Whim in a sentence

use Whim in a sentence


[noun] a sudden desire that someone would like to do or have something;

I don’t know why you bought that mobile phone. I think it was just a whim.

After graduation, she moved to LA on a whim and got involved in the world of high fashion.

He looks in the eyes of prisoners sent to solitary at the whim of the guards and says nothing about this punishment’s cruelty.

On a whim, Pratt booked a flight to Hawaii.

In accordance with the protcol, footballers cannot leave on a whim.

He hadn’t come to LA on an amateurish whim but had been advised to come.

” They act like we’re machines to do their any whim no matter how busy we are, ” she complained.

Turns out he’ d gotten married again on a whim in Croatia.

She too prefers to travel by horseback so that she can go at whim into the desert to’ photograph sand’.