well-known in a sentence

A huge curved arch made of tubular steel and concrete is a well-known symbol of the city of St.

Louis, Missouri.

The doctor is a well-known authority on tropical diseases.

He is a well-known authority on the language used by bees to communicate the location of food.

My literature prof is also a well-known expert in the classics.

There are a number of celebrity endorsements in Japan which feature well-known American movie stars.

The Democratic candidate for President has been endorsed by a number of well-known celebrities.

She attempted to enhance her reputation by associating herself with well-known celebrities.

David Suzuki is a well-known environmentalist who has been working hard to educate the people of this country about the dangers of pollution.

A well-known crime figure has been linked to the murder.

He is quite a well-known sculptor, and has a number of works in the National Gallery.

Our next speaker needs no introduction, as he is well-known to everyone working in this firm.

The marine life living off the coast of Oregon is well-known for its variety and beauty.

The union has been unable to reach a settlement with the administration, and has asked for the services of a well-known mediator.

Well-known scientist David Suzuki has often been mentioned as a potential political candidate in this country, but he doesn’t seem interested in running for office.

Before becoming President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela was a well-known militant in the struggle for racial equality and human rights in his country.

Margaret Atwood has written a number of well-known Canadian novels.

The mediator is well-known for his fairness and impartiality when assisting in contract negotiations.

The producer of that movie is well-known in France.

The husband of a well-known novelist has been charged with armed robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon.