whitewash in a sentence

The answer is not to find a new secular dictator or whitewash the old one.

They believe we should surrender to U.S. hegemony and whitewash their crimes.”

Any attempt to whitewash him or make him acceptable is a nonstarter,” he told reporters.

The 3-0 victory followed whitewashes turned in by Holtby on Oct. 11 (4-0) and March 14 (2-0).

Just over 50% (42 series) have ended in a whitewash, where one side has won every single match.

In the return contest that followed soon afterwards in Australia, England were whitewashed 5-0.

Kono warned that any attempt to whitewash historical facts “hurts the Japanese people’s reputation.”

Under Abe’s administration, Japan is seen stepping up its effort to whitewash its wartime atrocities.

With no malice aforethought , they were simply whitewashed to change the decor.