wingtip in a sentence

These new wingtips increased overall wingspan by three feet.

Each was equipped with wingtip-mounted jets to augment their Pratt & Whitney engines.

A last contract for 234 C-46Fs reverted to the earlier cockpit shape but introduced square wingtips.

1979 Winglets * wingtip devices are usually intended to improve the efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft.

The RB-45s carried the same markings as the B-45, except for an added marking on the wingtip fuel tanks.

Overview The ARV is a rugged aircraft of all alloy-construction, but with composite wingtips and cowlings.

Gallery An EA-6 Prowler with condensation in the cores of its wingtip vortices and also on the top of its wings.

Reportedly, twin Igla light air-to-air missile launchers under each wingtip countermeasure pod (total 4 missiles).

GaoFighGar is equipped with a pair of Ul-Tech Engines, stored in unfolding pylons on the wingtips of StealthGao III.

For this phase of the project, the aircraft was configured with -foot (0 m) canards and 13½ foot wingtip extensions.

wingtip vortices can also pose a severe hazard to light aircraft, especially during the landing and take off phases of flight.

The visible cores of wingtip vortices contrast with the other major type of contrails which are caused by the combustion of fuel.