well-developed in a sentence

1 Its legal and regulatory infrastructure is well-developed .

2 The tutorial is accompanied by well-developed graphics.

3 The flight response in nervous horses is well-developed .

4 Only 7 per cent gave well-developed quality assurance a high ranking.

5 This district has well-developed retail and industrial areas.

6 More difficult goals require more cognitive strategies and well-developed skills.

7 It has well-developed transportation and utility infrastructure.

8 A well-developed hip hop music scene also exists.

9 The lateral line is well-developed and complete.

10 The city has a reasonably well-developed transport infrastructure.

11 Other well-developed areas involved hearing and muscle coordination.

12 His frame is compact with well-developed muscles.

13 Following are three examples of well-developed statewide systems.

14 France has a well-developed system of highways.

15 The storm featured well-developed outflow in all directions.