X-ray in a sentence

The X-ray revealed a small tumor in her breast.

X-ray machines emit radiation, so exposure should be limited.

Someone once joked that an X-ray reveals a lot about a man, but an ex-wife reveals much more.

In 1900, the British Army began using a mobile X-ray unit to treat wounded soldiers in the Sudan.

An X-ray of the teeth is one way of detecting decay which cannot be observed simply by looking into the patient’s mouth.

In 1900, the British Army began using a mobile X-ray unit to locate bullets and shrapnel in wounded soldiers in the Sudan.

The woman had an X-ray, showing a diamond-like object in her intestine.

The gun was detected by a TSA officer who was monitoring an X-ray machine.

Radiographers share the most bizarre X-ray pictures that they have seen on a Web site.

Enhanced vision uses infrared sensors that work like “X-ray vision” through bad weather.

This X-ray image from Radiopaedia.org shows a foreign body swallowed by a 16-month-old boy.

“Her primary care doctor said let’s get an X-ray, and that revealed there was a tumor in there.

The image was combined with images from another space telescope, the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

He was a lifelong resident of Panama City and maintained X-ray machines for many years in the area.

They devised an experiment that enabled them to X-ray the ants’ nests as they evolved over 40 hours.

226442 First, the black hole may be behaving like our own sun, which also emits bright X-ray flares.

Finally, after about five hours, an X-ray showed no broken bones and she was sent home, still in pain.