weatherman || in a sentence

The weatherman says there is a storm on the way.

The weatherman has forecast a blizzard for tomorrow.

The weatherman says we’ll have rain in the afternoon.

The weatherman is forecasting a beautiful sunny weekend.

The weatherman is predicting showers for most of the week.

The weatherman illustrated tomorrow’s weather with a chart.

The weatherman has predicted some precipitation for tomorrow.

The weatherman is calling for scattered showers this afternoon.

A weatherman is someone with whom the weather does not always agree.

The weatherman failed to predict the blizzard which shut down the town.

The weatherman says we have had record amounts of precipitation this winter.

There was no precipitation today, despite the fact the weatherman said it would snow.

The weatherman is expecting precipitation, probably in the form of snow for this evening.

Earlier, weatherman Leo Hirsbrunner struggled to deliver his forecast.