well-known in a sentence

Despite this, the firm was not particularly well-known in Kansas City.

His family founded the well-known Hug Jewellers in Gosport High Street.

Gifted and industrious, Adalbert soon became well-known all over Europe.

Councilors are elected under specific issues and are usually well-known.

Hindu College and Sadakathulla Appa College are well-known arts colleges.

;up :Writers become up when their work becomes widespread and well-known.

He was well-known in local pubs such as ‘The Hainton’ and ‘The Longship’.

He has closely worked with both well-known Pakistani nuclear scientists dr.

Also well-known is the lamassu, a human-headed winged lion from 883-859 BC.

Nimoy also had previous TV and film experience but was also not well-known.

The so-called “Amboy Route” is well-known among Coachella Valley residents.

Wendy Whiteley has become a well-known figure in Australia’s artistic life.

You are in good esteem of the northerners and your valor is well-known there.

Industry Nottingham is home to the headquarters of many well-known companies.

She is well-known for her prowess in cracking open complicated homicide cases.

Notable people *José López Alavéz, composer of the well-known Canción Mixteca.

Various toys from the New Adventures waves are not as likely to be well-known.

PN-G fans are well-known for their pre-game parties and support of the school.

She has not been around as long as many other well-known faculty members have.

Early life and education He was descended from a well-known family of scholars.