war crimes in a sentence

Class B and C charges, which could be leveled at Japanese of any rank, covered “conventional war crimes” and “crimes against humanity,” respectively.

war crimes may be broadly defined as unconscionable behavior by a government or military personnel against either enemy civilians or enemy combatants.

A U.N. war crimes tribunal cleared him of similar war crimes charges.

It saw “no indication” for Shepherd’s forced participation in war crimes.

Previous war crimes verdicts and Mollah’s execution have sparked violence.

Authorities are considering charging them with war crimes should they return.

German and Bulgarian forces burned several villages and committed war crimes against Serbian rural population.

Among group of renegade agents attempting to take over Helicarrier for impromptu war crimes trial of KGB agent.

192810 Taylor had been indicted by the United Nations for war crimes at the time of Robertson’s support.

Mass graves Peace operations and war crimes investigation may require the detection of often-clandestine mass graves.

42120 Japanese * Masaharu Homma – convicted of war crimes, sentenced to death, then executed on April 3, 1946.

Donald Bloxham is a Professor of Modern History, specializing in genocide, war crimes and other mass atrocities studies.

ICTY charges The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia indicted Hadzic for war crimes on 4 June 2004.

The Tribunal adjudicated conflict attrosities such as ethnic cleansing, war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity.

The law is concerned about the independence movement, unlike the ex-Nazi prosecution which concentrates on the war crimes.

394584 The war crimes Act remains the only time that the Parliament Acts were invoked by a Conservative government.