Western countries || in a sentence

They communicated with the Western countries.

Japan needed contact with the Western countries.

In most Western countries, young people come of age at or .

Western countries are jumping on Japan for its stance on the issue.

In 1988, 82% of the women in Hungary worked outside the home, a much higher figure than in Western countries.

Citizens of most Western countries, and most Commonwealth countries are granted a free entry permit to visit the African nation of Lesotho.

In October 1973, OPEC announced that the Arab countries were cutting production and placing an embargo on shipments of crude oil to Western countries.

How do American gun laws compare to those of other Western countries?

Rates are much higher in Western countries than in Africa or the Far East.

Western countries suspect Iran of seeking the capability to make nuclear weapons.

“If he is capable to wage individual jihad in the Western countries that fight Islam..

PEGIDA is a movement of people opposed to a perceived “Islamization” of Western countries.

But rape is a crime that also takes place in other countries, including Western countries.

He opens with the standard litany of attacks on the US, France, and other Western countries.

Kiev and Western countries however believe that Russian troops are still helping the separatists.

And, 27 percent of Russians believed that a majority of Western countries saw Russia as an opponent.

881274 Unlike in many other Western countries, the US does not have a single-payer healthcare system.