vulnerable in a sentence

Orphanages are not providing service to the most vulnerable children, he said.

And all these things can make you more vulnerable, as well as genetic factors.

666194 That makes the group vulnerable to a rather severe setback,”” he said.”

There was talk among senior Tories at the time that this left them vulnerable.

So it is this set of phenomena that make Africa very vulnerable,” he told AFP.

Killing a police officer makes all of us more vulnerable, the prosecutor added.

Both countries find themselves more vulnerable than ever to religious extremism.

Kruger has been vulnerable to poachers infiltrating from neighboring Mozambique.

The new rating signals to borrowers that the country is vulnerable to a default.

International Edition Chattanooga shootings: Why were our soldiers so vulnerable?

The steel, chemicals and auto sectors were particularly vulnerable, the BDI said.

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A parent’s contribution is critical to treating these most vulnerable of newborns.

It’s crazy how low we are, and how vulnerable we are to storm surges, to flooding.

He took advantage of them when they were at their most vulnerable, McCarroll said.

She conveys a vulnerable aloneness wholly given over to absorption in appearances.

One reason, experts say, is the structures are particularly vulnerable to dry rot.

(But) the most vulnerable still have difficulty in meeting their annual food needs.

He said the children from a neighbouring family were vulnerable to smoke inhalation.

The 2014 TIP report said the Rohingya are among those most vulnerable to trafficking.

I stopped vulnerable women being sent to prison for things like their kids truanting.

It may be difficult to halt the most vulnerable glaciers from collapsing into the sea.

The Netflix app, also downloaded millions of times, was also thought to be vulnerable.

Apache Junction’s defense has been vulnerable to big plays and rushing yards early on.

Miller says seeing images of self-harm could encourage vulnerable girls to do the same.

The goal: “To give that operator the advantage when he is most vulnerable,” Votel said.

Obviously there are a lot of kids who are in less stable homes and are more vulnerable.

There are also credible reports that ISIS considers the Mexican border to be vulnerable.