Vulnerable in a sentence

use Vulnerable in a sentence


[adjective]Susceptible to attack, criticism, persuasion or temptation; Capable of being wounded or hurt;

He is vulnerable to infection because his body is not producing enough white blood cells.

He was weakened by the disease, and hence vulnerable to infection.

The AIDS virus makes people vulnerable to many illnesses.

You could become vulnerable to disease if you don’t get enough vitamins in your food.

Achilles’ only vulnerable point was his heel.

Grazing animals such as cows are quite vulnerable to attacks from predators because they have to eat frequently.

A good, quality education helps keep children in school and makes them less vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

When parents quarrel, their children feel very vulnerable and insecure.

Superman was only vulnerable when he came in contact with kryptonite.

The fortress was vulnerable to attacks from the sky.

If you don’t eat properly, you may become more vulnerable to disease.

Many adolescents are vulnerable to peer pressure.

I feel very vulnerable since losing my best friend.

His treatment for cancer has made him vulnerable to infection.