worrisome in a sentence

So any math that makes scores look less worrisome has political appeal.

“It’s illegal, it’s worrisome, it’s scary, it’s dangerous, it’s loaded.

For wireless companies, Google’s entrance to the market is potentially worrisome.

The week he was elected, in January, 2013, Wang called the city’s smog “worrisome.”

387412 It certainly is worrisome for countries that China competes with for exports.

This assessment comes as the country shows worrisome signs linked to consumer spending.

What’s the most worrisome about the Luke Smith interview is not just its tone-deafness.

These trends are worrisome at a time when we will doubtless be asking more of our armed forces.

THE CAUCASUS The problem is arguably more worrisome for Russia than for much of the West, however.

This is a worrisome trend for broadcast networks, and they’re changing their strategy to combat it.