determined alliances. They claimed their economic interest was being unfairly injured. They had combined both political and economic …2018-01-31 09:06:14
alliance in a sentenceThe alliance calls such members medically fragile. This optional rule makes alliances more powerful. Such vehicles are called strategic alliances – strategic partnerships. That alliance had overall control …2018-01-31 08:58:37
partnership in a sentenceSuch vehicles are called strategic alliances – strategic partnerships . The partnership has been almost entirely fruitful. What does “annual partnership ” mean? How to ensure …2018-01-31 08:55:34
strategic in a sentenceStrategic thinking depends especially heavily upon logical reasoning. Investment bankers offer executives strategic planning advice. A strategic leader is strategically future oriented. This chapter describes strategic level …2018-01-31 08:35:05
portfolio in a sentenceThe total portfolio exceeds nine hundred million. The total portfolio is worth nearly $8 million. Our global school improvement portfolio is extremely diverse. Project portfolio management has become …2018-01-31 08:32:13
oversight in a sentenceThere is very little oversight of manufacturing plants. That portfolio includes oversight of contractor operations. He says amendments are often needed to correct oversight problems. A …2018-01-31 08:30:08
responsible for in a sentenceLocal residents said soldiers were responsible for many civilian deaths. Russia is directly responsible for opposing fascism. We are fully responsible for paying shipment costs. They …2018-01-31 08:28:24
crossover in a sentenceA nice diamond three stone crossover ring. The crossover spread exceeds the signal threshold. Lopez was described as ” crossover royalty”. There is a crossover point where roll …2018-01-31 08:26:37
threshold in a sentenceThis approach uses 85% identity threshold between pairing sequences. The previous threshold was 8 lb 8oz. The crossover spread exceeds the signal threshold . These thresholds are best …2018-01-31 08:23:49
take control in a sentenceThese thresholds are best estimates for taking control measures. The match started with both teams taking control . Since 1964 the conservatives largely took control . …2018-01-31 08:21:41
writing down in a sentenceTake control by writing down your fears. Stay focused by writing down the important information. writing down a proposition under certain circumstances asserts it. This …2018-01-31 08:18:49
under certain circumstances in a sentenceProcessing charges may apply under certain circumstances . Printing and distribution is permitted under certain circumstances . One may discover that others experience similar …2018-01-31 08:16:20
feelings in a sentenceWomen share feelings whereas men often form relationships around activities. These feelings usually progress through several stages. Such feelings almost inevitably lead to physical illness. There …2018-01-31 08:11:24
endlessly in a sentenceHe is very clever and endlessly resourceful. But more important, and certainly more divisive, than such occasions was the endlessly …2018-01-30 10:18:09
prophecy in a sentenceHis prophecy was fulfilled. He had the gift of prophecy. She has a gift for prophecy. Experience is the only …2018-01-30 10:16:45
Uranus in a sentenceUranus helps him escape then dies, and Oersted flees the country, reviled by the people who idolized him the day …2018-01-30 10:15:11
Saturn in a sentenceThe rings around Saturn are made up of billions of particles. The rings around the planet Saturn are both elegant …2018-01-30 10:13:57
landscape in a sentenceI remarked on the beauty of the landscape. I gazed out of the window at the landscape. These factories are …2018-01-30 10:11:47
desolate in a sentenceThe poor brute was very hungry and desolate . The desolate island is our physical world. What had once been a busy intersection had …2018-01-30 10:06:04
California in a sentenceShe comes from California. His wife comes from California. Japan imports oranges from California. He has gone back to California …2018-01-30 09:57:32
got on a train in a sentenceHe got on a train and saw people in Berlin. Seven hours later, Preston finally got on a train to Boston. Next day, they …2018-01-30 09:56:28
bound for in a sentenceMy father is bound for London. I took a train bound for Paris. Which train is bound for Odawara? He …2018-01-30 09:54:31
San Francisco in a sentenceWe sail for San Francisco on Monday. The plane we boarded was bound for San Francisco. She traveled from Boston …2018-01-30 09:53:44
rollerblading in a sentenceThey do a lot of rollerblading and swimming . He was either rollerblading or running in the hallways . Jesus rollerblading christ, you people are backwards. …2018-01-30 09:52:38
skater in a sentenceJosh is a good skater, he’s hard-nosed player,” said Calgary coach Bob Hartley. Organizer Fritz Schumann said he grew up …2018-01-30 09:50:14
Mediterranean in a sentenceI like the Mediterranean Sea best. He’s gone holidaying in the Mediterranean. The island of Malta is sometimes labelled as …2018-01-30 09:47:23
chill in a sentenceAn icy chill stole into the car. There is a little chill in the air. What he said cast a …2018-01-30 09:31:27
gathering in a sentenceThey are gathering nuts. A crowd was gathering around him. The children were gathering around. What he said cast a …2018-01-30 09:28:55
long absence in a sentenceWe called him to account for his long absence. He returned home after a long absence. He came to school …2018-01-30 09:27:53
returned home in a sentenceI returned home by train. She had returned home long before. He returned home by way of Europe. He returned …2018-01-30 09:25:55
by way ofWe went by way of Taiwan. I said so by way of a joke. I said it by way of …2018-01-30 09:22:17
Hong Kong in a sentenceI’ve been to Hong Kong once. We came back by way of Hong Kong. She has many friends in Hong …2018-01-30 09:19:07
competition in a sentenceThey’re no competition competition is very keen in the car industry. We lost out to our rival in price competition. …2018-01-30 09:18:26
freestyle in a sentenceHe won the 2005 state junior freestyle title. The fifth event is the “whole freestyle ” event. He went 2500 meters freestyle at altitude under 30 …2018-01-30 09:16:10
bronze medal in a sentenceBulgaria were sensational winners of bronze medals . This was their second consecutive world bronze medal . Romania finishing third claimed the bronze medal . Brazil …2018-01-30 09:13:25
gold medal in a sentenceAustralia also won four relay gold medals . I got gold medals from those events. She lost “our” gold medal . Day after day gold medals were captured. …2018-01-30 09:12:25
silver medal in a sentenceThe silver medal set is no longer awarded. The latter won the silver medal in individual competition. Sweden won 4 gold and 5 silver medals in …2018-01-30 09:10:52
Nevertheless in a sentenceHis overall substantive record is nevertheless poor. nevertheless such illegal activities are still present. Significant human impacts may nevertheless occur through anthropogenic climate warming. Such …2018-01-30 09:09:05
Post-war in a sentencepost-war housing constructed throughout Houston reflects many architectural styles. post-war , defences were dismantled commencing late 1945. post-war samurai epics tended to portray …2018-01-30 09:07:33
psychologically in a sentenceThe alternative is just too psychologically painful. Both interpersonal rejection and acceptance are psychologically powerful events. I think women are generally more psychologically complicated. A medical …2018-01-30 09:03:43
