vocal cord in a sentence

In both populations vocal cord dysfunction may present similarly.

So much more obvious than destroyed or damaged vocal cords .

The pitch is altered with the vocal cords .

The respiratory muscles move the vocal cords apart and serve breathing.

What was happening to his vocal cords ?

The vocal cords and the opening between them.

This woman was kindly, and repaired his vocal cords .

Brian Byrne had ruptured his vocal cords and required surgery.

It’s her inhabiting my vocal cords .

I won’t talk too loudly on the vocal cords .

According to organisers Jackson’s ” vocal cords were irritated”.

Not surprising in that it no longer possessed vocal cords .

This modality is especially useful for small lesions on the vocal cords .

This may be accompanied by difficulty swallowing and vocal cord paresis.

The windpipe and vocal cords close to trap the air.

It causes the vocal cords to constrict and obstruct breathing.

Are “they” supposed to have vocal cords capable English speech?

The false vocal cord theory is the most obvious and the simplest.

She has calluses on her vocal cords as an adult.

Her gaze sliced his vocal cords .

She’s like the Lance Armstrong of vocal cords .