wildfire in a sentence

Thunderstorms in the forecast could spark new wildfires in our area.

The wildfire broke out near to Cape Town’s central business district.

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605358 See information on all the current wildfires here, via CalFire.

Lightning caused most of the 76 new wildfires that began on Friday alone.

Millions more American are moving into wildfire-prone areas every decade.

The largest wildfire is the Rocky Fire in Lake, Yolo and Colusa counties.

If so, you can donate it to help people who lost theirs in the wildfires.

All members will be trained by Saskatchewan’s wildfire management branch.

More than 12,000 firefighters are battling 17 wildfires across California.

After the Washington wildfires The region’s first, best hope for recovery?

About 260 wildfires are burning in 17 states, mostly in the South and West.

660077 Temperatures hovered around 100 degrees, raising concerns of wildfire.

Smoke rises from a wildfire approaching Twisp, Wash., Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015.

Click through this gallery to see the worst wildfires that have ever hit the US.

They were pulled from the Internet and were actually of wildfires in California.

The worst year for wildfires in Alaska remains 2004 but 2015 is catching up fast.

The Cornet-Windy Ridge fire near Baker City remains the state’s largest wildfire.

Drought conditions fueled several wildfires across the state, fire officials said.

They’re continuing that tradition of helping their neighbors this wildfire season.

The provincial wildfire management branch posts updates on the largest fires here.