interpersonal in a sentenceThe interpersonal mode is used in vocabulary games. Her personal attributes include excellent interpersonal and formal communication skills. Your communication skills are very essential …2018-01-30 08:59:09
more likely in a sentenceA weakened immune system makes infections more likely . This is becoming more likely each month. All these changes are making spills more likely still. They …2018-01-30 08:57:15
immune system in a sentenceTheir immune systems had apparently broken down. A weakened immune system makes infections more likely. Your immune system protects against many infectious agents . Keeping ones immune …2018-01-30 08:42:36
mini-bar in a sentenceBedrooms have mini-bar and safety deposit box. All the bedrooms are equipped with mini-bar and direct-dial telephone. All rooms are air-conditioned and have colour …2018-01-29 09:39:17
chintzy in a sentenceThe Economist interviewed him in a chintzy suite at Claridge’s. Many of us agreed that the last generation was a little chintzy and flashy. …2018-01-29 09:37:25
hangings in a sentenceThat number has now exceeded 200 hangings . Until 1868 hangings were performed in public. The keep was richly decorated with hangings and furnishings. The chamber …2018-01-29 09:20:53
richly decorated in a sentenceThe throne was richly decorated during the ceremonies. The interior has an eclectic design richly decorated . The interior is richly decorated with various coloured marbles. …2018-01-29 09:13:33
inside and out in a sentencePaint both types dark gray inside and out . This property is outstanding inside and out . The building was interesting inside and out . The …2018-01-29 09:11:57
fashionista in a sentenceMakeup is amazing, and any fashionista knows that. fashionistas aren’t the only ones picking up on that. These sunglasses are probably for fashionistas . Click …2018-01-29 09:09:54
snow chains in a sentenceThe trucks are equipped with automatic snow chains . Vehicles must carry snow chains for each drive wheel. The microspikes are snow chains for shoes. The …2018-01-29 09:05:51
equipped with in a sentenceOur truck is equipped with solid tires. The car is equipped with pneumatic tires. The kitchen is fully equipped with dining area. These were equipped with vast hooked …2018-01-29 09:04:19
hearing aid in a sentenceRecent hearing aids include wireless hearing aids . Modern hearing aids feature advanced technological features. These “automatic” hearing aids generally require more battery power. Larger hearing aids generally …2018-01-29 08:43:40
Wireless in a sentenceEach room contains high speed wireless internet access. An unprotected wireless network is extremely insecure. This infrastructure provides wireless coverage across both campuses. This may involve …2018-01-29 08:41:46
laptop in a sentenceOther laptops may use different key combinations. A digital camera and laptop computer are essential. The laptop is only 18 months old. The present centre writes …2018-01-29 08:40:24
pre-configured in a sentenceCertain products are pre-configured in a similar fashion, eg. Each application is pre-configured to know what policy it requires. They also use pre-configured templates based on …2018-01-29 08:37:24
electronic data exchange in a sentenceThe infrastructure that supports electronic data exchange . There are four methods for electronic data exchange currently operating for other Departmental programs of a …2018-01-29 08:35:40
infrastructure in a sentenceIncreased capacity obviously reduces specific infrastructure costs. This infrastructure provides wireless coverage across both campuses. The transport infrastructure has been greatly improved. Most civil infrastructure systems are service …2018-01-29 08:33:34
environmental change in a sentenceEnvironmental change shows itself in countless small ways. But the environmental changes are essentially irreversible. But other environmental changes are more predictable. Genetic engineering thus …2018-01-29 08:31:02
genetic engineering in a sentencegenetic engineering allows scientists to more precisely improve plant characteristics. These concepts are already being exploited in genetic engineering . The process more …2018-01-29 08:28:07
the subject of in a sentenceThe subject of juvenile justice breeds extreme responses. The subject of emptiness is very profound. Stonehenge was the subject of unpleasant exchanges. the subject …2018-01-29 08:24:37
public debate in a sentenceWe ‘re already in public debate here! The public debate , however, continues. It must incorporate participatory budgeting norms and public debate through open meetings . …2018-01-29 08:21:49
ruse in a sentenceRomeo, unaware that Juliet’s death is a ruse , is distraught beside her bier, prepared to take his own life in order …2018-01-29 08:18:51
Put on clothes in a sentenceThey recognized us because we put on clothes they arranged for us. Everything was an effort, even brushing my hair and putting on …2018-01-29 08:15:21
answer phone in a sentenceOur phone was answered 24 hours a day. Our phones are answered by real people. I had been hired to answer phones for cab bookings. He heard the sleepy voice answer the phone . She …2018-01-29 08:07:59
leadership in a sentenceEach person may require slightly different leadership styles. The team are demonstrating great leadership qualities. Some leadership positions are essentially popularity contests. The company identified three …2018-01-28 20:29:11
under control in a sentenceThe economic measures implemented brought inflation under control . Animal studies are performed under controlled laboratory conditions. The fire is brought under control five hours later. …2018-01-27 21:33:23
mirror in a sentenceI may never stop checking my rear view mirror . Proper mirror adjustment is critical to safe driving. In those days mirrors were priceless things. For mirrored bad …2018-01-26 09:46:28
deformity in a sentenceA neck lift addresses neck skin redundancy or deformity . This deformity is reversible with early treatment. The hammer toe deformity may be seen. Two had …2018-01-26 09:43:55
maximal in a sentenceTime to index is constantly maximal 2 days. So objective information is not maximal information. The largest dose produces maximal stimulation of acid secretion. It also …2018-01-26 09:36:02
constantly in a sentenceIndividual clinicians are constantly taking management decisions. The affiliate marketing industry is constantly changing. The content marketing industry is constantly changing. The extensive blockade has been constantly increasing …2018-01-26 09:35:00
Civil authority in a sentencecivil authorities at times executed those convicted. The local civil authorities weren’t pleased. All reports of sexual abuse are forwarded to civil authorities . When …2018-01-26 09:27:32
military action in a sentenceThis latest presumed murder triggers military action . The men acted collectively during military actions . military action ” is always very risky. This major military …2018-01-26 09:20:52
foreign policy in a sentenceHe is therefore increasingly provoking foreign policy crises. foreign policy is domestic policy written large. His aggressive foreign policy involved many expensive wars. Our foreign policies of …2018-01-26 09:18:12
EU in a sentenceEU initiatives dealing with marine litter including plastic waste 23. Reduced carbon footprint is achieved through 100% EU production. The EU deal similarly manages import …2018-01-26 09:15:42
