zoom off in a sentence

Then zoom off , leaving them standing by the roadside.

Maybe he had zoomed off into another body.

Well he should have just zoomed off !

Without a word she enters into her jeep and zooms off .

We zoom off on borrowed mountain bikes, go maybe half a mile.

The boar got back up and zoomed off …towards Mamoru.

The cops, however, get a good shot of them zooming off .

Walker zoomed off to class as fast as his chair could take him.And can you zoom off ?

The buses of students zoom off to the Manara in Ramallah and pile out.

Gale told him it was and Ramprakash got changed, jumped into his car and zoomed off .

He said that the suspects later forcefully collected the car documents from the unsuspecting Makolo and zoomed off .

We have had a ball, zooming off to diverse locations and bringing with us surprise and fun.