went camping in a sentence

I went camping last summer.

I went camping with my family.

We went camping near the river.

We went camping in August.

They had to dig a pit to use as a toilet when they went camping.

We went camping with a bunch of friends from school last weekend.

I rubbed garlic all over my face when I went camping to help ward off mosquitoes.

We had really foul weather when we went camping, and had to cut our holiday short.

When we went camping, we made torches using branches dipped in sap from a fir tree.

We took some collapsible chairs with us to use around the campfire when we went camping.

When he got back from his holidays in Zimbabwe, he related how he went camping and almost got walked on by elephants.

We didn’t have an axe when we went camping, so we had to gather little bits of wood here and there to start our fire.

The boys’ suppers for the three days they went camping together consisted of hamburgers, chocolate bars and potato chips.