WiFi in a sentence

Also: WiFi in hotels, and new tech for people with visual impairment.

That technology also used WiFi signals to detect your location within a building.

Up top there’s that WiFi antenna that pops out and rotates up for added reception.

The default home screen widgets made using the projector and WiFi hotspot quick and easy.

Again, staying in hotels with comfort and great WiFi would be too easy so I’ll be camping.

You do, however, get the basics: GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, Cat 4 LTE and 2.4GHz WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.

Myriad offers the full suite of services wrapped around the core WiFi infrastructure offering.

He also claims to be “cool with cops” and offers WiFi, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

It also does quite a bit more than the Chromecast Audio, as it’s also a full-fledged WiFi router.

A smartphone app (Android or iOS) lets you power it on and stream video via WiFi or Bluetooth 4.0.

The 55- and the 65-inch ones even have full ultra HD resolution, built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft WiFi will work on various platforms, not just Windows 10 or Windows Phone.

Rival WiFi speakers can’t come close to Sonos, but Chromecast offers a lot for a fraction of the cost.