villager in a sentence

The villagers of this world are known as Agori.

Meanwhile the villagers set the castle on fire.

The literacy rate among the villagers is 15.75%.

The villagers were apparently having a celebration.

The villagers say they know no history of the temple.

One of the villagers happens to overhear the discussion.

Back in 1921 though, the villagers were very enterprising.

The Twilight You’ve aged again and so have other villagers.

She is killed along with all the other villagers by Wiseman.

The population consisted of 11 villagers and 8 smallholders.

The villagers were unarmed and did not put up any resistance.

Locking the villagers in, the soldiers set fire to the church.

In 2006, villagers could sell fresh garlic for 10-15 baht per kg.

From April 1944 till April 1947 the villagers would be rebuilding.

villagers/farmers often keep hens, ducks, pigeons, and other birds.

At one time he was just a beggar, a fellow-villager said about him.

Groups of villagers are also invited to participate in the programme.

19454 NYC Judge Questions Viability Of villagers’ ‘Borat’ Lawsuit””.”

villagers also are afraid of going back to their villages after dark.

The villagers tease Canio that Tonio is planning an affair with Nedda.

They can also trade to obtain agricultural products from the villagers.

The Head villagers also conducted duties of policemen under Dutch rule.

Gandhiji encouraged her to teach villagers how to look after themselves.

British Military couldn’t catch any villagers due to their secret plans.

To break the aloofness of the villagers, he found an ingenious solution.

Some villagers go to extreme lengths to avoid hearing Cacofonix’s music.

Four villagers defy this law, and pursue Adol and Lilia into the glacier.