vigorous physical activity in a sentence

Outdoor play in cold weather encourages more vigorous physical activity .

Remember that the natural conclusion of fight or flight is vigorous physical activity .

One-fourth report no vigorous physical activity .

Many athletes know that regular vigorous physical activity can decrease your resting heart rate.

Yet the condemners of vigorous physical activity receive all too much forum for their animadversions.

You will have to avoid vigorous physical activity such as running or jumping during the study.

To vigorous physical activity instead are the aerobics, the jogging , the tennis or swimming.

Evaporative cooling also plays an important protective role when vigorous physical activity results in overheating of the body.

The WAAF worked to rebut the stereotype that vigorous physical activity and intense competition was “unwomanly”.

Males are more likely than females to participate in vigorous physical activity , strengthening activities, and walking or bicycling.

In the ads, an actor was used to portray Jarvik participating in vigorous physical activity , such as rowing.

Only about one-half of U.S. young people (ages 12-21 years) regularly participate in vigorous physical activity .

If in doubt, prior to engaging in any vigorous physical activity or exercise test, consult your physician for clearance.

One year after CATCH implementation, children were engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity during 61.2% of instruction time.

Compared with moderate physical activity, vigorous physical activity provides greater benefits for physical fitness and burns more calories per unit time.

vigorous physical activity is not recommended since an excessive loss of calories is induced which is not sufficient to support fetal development.

vigorous physical activity Boosts Heart Health The day ‘s exercise doesn’t have to take place all at once, either.

Davis hopes that educators and policymakers will respond to the study’s findings by increasing kids’ opportunities for vigorous physical activity in school.