was born in a sentence

So presumably she was born around 1992.

And thus a boundary dispute was born .

African nationalism was born during the early colonial times.

Rebecca was born at term weighing 7lb 4oz.

When the baby was born was very important.

Jesus was born somewhere around 1200 or 1300 years later.

This was where our grandfather was born .

My oldest was born 10 pounds which really surprised everyone.

He was born to 2 black parents.

George was born about six years later.

He had lost before he was born .

The couple separated before the boy was born .

His second son was born soon after.

He was born with bilateral club foot.

She was born with 1 club foot.

was born with severe bilateral club feet.

Jacob was born deaf and is progressively going blind.

Francisco was born among a humble family.

Another snow leopard was born in 2009.

Their second child was born in 2012.

The science of abnormal psychology was born .

After 10 months this son was born .

A sixth illegitimate child was born before his marriage.

Therefore my online entrepreneur journey was born !

That was before my youngest child was born .

My son was born at home 4 months ago.

The idea was born through my brothers.

Our niece has been deaf since she was born .