water skiing in a sentence

His hobbies include cycling and water skiing .

Another tool used in barefoot water skiing is the barefoot boom.

water skiing tournaments and water skiing competitions have been organized.

water skiing tournaments and water skiing competitions have been organized.

water skiing typically begins with a deep water start.

Small private boats are used for water skiing and fishing.

He has been able to resume playing golf and water skiing .

One hour water skiing and scuba diving at sea.

He enjoys snow skiing, water skiing and light aircraft flying.

My favorite activity, however, was water skiing .

Activities such as canoeing or water skiing are not encouraged.

water skiing is allowed on short sections of the lower river.

Sports: David purposely lost at water skiing .

They often went water skiing together on Lake Erie .

Badminton and water skiing were demonstration sports.

As water skiing is a potentially dangerous sport, safety is important.

She went water skiing while Prince Charles went windsurfing.

The lakes offer swimming and boating, angling and water skiing .

The lake is popular for sport fishing, boating and water skiing .

Water activities include swimming, water skiing , windsurfing and fishing.

Water sports includes swimming, sailing, scuba diving and water skiing .

There are opportunities for diving, water skiing and windsurfing.

water skiing has developed over time.

Tourist attractions include jet-ski, water skiing , boating and horseback riding.

As an exhibition sport, water skiing was included in the 1972 Olympics.