widely accepted in a sentence

His reasoning has never been widely accepted .

It is widely accepted across multiple operating systems and platforms.

Gay marriage has become widely accepted across the states.

Major credit cards are widely accepted throughout the islands.

Our definition of visible vessel is widely accepted .

By 1911 the connection was widely accepted .

This thesis has not been widely accepted .

The results were not conclusive nor widely accepted .

This view is not widely accepted however.

No proposed solution is widely accepted as correct.

The other four families are widely accepted .

There is no widely accepted classification system.

The bush forge is now widely accepted .

This number became widely accepted in literature.

Neither device was practical or widely accepted .

Standard pitch is a more widely accepted convention.

This is not widely accepted beyond local tradition.

Major credit cards are also widely accepted .

Yet his style gradually became more widely accepted .

This principle is widely accepted in the international commercial trade.

It is widely accepted that conscious experience has a physical basis.

It is widely accepted that the ivory ban worked.

It is a widely accepted system promoted by numerous safety organizations.

This version is the most widely accepted form today.

This proposal has not been widely accepted today by linguists.