weaken in a sentence

She has been seriously weakened by the illness.

Passions weaken, but habits strengthen, with age.

Time, which strengthens friendship, weakens love.

He felt his resolve weakening as he listened to her arguments.

Our competitive position is weakened by the rising labor cost.

He was weakened by the disease, and hence vulnerable to infection.

The building’s structural integrity was weakened by the earthquake.

Ali’s resistance to infection has been weakened as a result of his illness.

The English soccer squad has been seriously weakened by injuries to key players.

The buildings had been weakened during the earthquake, and had to be demolished.

Chronic stress in one’s living environment contributes to weakened immune system functioning.

Researchers have found that negative events in our lives can actually weaken our immune system for a short time.

Science has discovered that negative events, such as being criticized at work, weaken the human immune function for one day.

As expectation increases that the dollar will weaken, the foreign exchange market’s reaction to US economic indicators has been fairly muted.