on regular basis in a sentenceThis is being implemented on regular basis. Animals are being treated on a regular basis. The flavours change on a regular basis. The …2018-01-26 09:13:28
customer relationship in a sentenceCRM systems are customer relationship management platforms. Must build and maintain strong customer relationships . customer relationship management is directly connected to customer service. customer …2018-01-26 09:04:59
customer service in a sentenceThe outstanding customer service is very critical. The customer service answers questions within 4 seconds. The company has always had great customer service and products. When …2018-01-26 09:01:45
curriculum in a sentenceThis is normally done through curriculum prerequisites. A broader primary school curriculum was developed. curriculum programs offered are generally uniform throughout district schools. The skills curriculum has …2018-01-26 08:34:29
curricula in a sentenceThe content of curricula is often inadequate. There are various ways to practice overlapping curricula . Existing curricula on “critical thinking” are unfortunately very weak. Others …2018-01-26 08:32:43
pharmaceutical in a sentenceThe big pharmaceutical companies are very powerful. The rapid increase of pharmaceutical solutions are causing many problems. Domestic program and nursing are notably pharmaceutical . Their …2018-01-26 08:29:29
erroneously in a sentenceSometimes erroneously used interchangeably with noise floor . Not a few benchmarks are erroneously stamped. What is done right or done erroneously ? I erroneously thought 4 sticks …2018-01-26 08:26:31
benchmark in a sentenceThe university has embraced several challenging sustainability benchmarks . A good benchmark is around 12 hours. There are four important guidelines to running benchmarks properly. Monitor …2018-01-26 08:24:25
Sustainability in a sentenceThe university has embraced several challenging sustainability benchmarks. Short term gain against longer term sustainability . Are stability and sustainability too strongly associated? His interests include …2018-01-26 08:20:57
resilience in a sentenceWe must focus on building employee stress resilience . To focus more international development funding on building future resilience . Such supply chain resilience is quickly …2018-01-26 08:19:19
redundancy in a sentenceContent sharing and collaboration minimizes resource redundancy . A neck lift addresses neck skin redundancy or deformity. The greatest concern is power supply availability …2018-01-26 08:16:28
availability in a sentenceThe availability page shows availability and prices. This offer is subject to limited availability . All items are offered subject to availability . availability was more restricted …2018-01-26 08:13:59
no room for in a sentenceThere is no room for sentiment in football. That leaves no room for any exception. There is no room for new generation. There is no room for saying …2018-01-25 09:08:38
complacency in a sentenceTwo groups may act to stop such complacency . I agree re the complacency comment though. The manifestation of complacency is poor service. The directors ‘ complacency has …2018-01-25 09:05:20
Make sure in a sentenceMake sure you allow sufficient braking distance. Riders should make sure the skewers are properly tightened before riding. We should make sure that the underlying …2018-01-25 09:02:05
workout in a sentenceA morning workout has never been better! Job shower area once cardiovascular physical workout . Pediatric surgery commercial loan workout advice jobs middle east. Get a …2018-01-25 08:31:56
strong motivation in a sentenceThis provides still stronger motivation to seek new markets. There is no stronger motivation than a monetary one. Hardly the strongest motivation for taking part in …2018-01-25 08:29:25
on the other hand in a sentenceWe have lost many ties that would previously have linked us to e.g. our immediate surroundings or to specific political …2018-01-25 08:27:27
obstruct breathing in a sentenceobstruct breathing in a sentence It causes the vocal cords to constrict and obstruct breathing . The abnormality may obstruct breathing . Built aerodynamically …2018-01-25 08:22:12
vocal cord in a sentenceIn both populations vocal cord dysfunction may present similarly. So much more obvious than destroyed or damaged vocal cords . The pitch is altered …2018-01-25 08:20:37
dysfunction in a sentenceIn both populations vocal cord dysfunctionmay present similarly. The surgery has created issues with erectile dysfunction. It ruins female sexual response and …2018-01-25 08:18:20
Face reading in a sentenceface reading thus started in the health-care industry. I think I helped a couple avoid divorce with face reading ! Being aware but …2018-01-25 08:16:46
health-care in a sentenceThe interventions tended reduce organization health-care costs. These programs keep employees feeling better and reduce overall health-care spending. So would tort reform lower health-care costs? The …2018-01-25 08:09:12
spoke about in a sentenceThey even spoke about bringing more children. He hardly ever spoke about his mother again. They spoke about the long road ahead. They spoke about battered wife syndrome …2018-01-25 08:06:15
playing violin in a sentenceShe started playing violin three years later. He learn painting and playing violin in his childhood . I really feel I am better at playing …2018-01-25 08:04:41
thoroughly in a sentenceAll properties are cleaned thoroughly between each let. The staggering evidence has been thoroughly documented! Let test areas dry thoroughly before inspection. Milk has been thoroughly metric since …2018-01-24 09:20:31
prime minister in a sentenceThe prime minister was indicating genuine interest . Nepal has had 19 prime ministers in 19 years. I had never been a prime minister before. The prime …2018-01-24 09:18:21
genuine in a sentenceThis dated publication provides genuine experimental data. His genuine given name is never revealed. The prime minister was indicating genuine interest . That kind of effort …2018-01-24 09:16:51
rock star in a sentenceRick remembers meeting several deceased rock stars . rock stars were at lest sexually satisfied individuals. The big screen has never been noticeably …2018-01-24 09:15:41
noticeably in a sentenceHer body fat % has dropped noticeably . Her hand and arm shook very noticeably . The skin looks and feels noticeably softer. Central planning has …2018-01-24 09:11:48
sluggish in a sentenceOur minds were sluggish respecting spiritual things. The app launch comes amid sluggish sales . Never mind the still sluggish job market. Cleveland said job openings …2018-01-24 09:01:43
app in a sentenceThis open source software platform motivates android construct magnificent mobile apps . The app soon gained popularity among teenagers. This gun builder app is truly customizable …2018-01-24 09:00:04
open source in a sentenceTechnical interoperability between open source software projects is increasingly common. This open source software platform motivates android construct magnificent mobile apps. The open source business model …2018-01-24 08:35:21
software in a sentenceTechnical interoperability between open source software projects is increasingly common. There are many project management software titles available. I am ultra lazy re learning software . …2018-01-24 08:33:54
