was born in

Another snow leopard was born in 2009.

Their second child was born in 2012.

A third son was born in 1895.

John the fourth son was born in 1844.

She was born in a wealthy family.

She was born in a household where devotion was unthinkable.

The first test tube baby was born in 1978.

He was born in a poor family.

He was born in 1792 or 1804.

His star was born in the 1956 state quarterfinals.

The church was born in protest against racial discrimination and slavery.

The church was born in the truth.

He was born in a musical family.

She was born in the wrong body?

So you was born in different years.

He was born in the old country.

America was born in a passionate spiritual explosion.

Their only son was born in 1870.

Alfred was born in 1872 or 1873.

Our youngest son John was born in 1948.

The Soviet state was born in 1917.

His second daughter Angelina was born in 1966.

His daughter Diana was born in 1916.

Another calf was born in May 2013.

Manning’s sister was born in 1976.