luckily in a sentence

I lost my glasses, but luckily I have a spare pair.

My mother broke her neck in a car crash, but luckily she survived.

We had two tests last week, but luckily, we don’t have any this week.

He was shot in the stomach, but luckily the bullet didn’t hit any vital organs.

He fell out of the tree, and got a bad scare, but luckily he didn’t break anything.

A bomb was discovered by a passenger on a crowded bus, but luckily it failed to explode.

Some guy pushed a woman off the platform at a subway station, but luckily she was unhurt.

My computer totally crashed, but luckily the computer store was able to rescue all my data.

Someone had tried to forge her signature on a check, but luckily the bank teller noticed it.

He wasn’t really dressed appropriately for the job interview, but luckily they didn’t seem to mind.

My great-grandmother was present at the launching of the Titanic, but luckily she wasn’t a passenger.

Our car broke down on our way to Banff, but luckily my friend is a mechanic, so he was able to repair it.

The car was almost totally destroyed in the accident, but luckily none of the passengers was seriously harmed.

My son came into the living room while we were wrapping Christmas presents, but luckily he didn’t see anything.

We were involved in a head on collision with another car in the parking lot, but luckily no one was seriously injured.

He broke the blade of his hockey stick in the game, but luckily he can keep the same shaft and just replace the blade.

shake The young girl made a suicide pact with her best friend, but luckily her parents found out, and were able to save the girls.

A crazed man attacked a couple of schoolchildren with a hammer, but luckily the kids were able to get away before he hurt anyone.

A customer started to choke on a piece of steak in the restaurant, but luckily someone knew what to do, and was able to help him.

Over 20 people were injured, some seriously, in a multi-car crash on the highway last night, but luckily there have been no fatalities as of yet.

Recent studies show that half of North American women will develop a breast tumor at some time in their life, but luckily surgery is no longer the only cure.

It is inching north in the Atlantic, but luckily away from U.S. shores.

Our overall water usage is up, but luckily we’re using less per person.

But luckily, they videoed it and that’s why we’re here today,” Sperry said.

“I shot some bad shots, but luckily they went in. My teammates kept feeding me.

Somewhat luckily for this gentleman, he happened to fall somewhere in the middle.

Gonzales’ 5-month old son was found in the back seat of his SUV, luckily unharmed.

Cruz’s team pulled the video from YouTube, but luckily we have it right here for you to see.

Firefighters say luckily there were no reports of injuries, but some extensive damage was done.

So I threw myself over the wall and luckily someone dived in to catch me before I hit the floor.”

319021 I couldn’t open the door – and luckily I couldn’t because I would have been flooded away.”

That’s almost twice as many acres caused by lightning, which Tri-Cities luckily did not see this year.