xeno in a sentence

Analysts say it is not a coincidence that the Cossacks’ revival is taking place as nationalism and xenophobia are on the rise in Russia.

The xenomorph sprints after it, long tail dragging behind, and I stand up and run as fast as I can to the left where there’s an elevator.

The meeting was also attended by independent Senator Nick xenophon, who was deported on arrival at Kuala Lumpur airport in February last year.

809796 The video shows him delivering a fervent speech against xenophobia and the NPD’s policies and makes a heartfelt plea for more humanity.

Dahlemann commented on the NPD politician’s statements and also talks to a police officer who confirmed that Köster’s slogans were xenophobic.

Helmer seems to be well known in the xenosaga universe.

One exception to this is the “Thing in cell 1” from xenology.

Metroxenoi, those with foreign mothers, were now to be excluded.

They contain xenoliths of the andesite and shale found in Jersey.

Ice Dragons These dragons are made of ice and were summoned by xenoz.

xenophon then states that a horse should never be dealt with angrily.

The Snow Kids face the xenons in the final, winning on a penalty shoot.

They are an intensely xenophobic race, and are fearful of alien invaders.

But the dragon is in a volcano and xenos’ power over ice is useless there.

Infrared is effective for tracking humans, but useless in a xenomorph hunt.

The nation is rather xenophobic and contact with foreign elements is forbidden.

His boney body is a beacon for xeno-energy, which is currently keeping him alive.

xenophon, Hellenica 4.7.1 In 388 BC, Agesipolis led a Spartan army against Argos.

All of these resources (except xenomit) can be sold at a Space Station for credits.

xenon was equipped with a 1 MB Level 2 cache on-die running at half CPU clock speed.

According to Mitsuda, the music of xenogears belongs to the traditional music genre.

Pinkerton became an experiment for Hudgens, who attached a xenos creature to his spine.

The protagonist, Ultrox, knows there is more to xeno-energy than even the Zenterrans know.

Legacy Today, Papadopoulos is a symbol of authoritarianism and xenophobia for many Greeks.

Moreover, Helmer’s role in both xenosaga Episode I and II remains strictly behind the desk.

Only one element ( tin ) has 10 stable isotopes, and one ( xenon ) has nine stable isotopes.

xenon high-intensity discharge headlights were now standard on the V8 and optional on the I6.

Frame 4: As resistance decreases current fills the tube, heating the xenon to a plasma state.

As xenon did his best to hold off Zetton he gave Max the Max Galaxy and soon used it on Zetton.

Once ionised the xenon ions typically have a charge of +1 though a small fraction (~10%) are +2.

In 2006, he called Cameron’s plans for a British Bill of Rights, “xenophobic and legal nonsense”.

The Guardian called the song a “perfect example of xenomania’s uniquely rousing approach to pop.”