Indirect in a sentenceThe software discovers indirect associations across multiple documents. Our duties towards animals are merely indirect duties towards humanity. In level flight progress is rather indirect . …2018-01-24 08:32:22
exhaustion in a sentenceThe high is usually followed by exhaustion . The men and horses were near exhaustion . That exhaustion is shared broadly among the younger generation. Military …2018-01-24 08:30:09
job performance in a sentenceEmployee job performance and job behavior are constantly changing. Would providing training on those competencies improve employee job performance ? Would providing training on …2018-01-24 08:29:03
vague in a sentenceOur privacy laws are vague and ineffective. The text was vague and had internal contradictions. There had been a deliberately vague telephone call. The border remained vague throughout …2018-01-24 08:27:44
intentionally in a sentenceA large grinding stone was destroyed intentionally . Both were intentionally mute on those topics. Ballet shoes are intentionally created for ballet dancing. There are ways …2018-01-24 08:26:23
analyst in a sentence1 Counts should fall within 10% between analysts . 2 Often behavior therapists are called applied behavior analysts . 3 …2018-01-24 08:25:16
unprotected in a sentenceAn unprotected wireless network is extremely insecure. I believe these batteries are both technically unprotected ? Static electricity can instantly destroy unprotected electronic equipment. He was …2018-01-24 08:24:14
apparatus in a sentenceSeveral competitive underwater sports are practiced without breathing apparatus . Department staffing is 2 firefighters per apparatus . We used three kinds or sonar apparatus . …2018-01-24 08:22:50
underwater in a sentenceOne underwater plate pushed against another plate. New technologies allow extremely fast underwater travel. Several competitive underwater sports are practiced without breathing apparatus. For underwater ship hulls bottom …2018-01-24 08:21:38
Air strike in a sentenceCoalition air strikes quickly gained air supremacy. Israel launched air strikes against more than 100 targets overnight. A promised air strike failed to arrive. The air strikes continued …2018-01-24 08:18:29
airfield in a sentenceThe designated airfield measured roughly 250 hectares. The supply effort received top airfield priority. The venue is a very strange airfield . The airfield has been involved in …2018-01-24 08:17:19
battleship in a sentenceHis early commissioned service was spent aboard battleships . These air battleships deployed poison gas bombs. No country has any battleships anymore today. Their strength was …2018-01-24 08:16:10
anymore in a sentenceNo such claims are being made anymore . With criminals knowing law abiding citizens cant defend themselves anymore . I hardly ever play single …2018-01-24 08:14:48
half a million in a sentence1 The worldwide incidence exceeds half a million cases annually. 2 Within three years half a million children had applied. …2018-01-23 09:19:03
taxpayer in a sentence1 Separate taxes are assessed against each taxpayer meeting certain minimum criteria. 2 This taxpayer is shaped by existing individuals. …2018-01-23 09:15:32
each year in a sentence1 The advisory board meets four times each year . 2 Is financial aid automatically renewed each year ? 3 …2018-01-23 09:12:38
turn away in a sentence1 Consumers are turning away from credit cards. 2 The separation or turning away brought evil. 3 Cars are turned …2018-01-23 09:10:20
credit card in a sentence1 credit cards fixed rate transfer balances 3. 2 Most credit card thefts are reported within 24 hours. 3 credit …2018-01-23 09:07:51
in full in a sentence1 The mine is still in full production. 2 The cold war is in full swing. 3 All m questions …2018-01-23 09:04:42
worth reading in a sentence1 The paper is definitely worth reading carefully. 2 Other books worth reading are listed below. 3 The book is …2018-01-23 09:00:20
life cycle in a sentenceThe common male housefly completes its entire life cycle in just 17 days. Environmental pollution has seriously affected the life …2018-01-22 23:48:22
rather than in a sentenceMany psychologists suggest that rather than describing the experience of divorce as a tragedy, it should be viewed as a …2018-01-22 23:46:06
criminal sanction in a sentenceThis included criminal sanctions for complying with certain provisions of the Helms-Burton Act whilst in the UK. “The defendant has …2018-01-22 09:11:41
much more heavily in a sentenceBoth have powered mills, but the Carrant Brook was much more heavily utilised. Male homosexual relations are still much more …2018-01-22 09:08:42
forced participation in a sentenceThe spiritual mischief of a forced participation in the sacrament weighed much more heavily with men of reflection and piety. Consequently, the …2018-01-22 09:05:32
war crimes in a sentenceClass B and C charges, which could be leveled at Japanese of any rank, covered “conventional war crimes” and “crimes …2018-01-22 09:03:10
impromptu in a sentenceAmong group of renegade agents attempting to take over Helicarrier for impromptu war crimes trial of KGB agent. Kennedy insisted …2018-01-22 09:01:22
Uproarious in a sentenceUse Uproarious in a sentence2018-01-22 08:42:57
Serendipity in a sentenceUse Serendipity in a sentence2018-01-22 08:37:10
Prodigious in a sentenceUse Prodigious in a sentence2018-01-22 08:17:43
trial and error in a sentence1 This trial and error attitude is typically scientific. 2 He had to learn through trial and error . 3 …2018-01-19 15:03:58
touch and go in a sentence1 But it was often touch and go . 2 The first 24 hours was touch and go . 3 …2018-01-19 15:02:45
tossed and turned in a sentence1 They were tossed and turned upside down. 2 She tossed and turned , willing herself to stay awake. 3 …2018-01-19 14:59:04
supply and demand in a sentence1 This presents reasoning for property appreciation – supply and demand economics. 2 The federal government needed to control supply …2018-01-19 14:55:40
sooner or later in a sentence10 Everyone knows they are going to die sooner or later . 11 Everybody makes mistakes like that sooner or …2018-01-19 14:54:37
pros and cons in a sentence1 A reasoned decision regarding pros and cons is taken. 2 This design decision has pros and cons . 3 …2018-01-19 14:49:33
null and void in a sentence1 The contract was declared null and void . 2 They are hereby reversed, rendered null and void . 3 …2018-01-19 14:48:19
man and wife in a sentence1 We no longer lived together as man and wife . 2 After forty years of painful separation man and …2018-01-19 14:45:41
lost and found in a sentence1 Now they are urging people to register lost and found pets to ensure an efficient service. 2 He just …2018-01-19 14:40:38
lock and key in a sentence1 He was living under lock and key . 2 They should have been safely under lock and key . …2018-01-19 14:36:45
life or death in a sentence1 Her study could mean life or death for many veterans. 2 The plea ruling out or allowing life or …2018-01-19 14:35:08
law and order in a sentence1 Ordinary law and order has virtually disappeared . 2 The conversation had turned to law and order . 3 …2018-01-19 14:33:14
ladies and gentlemen in a sentence1 That means best beats ever ladies and gentlemen . 2 ladies and gentlemen lets open our eyes. 3 Well …2018-01-19 14:31:11
knife and fork in a sentence1 He put his knife and fork down. 2 John was setting out knives and forks . 3 She threw …2018-01-19 14:24:45
