Volkswagen || in a sentence

The German Volkswagen made its debut on February 26, 1936.

He paid a ridiculously high price for his car just because he was determined to buy a convertible Volkswagen Beetle.

Ferdinand Porsche, who later went on to build sports cars bearing his own name, designed the original 1936 Volkswagen.

Unlike Volkswagen, no doubt has been cast on the BMW diesel ratings.

Volkswagen does not tolerate any kind of violation of laws whatsoever.

Volkswagen will fix the cars for free as soon as it develops a remedy.

Tamara Seidle’s Volkswagen Jetta at one point crashed into a park car.

A Volkswagen spokeswoman declined to comment on the pending litigation.

The Justice Department and Volkswagen declined to comment on the report.

“That’s not the usual thing at Volkswagen if you want to make a career.”

Volkswagen said it was cooperating with the EPA to “clarify the matter.”

The Long Road Ahead for Volkswagen Play video The ties cross party lines.

A. Volkswagen will fix the cars for free as soon as it develops a remedy.

“So, it’s not like every Volkswagen out there has got a diesel motor in it.

View of the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany, Friday Nov. 20, 2015.

As a result Volkswagen was ordered to recall half a million cars in the US.

Some 70,000 work for Volkswagen, while many others depend upon the company.

Like all Volkswagen convertibles in that era it had a padded convertible top.

Telecom Italia SpA slid 2.7 percent, while Volkswagen AG dropped 4.3 percent.

Volkswagen’s ordinary shares fell 20 percent Tuesday to close at 111.20 euros.

Volkswagen has been caught in a deepening scandal since the news broke Friday.