yeoman in a sentence

In addition to base salary, yeomans will continue to receive a $600 monthly allowance for car travel within Pierce, Thurston and King counties.

We know that states have done a yeoman’s job at trying to comply with IDEA, and that is reflected in the data that was released today, Hymes says.

This new force was called the “Imperial yeomanry”.

These range from ABE (Aviation Boatswain’s Mate – Equipment) to YN (yeoman).

Most were independent yeoman farmers much like their counterparts in the North.

An evangelical yeoman of the Guard named Edward Underhill prevented Day’s arrest.

Also in September, Connolly moved into a flat at yeoman‘s Row with Patrick Balfour.

Jan 1947 Reconstituted as the Leicestershire (PAO) yeomanry, Royal Armoured Corps, TA.

The remaining yeomanry were converted to artillery or armoured car units or disbanded.

A black cloth trencher cap is also worn by Senior University Fellows and the yeoman Bedell.

As a result, the Imperial yeomanry was created in January 1900 as a volunteer cavalry corps.

Associations took over any property vested in the volunteers or yeomanry under their administration.

She also thanks the yeoman Ravenmaster of the Tower of London for introducing her to the ravens there.

244176 If a yeoman Warder is summoned to a post a player is on, that player is sent to the Bloody Tower.

The Roots of Southern Populism: yeoman Farmers and the Transformation of the Georgia Upcountry, 1850-1890.

The Loughborough War Memorial Museum contains a display of material relating to the Leicestershire yeomanry.

Hutt also tried to establish an Aboriginal yeomanry by giving Aboriginal “settlers” grants of government land.

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Early life Abraham Darby was the son of John Darby, a yeoman farmer and locksmith by trade, and his wife, Ann Baylies.