Jack and Jill in a sentence1 Jack and Jill competitions imitate social dancing. 2 Jack and Jill is a story piece for narrator and orchestra. …2018-01-19 14:23:08
in and out in a sentence1 The ins and outs of cyclical unemployment. 2 Into the ins and outs of everything. 3 in and out …2018-01-19 14:20:21
husband and wife in a sentence1 Significant age difference between husband and wife was daily occurrence. 2 Things became estranged between husband and wife . …2018-01-19 14:18:18
huffing and puffing in a sentence1 They were huffing and puffing in their heavy outfits. 2 I mean, you should hear the huffing and puffing …2018-01-19 14:15:46
hot and bothered in a sentence1 Not everyone, however, is hot and bothered . 2 I thought it was just me feeling extremely hot and …2018-01-19 14:11:12
high and low in a sentence1 I am currently experiencing strange high and low emotions. 2 A differentiation is made between higher and lower probability …2018-01-19 14:05:58
high and dry in a sentence1 The pirates left us high and dry ! 2 They have literally been left high and dry . 3 …2018-01-19 14:04:22
hemmed and hawed in a sentence1 I hemmed and hawed about it for a while, but I bit my tongue. 2 Mac hemmed and hawed …2018-01-19 14:01:21
hammer and nail in a sentence1 Use hammer and nail punch to sink all protruding nails. 2 Many book artists use a drill or a …2018-01-19 13:55:39
ham and eggs in a sentence1 He leaned forward and took the ham and eggs . 2 With sausages, ham and eggs – it is …2018-01-19 13:53:01
give and take in a sentence1 Giving is giving and taking is taking . 2 It is the difference between giving and taking . 3 …2018-01-19 10:09:16
front and center in a sentence1 Almost every social occasion has put food front and center . 2 Dialogue is clearly presented through the front …2018-01-19 10:06:28
forgive and forget in a sentence1 You are ready to forgive and forget . 2 It takes power to forgive and forget . 3 Is …2018-01-19 10:04:50
flesh and blood in a sentence1 We are dealing with flesh and blood children. 2 It was difficult for flesh and blood ! 3 Our …2018-01-19 10:01:29
fish and chips in a sentence1 The fish and chips is very average . 2 I had really lousy fish and chips this afternoon. 3 …2018-01-19 09:55:45
first and last in a sentence1 The first and last steps are described below. 2 So the first and last options are unacceptable. 3 This …2018-01-19 09:54:21
down and out in a sentence1 Clinton himself was down and out 13 months ago. 2 He was defeated, down and out . 3 Baxter’s …2018-01-19 09:48:07
dead or alive in a sentence1 The answer is neither dead or alive . 2 Whether the Huntsman was dead or alive was initially unknown. …2018-01-19 09:37:51
cup and saucer in a sentence1 Down went the tea cup and saucer . 2 He waited until she had put down her cup and …2018-01-19 09:33:09
crime and punishment in a sentence1 What are the ethical considerations around crime and punishment ? 2 The crime and punishment thing came up recently …2018-01-19 09:30:50
cream and sugar in a sentence1 Beat together the cheese, single cream and sugar . 2 I get mine with cream and sugar . 3 …2018-01-19 09:27:56
coffee and doughnuts in a sentence1 coffee and doughnuts were available during the meetings. 2 And there were the well-known free coffee and doughnuts . …2018-01-19 09:26:08
coat and tie in a sentence1 People took off their coats and ties . 2 Appropriate attire is coat and tie . 3 I always …2018-01-19 09:24:03
cloak and dagger in a sentence1 His symbol is a cloak and dagger . 2 The project must be wrapped in cloak and dagger fantasies. …2018-01-19 09:21:39
cause and effect in a sentence1 Their ” cause and effect ” diagnoses were routinely defective. 2 Everything works according to cause and effect . …2018-01-19 09:18:39
by and large in a sentence1 But Twitter by and large is my nerve center. 2 They are by and large perfectly sound. 3 by …2018-01-19 08:35:50
business and pleasure in a sentence1 Software images challenge the mind business and pleasure redefined. 2 However, business is business and pleasure is pleasure. 3 …2018-01-19 08:32:58
bride and groom in a sentence1 The bride and groom left early last night. 2 The bride and groom arrived on horseback. 3 Of course …2018-01-19 08:30:48
bricks and mortar in a sentence1 The bricks and mortar office is n’t going anywhere. 2 We also hear frequently of bricks and mortar book …2018-01-19 08:26:46
bread and water in a sentence1 His only food was bread and water . 2 She is already tired of merely eating bread and water …2018-01-18 23:34:29
bread and butter in a sentence1 That was bread and butter human nature . 2 Its core source code is its bread and butter . …2018-01-18 23:28:34
body and soul in a sentence1 He deserved her loyalty, in body and soul . 2 You must love both her body and soul . …2018-01-18 23:26:36
black and white in a sentence1 Labor unions helped bring blacks and whites together. 2 Our best selling colors are black and white . 3 …2018-01-18 23:23:01
birds and bees in a sentence1 Its appeal to the birds and bees is obvious. 2 I dunno nuffink about the birds and bees . …2018-01-18 23:20:03
bed and breakfast in a sentence1 There are several small hotels including railway station bed and breakfast . 2 A few boats moored here offer …2018-01-18 23:18:40
bacon and eggs in a sentence1 The bacon and eggs were surprisingly welcome. 2 Can bacon and eggs really help my hangover? 3 Ordered the …2018-01-18 23:16:24
back and forth in a sentenceBack and forth action took place between both teams. Back and forth has the buck passed. This back and forth …2018-01-18 23:14:53
simultaneously in a sentence1 So too each clause serves many different functions simultaneously . 2 Highly gifted children are many ages simultaneously . …2018-01-18 16:34:18
ticket holder in a sentence1 So where are season ticket holders currently sitting? 2 A season ticket holder for five years. 3 Ticket holders …2018-01-18 16:22:39
marbled in a sentence1 The beef is lightly marbled and without excess fat. 2 He had marbled gray skin and completely black eyes. …2018-01-18 15:58:21
straying in a sentenceA short fence keeps them from straying too far. Sin is straying away from our path. Straying from such principles …2018-01-18 15:56:49
first hand in a sentenceI got the information at first hand. I heard about it at first hand from my neighbor. First hand experience …2018-01-18 12:33:13
dog fight in a sentencePeople who organize dog fights are scum in my opinion! Your checks have pictures of dogs fighting . However, sometimes …2018-01-18 12:27:18
much in common in a sentenceThe two had much in common culturally. The engine has much in common with modern ones. The cities share so …2018-01-17 11:13:04
have in common in a sentenceThe engine has much in common with modern ones. In many ways they have much in common . What do …2018-01-17 11:11:53
our in a sentenceHe sang at our request. It is our rainy season. our team did very well. our school burned down. our …2018-01-16 23:31:10
two in a sentenceThe ship loaded in two days. Mix the flour with two eggs. He lost two sons in the war. I …2018-01-16 23:27:22
more in a sentenceShe can speak Spanish, much more English. He kept me waiting for more than an hour. He told me that …2018-01-16 23:23:38
have in a sentenceMay I have a receipt? I will have him come. Let him have his say. Do you have any pain? …2018-01-16 23:19:30
countryside in a sentenceThe natural beauty of the English countryside is enhanced by its tiny villages, mighty castles and grand estates. His uncle …2018-01-12 22:33:56
