windshield in a sentence

The original “classic” flat windshield van.

You should likewise clean your windshield regularly.

A cracked windshield presents a safety risk.

The cab featured a “wrap around” windshield .

The windshield was also 25% larger.

My windshield mount drops phone if phone is landscape .

New exterior “coke bottle styling” featured concealed windshield wipers.

He was thrown through the windshield and was hospitalized.

The windshield is also supposed to increase passenger comfort.

Neither a windshield nor a heat reflector are provided.

A new panoramic windshield with vertical side pillars was used.

The unusually thin windshield pillars also contributed to much better visibility.

Creed leaned forwards and pointed through the windshield .

The picture was taken through the windshield going about 70 mph.

Plus the windshield is quickly covered with snow .

These plates are usually validated with a windshield sticker.

The windshield is more upright, which increases drag.

The windshield was cracked, held together with paper stickers.

The front windshield opens outwardly while the wind wings are posable.