Lachrymose in a sentence

Use Lachrymose in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]tearful; sad ;

I remember seeing a girl with red, lachrymose eyes and tears rolling down her white face, no doubt feeling for relatives.

It’s a slow song shimmering with midnight atmosphere, pierced with Dickon Hinchcliffe’s remarkable, lachrymose violin.

His films are drier, less lachrymose, less in love with their hero.

She tried to console her lachrymose sister, Teruko after their father’s death.

I don’t feel lachrymose or nostalgic or all teary-eyed yet, ” Scott says.

The festival opened with Herbert Ross’s lachrymose ” Steel Magnolias, ” a maudlin comedy about the lives and loves of several Southern women.

The film’s reputation is based upon the perfect plotting of its third act and its lachrymose final part.