determine in a sentenceThe scientific method has very strict rules for determining scientific validity. Physical custody determines where the children reside. No business …2018-01-12 22:30:43
a cup of tea in a sentenceHow about a cup of tea or something, if you aren’t in a hurry? I had a cup of tea …2018-01-12 22:25:10
How about in a sentenceHow about a cup of tea or something, if you aren’t in a hurry? How about having our lunch in …2018-01-12 22:22:15
going out for in a sentenceI’m going out for a pint with the lads. going out for drinks with the boss is a nightly ritual …2018-01-12 22:20:35
feel like in a sentenceShe had the smell of alcohol and cigarettes on her breath, and I didn’t really feel like kissing her. Toshi …2018-01-12 22:16:23
gives birth to in a sentenceHis wife soon becomes pregnant and gives birth to a boy. May 2, 2015 – Duchess Catherine gives birth to …2018-01-12 22:13:17
soulmate in a sentenceNerdmance couples – Looks like the hunt for a “Star Wars” soulmate is over. Jade is dating Mary-Lynnette’s brother, Mark, …2018-01-12 22:06:58
vital in a sentenceThe government has taken steps to protect the country’s vital infrastructure from terrorist attacks. Schools play a vital role in …2018-01-12 18:57:59
dire strait in a sentenceWe hope the tests come back and that we are not in the dire strait we fear we might be …2018-01-12 18:55:20
productive in a sentenceIf you are a morning person you may be most productive first thing. If you want to be more productive, …2018-01-12 16:58:48
agriculturally in a sentenceFirsby has always been an agriculturally based village with a dark and rich loamy soil over a heavy clay subsoil. …2018-01-12 16:57:22
loamy in a sentenceThe fast-growing, glossy evergreen prefers a loamy, well-draining soil and is drought-tolerant in these conditions. The rich loamy smell of …2018-01-12 16:29:47
southward in a sentenceThe threat zone also trails southward to the North Carolina mountains. The Sangerfield River is an important stream flowing southward …2018-01-12 16:27:24
landmass in a sentenceSince the explosion of the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, one fifth of the total landmass of Belarus has become a …2018-01-12 16:24:29
contamination in a sentenceThe contamination of the town of Chernobyl by the nuclear power plant there will take decades to clean up. A …2018-01-12 16:21:40
as far as in a sentenceas far as I’m concerned, I would never buy that car. There was nothing but forest as far as the …2018-01-12 16:19:16
went by in a sentenceThe cars went by so fast that they were just a blur. The lorry clipped my new car as it …2018-01-12 16:17:48
so fast in a sentenceTechnology is changing so fast that a computer bought a decade ago is regarded as practically an antique nowadays. The …2018-01-12 16:14:16
catch up with in a sentenceDevelopment of high-tech industries in our country is lagging, and we need to take measures to catch up with the …2018-01-12 16:12:11
working hard in a sentenceActivists are working hard to ensure that environmental issues are high on the agenda at the international summit in June. …2018-01-12 16:10:29
raise money in a sentenceThey auctioned off clothing by famous designers to raise money for research into AIDS. A number of celebrities auctioned off …2018-01-12 16:08:02
auctioned off in a sentenceThey auctioned off clothing by famous designers to raise money for research into AIDS. A number of celebrities auctioned off …2018-01-12 16:06:11
AIDS in a sentenceThey auctioned off clothing by famous designers to raise money for research into AIDS. Our good friend and colleague, Henry …2018-01-12 16:01:36
half way through in a sentenceI wonder why he was suddenly dropped from the team half way through? The singer says she is half way …2018-01-12 15:59:20
Extruder in a sentenceThe extruder usually consists of two chambers. Both types rely on a separate extruder for each polymer chemistry. The device …2018-01-12 08:48:30
professorship in a sentenceShe has also given lectures and completed a visiting professorship at McGill University. The Van Winkle Melton Endowed professorship at …2018-01-11 23:22:26
broad daylight in a sentenceIn August, a woman was stabbed to death in broad daylight by a sword-wielding man there. The attackers bludgeoned him …2018-01-11 23:21:12
morning sickness in a sentenceHer pregnancy was uneventful apart from morning sickness interfering with her job as cleaning products made her feel sick. Pregnancy …2018-01-11 23:18:34
whalebone in a sentenceThe first umbrellas in Europe were made of wood or whalebone, and were covered with oiled canvas. Plaque by Karel …2018-01-11 23:17:04
gunnery in a sentenceThe training focused on gunnery, maritime tactics, air defence, submarine defence and air operations. 19-year old Ensign Harris receiving air-to-air …2018-01-11 23:15:28
feature-length in a sentenceGoing Blind is a feature-length documentary about vision loss in the United States. Miss March is Moore’s first feature-length film. …2018-01-11 22:59:26
medical examiner in a sentenceChampion suffered multiple blunt trauma blows, the medical examiner said. Workers with the medical examiner‘s office wore hazmat suits at …2018-01-11 22:57:51
domestic market in a sentenceThe company says it’s a result of challenging domestic market conditions. It marks the start of a major national project …2018-01-11 22:55:33
complex system in a sentenceThe Church of England has perhaps the most complex system. Religion plays a prominent role in the complex system of …2018-01-11 22:54:00
undershirt in a sentenceLarge build, short hair and a beard, wearing a grey sweater with a white undershirt and blue jeans. He put …2018-01-11 22:52:29
mother figure in a sentenceEva becomes a role model, much needed mother figure and dearest friend to Delphine. 394081 She was widely described as …2018-01-11 22:51:21
psychotherapist in a sentenceThis technique of free association is a contribution to psychology which is used widely by psychotherapists, including behaviourists. Every-thing I …2018-01-11 22:02:25
Affidavit in a sentenceIn order to invoke the rule against prior restraint, the defendant must state on affidavit his intention to justify the …2018-01-11 21:53:56
development in a sentenceShe is ignorant of the latest development in computer industry. Children before this stage of development may use words in …2018-01-11 21:46:33
inhumane in a sentenceThe way that they kill the dolphins is very inhumane. Ghani condemned the attack as “inhumane and unIslamic.” Andy Murray …2018-01-11 18:08:09
utterly in a sentenceThese absurd social conventions are utterly inhumane. Jenny often acted ” utterly impulsive”. The corporations are utterly separate legal entities. …2018-01-11 18:06:32
atop in a sentenceCelta’s victory saw Real remain atop of La Liga on goal-difference. The stolen sunglasses were actually sitting atop the winning …2018-01-11 17:25:28
trademark in a sentenceOther company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Trademark experts say it’s difficult to precisely gauge …2018-01-11 17:02:55
homeless person in a sentenceThere are many places where a homeless person might seek refuge. In addition, officials set up tents to house 40,000 …2018-01-11 12:47:23
dry clean in a sentenceIt’s better to dry clean once per season. Every year he had her clothes dry cleaned. My shirt was cleanly …2018-01-11 12:44:15
