water conservation in a sentence

And municipalities save money through water conservation .

This has mostly been achieved through water conservation .

The goals of water conservation include 1.

He has taken up many activities in water conservation .

The plan also includes water conservation and emergency water management plans.

Public education was an important instrument to promote water conservation .

Woodland California make water conservation a priority.

The project will also promote awareness of water conservation among customers.

Together , these water providers sponsor programs that promote water conservation .

Expect huge growth in water conservation in agriculture and manufacturing .

In addition it emphasizes water conservation and water reuse through aquifer recharge.

Arid countries should rely more on water conservation and recycling.

Or You must do a lot of water conservation .

China to speed up water conservation projects works.

Encourage your employer to promote water conservation in the workplace.

The restroom doubles as exhibition space, informing visitors of water conservation .

Low water tariffs and inappropriate tariff structures do not encourage water conservation .

Some cities have introduced extensive water conservation and recycling programs and technologies.

Energy efficiency and water conservation are also major considerations in sustainable housing.