wind speed in a sentence

The mean wind speed is 8 mph.

Other indicators may show track side wind speed .

The peak wind speed was clocked at 58 miles mph.

Instrument used to measure wind speed 10.

But higher wind speeds are available offshore compared to land.

The tornado had reached wind speeds of 93 mph.

Global average ocean surface wind speeds have been decreasing.

Any wind speed 58 mph or greater.

wind speed is directly proportional to the pressure gradient.

Hurricane force winds speeds can exceed over 150 mph.

The polar plot is independent of the apparent wind speed .

The true wind speed is independent of the boat.

wind speeds also varied greatly throughout the state.

wind speeds ranged from 11 to 58 km per hour.

Different locations will have different wind speed distributions.

Gas delivery depended greatly on wind speed and direction.

wind speeds were estimated at between 200 and 210 mph .

That may be 20 per cent more depending on wind speed .