writing down in a sentence

Take control by writing down your fears.

Stay focused by writing down the important information.

writing down a proposition under certain circumstances asserts it.

This does not mean writing down everything you eat.

So why are we still writing down our information?

The third column contains your justification for writing down the statement.

Start by writing down the patient’s chief complaint.

He enjoyed writing down all of his observations.

By 1914, he had started writing down his compositions.

The process of writing down these quotes is tactile and intimate .

Ditto writing down fantasies about killing school children.

writing down how much food a day I eat.

But now I think it needs writing down .

Try writing down everything that you eat for a week.

I was just writing down some notes from your question.

Sort of writing down as many steps as you can.

Then develop your own plan, writing down the steps on paper.

Simply writing down a formal plan will not help new employees succeed.

The position, however, extends beyond just writing down what happens.