voucher in a sentence

He has offered, multiple times, that he uses those vouchers with me.

And if the voucher didn’t cover the cost of the insurance you could find?

The hackers used frequent-flyers miles to obtain vouchers and redeem rewards.

Congress intended the vouchers to encourage more research into underfunded diseases.

The first 100 people in line got vouchers for one free pizza every month for a year.

The couple also distributed food vouchers to the refugees a few days after the event.

The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) would also provide cash vouchers for food, it said.

Trull and his wife booked their own hotel room before learning CSX was providing vouchers.

They gave us a full refund and a voucher to come back so they took care of us, said Melendez.

It has fluctuations in enrollment because many of its families are in housing-voucher prograMs.
For instance, Candidate A raises cash through the vouchers and Candidate B raises private money.

Depending on their immigration status, some receive pocket money in the form of vouchers or cash.

She had vetoed a voucher bill, saying it would undercut funding for cash-strapped public schools.

The Syrian customers exchange goods for UN vouchers but the Lebanese were not eligible for any aid.

The ticket price includes two drink vouchers, munchies, and “all-you-can-play” vintage board games.

722863 The free ride voucher is easy to use, hotel guests just follow the instructions on the card.”

We have also heard of payment in the form of gifts, vouchers, tickets to events and, or, hospitality.

This is largely made up of cheque and voucher trading but also includes personal loans, credit sales, hire-purchase, running account and hire and rental.

Ticket sales for the all-ticket derby clash were suspended on Friday in view of the voucher decision.