Wash off in a sentence

The mud is also easy to wash off .

It washed off after a few days.

Wash off with plain water after 15 minutes .

These antibodies remain free upon addition and are washed off during washing.

Wash off with a sponge and clear water.

It was washed off , and the problem fixed.

Nine people died after cars washed off of inundated roads.

It was washed off only a few days after completion.

The Law is like water that washes off dirt.

Well it must be able to wash off .

Oh it’s washed off has it?

I had washed off but nothing like I needed.

The toner and developer should wash off your hands easily.

Wash off only with lukewarm water, not soap.

Even worse, feces contamination cannot be washed off .

Will not wash off , but remains durable for years.

Either can be washed off after 30 minutes if desired.

This seems to wash off some of the oils.