Haughtiness in a sentence

Use Haughtiness in a sentence


Meaning: [noun]arrogance; pride ;

Hubris is extreme haughtiness or arrogance.

His haughtiness and emotional distance won him more enemies than friends.

Those who saw him at a distance accused him of pride and haughtiness .

Gabriel’s blunt protestations only serve to drive her to haughtiness.

Percy’s haughtiness transformed into astonishment.

With haughtiness , Artavazd refused to greet Cleopatre, and was decapitated.

Excessive expectations are a result of having a bad character, pride and haughtiness .

They viewed Trull Sengar as a lesser species of Tiste, which only showed their haughtiness.

The gateman says to him with haughtiness , “You go out most lightly.

And some have fear, which results from foul deeds in the former life or from insistent haughtiness .