where possible in a sentence

We always operate green laundry practices where possible .

Ideally musical components should be performed live where possible .

where possible the breakfast is made using local produce.

The commission provides technical assistance and education where possible .

The social definition has also been added where possible .

Prison terms and real rehabilitation where possible ?

We must always avoid doing this where possible !

where possible food is locally source and organic.

And utilise where possible , derelict land.

where possible , choose low fat versions.

Using existing, open security standards where possible .

Provision of the real object where possible is usually eagerly explored.

I personally believe all medicine should be avoided where possible .

Try and pay with local currency where possible .

Always brought people in alive where possible .

Control products or packages should always be used where possible .

Limit use of aerosol products where possible .

Reference materials should be used where possible as blind controls.

where possible we are making articles available as text.

All facts are verified where possible directly by the author.

Use bullets where possible so copy is easy to scan.

Try to use few shapes where possible .

where possible references are given to printed or online reproductions.

The islands are listed from north to south where possible .

Other team members may also have specific assignments where possible .