compulsory in a sentence

Attendance is compulsory for all members.

He regards socalled compulsory education as useless.

Education for young people is compulsory up to the age of 16.

Seatbelt use is compulsory in the province of British Columbia.

Tomorrow’s practice is only compulsory for new members of the team.

Public education for children became compulsory in Scotland in 1497.

In Japan, attendance at elementary and junior high school is compulsory.

He was able to avoid compulsory military service due to a medical condition.

compulsory voting for federal elections was introduced in Australia in 1924.

French language study is compulsory for all children in grades eight through ten.

Medical insurance coverage is compulsory for all students studying in our program.

One elective class is compulsory for all students, and a second elective is optional.

Regular worship is compulsory in Islam, and is included in the basic pillars of faith.

There is a compulsory background check for all those who wish to volunteer with children.

We live on an island, so I think that swimming lessons for all children should be compulsory.


Edwards Deming once observed that learning is not compulsory, but neither is survival.

Military service is compulsory for young men in Korea and lasts for a period of just over 2 years.


Edwards Deming once remarked that learning is not compulsory, and that neither is survival.

Discussion question: Should a temporary period of military service be compulsory for all healthy young men? compute Medical examinations are compulsory for foreign students from certain designated countries in order to receive a visa.

Abbie Hoffman once stated, “I believe in compulsory cannibalism.

If people were forced to eat what they killed, there would be no more wars.

” Discussion question: Some people say that in a conflict, men usually try to get their own way, whereas women try to reach a compromise.

Do you agree? compulsory In 1955, the government of Singapore set up a compulsory saving plan to ensure that people would have enough money for their retirement, or if they lost their job.

The yoga is made compulsory for the primary and high school students.

Will companies be tempted to make wearing fitness trackers compulsory?

If the poppy became compulsory it would lose its meaning and significance.

Wearing a safety harness is compulsory as journalists are led 150 meters up.

184480 Decisively improve the quality of the universal 12-year compulsory education!

769415 The president highlighted the activity of volunteers deciding to choose compulsory service.

Whilst contents insurance isn’t compulsory it is strongly advisable .

Even when conscription became compulsory in 1916, he was older than the 41 years upper age limit .

O’Brien next intensified the UIL agitation for land purchase by tenant farmers, pressurising for compulsory purchase.