wonderfully in a sentence

The finely shaded gradient is wonderfully colorful.

This attractive home has been wonderfully renovated .

Birds are truly amazing creatures and are wonderfully designed.

The blogging craze is a wonderfully progressive space.

Our tank is approximately 4 months old and is thriving wonderfully .

Fresh passion fruit is heretical but wonderfully aromatic.

My personal favorite is the wonderfully exciting summer love.

They are wonderfully complicated without being difficult to read.

His style was unique with wonderfully original movements.

The story is wonderfully funny and depressing.

I am very happy and wonderfully healthy.

The world is vivid and wonderfully described.

It has great body and is wonderfully spicy.

Growing fruit and vegetables is wonderfully filling”.

Both plot and character development are wonderfully done.

The bedrooms were wonderfully clean and very spacious.

Thanks again everyone this thread has been wonderfully helpful!

We spent two wonderfully happy days together.

The second effort was another wonderfully alert piece of rugby.

The last 15 minutes have been wonderfully dramatic.

Once again a wonderfully written deeply philosophical yet painful symphony.

Hope everyone is having a wonderfully blessed week!

Baby signing is wonderfully rewarding and fantastic fun.

Blacks are perfectly dark and shadows wonderfully delineated.

But generally these early versions are themselves wonderfully expressive.