English-speaking in a sentenceOur primary audience is English-speaking scholars and students. The airline was therefore forced to hire English-speaking crews. The sinking was …2018-01-11 12:23:43
football team in a sentenceWe are hoping to arrange a fixture for our football team on Sunday. The students are planning a rally to …2018-01-10 23:18:57
all-you-can-eat in a sentenceEven without roaming, all-you-can-eat tariffs are now dropping towards the magical £10 barrier. Many dining halls in United States universities …2018-01-10 23:15:30
pay-per-view in a sentenceThe pay-per-view price for that fight was $65 for standard definition and $75 for high definition. Rede Globo ‘s website …2018-01-10 23:01:38
one-on-one in a sentenceNekoyashiki is the only opponent to defeat Kagezaki in a one-on-one magic battle. Players may have either one-on-one battles or …2018-01-10 22:49:57
contact lens in a sentenceLeonardo da Vinci was the first to suggest using contact lenses to see, back in 1508. Do you know someone …2018-01-10 22:46:37
blood sugar level in a sentenceAs many as 86 million American adults have abnormal blood sugar levels. All participants’ blood sugar levels were tested before …2018-01-10 22:43:35
sister-in-law in a sentenceIn 1756 he married Aaron Lara’s sister-in-law, Rebecca Mendez Furtado. My sister-in-law had an obsession with Leonard DiCaprio, and wrote …2018-01-10 22:31:43
Brother-in-law in a sentenceThe stories were preserved by Kerouac’s brother-in-law John Sampas. Angelica’s unquenched desire for her brother-in-law has become her destiny. We …2018-01-10 22:28:24
first impression in a sentencePhysical appearance appears to be a powerful determinant of one’s first impression of an individual. My first impression of Quebec …2018-01-10 22:08:30
Physical appearance in a sentencePhysical appearance is determined in large part by one’s genetic background. She is a dead-ringer for Princess Fala in terms …2018-01-10 22:03:56
For reasons of in a sentenceFor reasons of conscience, Pongkasem refused to enlist for military service. All documents must be shredded for reasons of privacy. …2018-01-10 21:51:02
sunglasses in a sentenceMy friend paid over $200 for a pair of designer brand sunglasses. The young man disguised himself using a wig, …2018-01-10 21:41:46
false beard in a sentenceuse “young-man- ” in a sentence use “young-woman- ” in a sentence use “year- ” in a sentence The young …2018-01-10 21:37:35
financial crisis in a sentenceThe Asian financial crisis has had serious effects on the economy of British Columbia. The financial crisis in Asia is …2018-01-10 15:36:37
think-tank in a sentenceThe think-tank has looked at how earnings have changed since the financial crisis in 2008. His digital library included think-tank …2018-01-10 15:33:03
soaked up in a sentenceI took the sweater off my body and soaked up the mess with my clothes, Deveraux added.” Until the 15th …2018-01-10 15:29:00
New word addedaffective affectionately affectionate affection affectingly affecting affectedly affected affectation affectability affect affairs affair affable aesthetics afar aesthetic aesthetician aesthetically aerosol …2018-01-10 08:16:59
working conditions in a sentenceaffectability The strike workers demanded better pay and working conditions. Working conditions were poor and labor turnover high. Improvements in …2018-01-10 08:10:11
The latter in a sentenceThis latter issue has never been resolved. This latter rendering was reprinted five times. The latter has been assumed until …2018-01-10 08:07:02
henceforth in a sentenceThe right direction is henceforth distinct from error. Organized opposition was henceforth restricted to channels within the party. Lisbon was …2018-01-10 08:00:46
grimly in a sentence(1) His voice was grimly determined. (2) ‘It won’t be easy,’ he said grimly. (3) Much of Orwell’s writing now …2018-01-09 23:07:25
local culture in a sentenceMacDonald’s restaurants offer different dishes in its restaurants throughout the world to reflect the tastes of the local culture. Efforts …2018-01-09 22:41:01
as well as in a sentenceGiven enough time to adjust, the human eye can, for a time, see almost as well as an owl’s. We …2018-01-09 22:21:04
impartiality in a sentenceHe said he had pledged to serve “with independence and impartiality.” His opponents and some donors have questioned the court’s …2018-01-09 22:00:35
well-known in a sentenceA huge curved arch made of tubular steel and concrete is a well-known symbol of the city of St. Louis, …2018-01-09 21:57:48
location in a sentenceHe is a well-known authority on the language used by bees to communicate the location of food. Bahrain’s small size …2018-01-09 21:53:26
seawater in a sentence2 She suffered nausea caused by swallowing too much seawater . 3 The solution produced is considerably more concentrated than …2018-01-08 08:35:30
freezing point in a sentenceWhat is the freezing point of water? The freezing point of seawater decreases as salt concentration increases. Very low temperature …2018-01-08 08:33:54
once a year in a sentenceApplication deadlines are set once a year . Being poor is getting meat once a year . The series is …2018-01-08 08:29:59
spring semester in a sentenceShe team teaches that course every spring semester . The event occurs each fall and spring semester . The spring …2018-01-08 08:26:35
take for granted in a sentenceThe availability of water is usually taken for granted and not used properly. Your feelings were constantly taken for granted …2018-01-08 08:07:29
drinking water in a sentenceCalifornia issued drinking water standards in 2007. The second question is about drinking water . Access of drinking water is …2018-01-06 15:22:14
human health in a sentenceNo significant risk to human health has been identified. How can air pollution affect human health ? Ultimately human health …2018-01-06 15:19:15
air pollution in a sentenceVehicle emissions are another source of air pollution . He questioned official data stating that air pollution was decreasing. Chronic …2018-01-06 15:17:35
local authorities in a sentenceThe circular pushed local authorities towards change. The local authorities calculate this tax annually. There are too many local authorities …2018-01-06 15:15:06
time-consuming in a sentenceError checking is very time-consuming and tedious. The criminal investigations became very costly and time-consuming . The job interview process …2018-01-06 15:11:37
computer software in a sentenceTraffic signs are generally designed using specialist computer software . PC offers much more computer software obtainable. Each players light …2018-01-06 15:05:14
traffic signs in a sentencetraffic signs are generally designed using specialist computer software. Do traffic signs and vehicle plates show the correct locale? French …2018-01-06 15:01:55
cat eye in a sentenceAnother apparent aspect is the inherent attribute of cat eye glasses. These beautiful cat eye sunglasses are the epitome of …2018-01-06 14:59:12
no longer in a sentenceTwo separate searches are no longer necessary. The web is no longer fixed width. Their close sexual bond no longer …2018-01-06 14:55:42
high ranking in a sentenceThe consul was the highest ranking ordinary magistrate. Most residents here are high ranking executives or government officials. More stars …2018-01-06 14:53:28
well-developed in a sentence1 Its legal and regulatory infrastructure is well-developed . 2 The tutorial is accompanied by well-developed graphics. 3 The flight …2018-01-06 14:50:23
