wireless in a sentence

He sent a message by wireless.

We just got a wireless connection, enabling us to use the Internet from any room in the house.

wireless Internet hotspots have proliferated, so nowadays you can now go online in many public buildings and private businesses.

942881 Wi-Fi: wireless “802.11n” used to be the latest and greatest.

“Why not build the perfect bundle by combining with Sprint wireless?

Oh, and one final thing: that $150 Xbox One Elite wireless Controller?

Here’s what you need: A wireless charging receiver card for your iPhone.

Stephen Shankland/CNET Verizon defended the state of US wireless service.

The research also gives new meaning to the term “wireless mouse” (sorry).

Manufacturers are developing a tiny wireless pacemaker for adults.

“The wireless industry has invested $100 billion in the last four years alone.

For wireless companies, Google’s entrance to the market is potentially worrisome.

Previously known as Isis, the initiative was formed by wireless carriers in 2010.

FreeCharge offers discount coupons that equal the value of a wireless plan top up.

I initially used it as a wireless extender, rebroadcasting signals from the R8000.

A laptop and wireless Internet routers were among the more expensive items stolen.

That took time, but eventually it meant that we had more secure wireless networks.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Last year Cable & wireless acquired Columbus Networks.

A second ad muses that the S6 Edge comes with built-in wireless charging capability.

And he said that this style of regulation has worked well for the wireless industry.

For example, the new Apple Watch uses a magnetic inductive wireless charging system.”

The new MacBook is designed to fit effortlessly into our increasingly wireless world.

All three phones are available from all major U.S. wireless carriers beginning today.