obfuscate in a sentence

Use obfuscate in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] to intentionally make something difficult to understand;

To obfuscate the evidence, the photos were released in random order.

Senator Paul was just obfuscating the real issue .

The defence continued to obfuscate Leuchter’s credentials.

If making decisions is stressful, one natural reaction is to delay or obfuscate .

The military has intentionally obfuscated discussion of environmental health effects.

It’s rather overdone, as the loud layers of guitars obfuscate Victoria’s unusual voice.

You have obfuscated every time you have been asked the question.

The facts just got obfuscated by the fast food industry which has the most to lose.

One of the generals said ammunition was brought to the troops from multiple storehouses to obfuscate its origin.

In its final argument, the city accused the plaintiffs of raising “odd” and “diversionary” arguments to “obfuscate” the real issues of the case.