voting percentage in a sentence

The key here is boosting the voting percentage .

The voting percentages were revealed after the final.

voting percentages throughout the show are not made Public.

The voting percentage almost equal that of the 2009 elections.

Table-1 lists the counties and their voting percentages .

This allows for a more true translation of the voting percentages into seats of parliament.

voting percentage in Bihar was 60% while it was 60.2% in Uttar Pradesh.

The average voting percentage across the six Mumbai seats increased to 52.66 from 41.41 in 2009.

The voting percentages do not add to 100% because of vote freezing during the live eviction show.

The voting percentage of 73 per cent is marginally higher compared to 72.98 per cent polled in the 2009 elections.

The initial voting percentage for the five Lok Sabha constituencies that went to polls in phase-II was over 59%.

The voting percentage was expected to go up as many voters were still inside the polling booths, election office sources said.

After Taef, the total voting percentage of any political bloc doesn’t mean squat, whether or not anyone agrees to a commentor’s percentage numbers.

When McDonald looked only at the clear responses, he found that the voting percentages in Massachusetts ended up at 80.2 percent for whites and 78.0 percent for blacks — a statistically insignificant difference.

The only municipality in Montgomery County in the 2012 election that had a higher Democratic voting percentage was Norristown’s 82.99%, compared to Cheltenham’s 80.85%.

The voting percentages in week 10 for Sunday rounds 1 and 2 do not add up to 100%, owing to the freezing of votes.