withstand in a sentence

The facilities were also modified to withstand the typhoon.

In MAX, Angel is shown to withstand the high water pressure.

An innocent will withstand the torture with the help of God.

But the materials he used from the Dojo cannot withstand the process.

But Steven is now stronger than before and can withstand The Showman.

Solar panels must withstand heat, cold, rain and hail for many years.

Fortresses cannot withstand us; armies are of no avail in fighting us.

Professor Flutesnoot is given the ability to withstand electrical shock.

The liner must be able to withstand the chemicals that are part of the leachate.

The Chen Dynasty was meanwhile collapsing, and could not withstand such an assault.

The armor was protected by anti-beam coating, which could withstand some weak beams.

The epoxy should dry very hard to withstand recoil and prevent flexing of the action.

Flatwoods pine forests stay relatively dry, but can withstand short periods of flooding.

The buckling capacity is the capacity of the element to withstand the propensity to buckle.

Evergreen plants, such as pine trees, will withstand frost although all or most growth stops.

He could not withstand the harassment meted out to him by the ecclesiastical and civil powers.

They were designed to withstand 21 cm rounds (indirect fire), and 28 cm rounds (indirect fire).

At this point, he could no longer withstand bodily harm, and later his right arm crumbled apart.

These were merely basement rooms with reinforced walls in order to withstand nearby bomb impacts.

They may not be able to withstand direct hits from purpose-built ” bunker buster ” precision bombs.

The same robot Armitage encountered earlier had been upgraded to withstand her telepresence attack.