Hip hop music in a sentence1 Hip hop music is helping preserve indigenous languages. 2 Instrumental hip hop is hip hop music without vocals. 3 …2018-01-06 14:48:52
bus lines in a sentenceThere are multiple local bus lines form the city transportation system. The city public transportation consists nowadays by 13 bus …2018-01-06 14:44:15
public transportation in a sentenceThe campus is easily accessible via public transportation. Public transportation had 4% modal share. This is where public transportation becomes …2018-01-06 14:41:49
Easily accessible in a sentenceThe surrounding large cities are easily accessible. The campus is easily accessible via public transportation. The book is fully indexed …2018-01-06 14:38:18
in the middle of sentenceThis building expansion project was completed in the middle of 2001. Many students were in the middle of taking final …2018-01-06 14:35:10
Wash off in a sentenceThe mud is also easy to wash off . It washed off after a few days. Wash off with plain …2018-01-06 12:18:41
mortally wounded in a sentenceBoth commanders were mortally wounded in single combat. Webster was mortally wounded during the fighting. She is immediately mortally wounded …2018-01-06 12:13:50
From that day on in a sentenceOur lives turned upside down from that day on. From that day on we were friends. From that day on, …2018-01-06 12:09:33
turn upside down in a sentenceThink of a 10 story office building turned upside down. Your life was turned upside down for no reason. Everything …2018-01-05 08:25:09
in a matter of in a sentenceIt duplicated the exploit twice in a matter of minutes. In a matter of weeks the class had grown to …2018-01-05 08:21:09
lack experience in a sentenceHe lacks experience and skill and pedigree. I think you lack experience in this area . Shockley, however, lacked experience …2018-01-05 08:14:45
business executive in a sentenceHe defied convention by quitting his job as a successful business executive to pursue a career as a musician. He …2018-01-04 15:22:28
pursue a career in a sentenceIf she pursues a career in administration, I’m sure she will do well because she’s a very organized person, and …2018-01-04 15:17:26
do well in a sentenceIf she pursues a career in administration, I’m sure she will do well because she’s a very organized person, and …2018-01-04 15:14:32
medical school in a sentenceA person who emerges from childhood without a strong motivation to achieve is unlikely to do well in medical school. …2018-01-04 15:12:23
take the job in a sentenceHe took the job for the sake of his career but he didn’t like it. I took the job without …2018-01-04 15:09:44
For the sake of in sentenceHe took the job for the sake of his career but he didn’t like it. I’ll quit my job for …2018-01-04 15:06:10
face up in a sentenceUnder a new law in Canada, those found guilty of intentional cruelty to animals will face up to five years …2018-01-04 15:03:31
found guilty of in a sentenceIn 1971, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was found guilty of corrupt election practices, but refused to resign. He was …2018-01-03 15:56:54
civil rights in a sentenceThe judge’s 25 years on the bench were marked by his dedication to the cause of civil rights in this …2018-01-03 15:54:06
fall victim to in a sentenceEach year, it is estimated that more than 1,000 women and girls fall victim to domestic violence in The Bahamas. …2018-01-03 15:43:43
it is estimated that in a sentenceThe Netherlands are the lowest country in the world, and it is estimated that 40 percent of the land is …2018-01-03 15:40:42
in front of her in a sentenceShe crossed her long legs in front of her and leaned back in her chair. The young girl blushed with …2018-01-03 15:36:44
flushed with in a sentenceThe children were flushed with excitement after they got off the roller coaster. Expectation caused her to be flushed with …2018-01-03 15:34:25
surrounded by in a sentenceTheir daughter is a real beauty who is always surrounded by boys. The village was surrounded by a hostile army. …2018-01-03 15:30:47
above – below sea level sentenceNearly half the area of the Netherlands is below sea level. The Netherlands are the lowest country in the world, …2018-01-03 15:27:54
sea level in a sentenceNearly half the area of the Netherlands is below sea level. The average land elevation of earth is 2,700 feet …2018-01-03 15:24:35
above in a sentenceThe military base is well camouflaged to keep it from being seen from above. The pilots of two small planes …2018-01-03 15:22:18
for the time being in a sentenceThe doctor has detected a slight murmur in your son’s heart, but it’s nothing to worry about for the time …2017-12-31 17:10:35
Parasite in a sentenceUse Parasite in a sentence2017-12-30 14:58:54
Mallet in a sentenceUse Mallet in a sentence2017-12-30 14:48:38
Indolence in a sentenceUse Indolence in a sentence2017-12-30 12:45:21
Fastidious in a sentenceUse Fastidious in a sentence2017-12-30 11:54:21
Dilemma in a sentenceUse Dilemma in a sentence2017-12-30 11:40:07
Chastises in a sentenceUse Chastises in a sentence2017-12-30 11:24:24
make ends meet in a sentenceBarney is too proud to ask people for help, but I know he is having trouble making ends meet. On …2017-12-29 17:19:35
incapable of in a sentenceHe always loses at poker because he is incapable of hiding his feelings. Gandhi once said that a coward is …2017-12-29 17:17:09
Constitution in a sentenceParliament has begun debate on amending the Constitution. The military government has agreed to amend the Constitution to allow multi-party …2017-12-29 17:15:11
Antediluvian in a sentenceUse Antediluvian in a sentence2017-12-29 17:08:03
Upbraid in a sentenceUse Upbraid in a sentence2017-12-29 09:00:08
Sequester in a sentenceUse Sequester in a sentence2017-12-29 08:35:13
Prodigal in a sentenceUse Prodigal in a sentence2017-12-29 08:19:28
Paramount in a sentenceUse Paramount in a sentence2017-12-28 08:31:25
Malleable in a sentenceUse Malleable in a sentence2017-12-28 08:22:00
Indigenous in a sentenceUse Indigenous in a sentence2017-12-27 16:03:11
Fanaticism in a sentenceUse Fanaticism in a sentence2017-12-27 15:54:32
Dilatory in a sentenceUse Dilatory in a sentence2017-12-27 11:40:09
Chary in a sentenceUse Chary in a sentence2017-12-27 11:29:45
Antagonistic in a sentenceUse Antagonistic in a sentence2017-12-27 09:07:07
Sentinel in a sentenceUse Sentinel in a sentence2017-12-27 08:57:15
Procrastinate in a sentenceUse Procrastinate in a sentence2017-12-27 08:45:32
Paragon in a sentenceUse Paragon in a sentence2017-12-27 08:31:08
Malingerer in a sentenceUse Malingerer in a sentence2017-12-26 18:28:58
Fanatical in a sentenceUse Fanatical in a sentence2017-12-26 17:57:43
Dike in a sentenceUse Dike in a sentence2017-12-26 08:22:50
Charlatan in a sentenceUse Charlatan in a sentence2017-12-26 08:16:31
Antagonism in a sentenceUse Antagonism in a sentence2017-12-26 08:02:43
Sensuous in a sentenceUse Sensuous in a sentence2017-12-25 16:04:34
Proclivity in a sentenceUse Proclivity in a sentence2017-12-25 15:56:09
Paradox in a sentenceUse Paradox in a sentence2017-12-25 08:21:24
Malinger in a sentenceUse Malinger in a sentence2017-12-24 21:59:48
Indelible in a sentenceUse Indelible in a sentence2017-12-24 21:21:53
Falter in a sentenceUse Falter in a sentence2017-12-24 18:01:01
Digress in a sentenceUse Digress in a sentence2017-12-24 17:54:16
Certitude in a sentenceUse Certitude in a sentence2017-12-24 17:45:58
Anomaly in a sentenceUse Anomaly in a sentence2017-12-23 21:32:01
Unprecedented in a sentenceUse Unprecedented in a sentence2017-12-23 21:20:12