viewer in a sentence

She says to her unseen viewers, “This next interval is a little mean.”

Fox Business usually averages about 100,000 viewers at any given time.

A record 12.3 million viewers watched Nancy Birtwhistle win the final.

The viewer is just a comfortable way to hold the phone up to your eyes.

Google has a viewer called Cardboard and HTC Corp. has a headset, Vive.

Netflix does not release viewership results for any of its programming.

Some of the book content discussed in this clip may offend some viewers.

When Democratic presidential candidates took the stage, viewers watched.

When it was new, reviewers noted the Forester’s safety and practicality.

Call the anti-cable guy viewers continue to flee traditional television.

viewers aren’t just watching; they’re totally involved in the broadcast.

It’s hard to believe this crew will draw many viewers for future debates.

We are proud to extend our viewership with the new Asian Pacific version.

The viewers’ reactions were recorded as they explored Portrait of America.

Clothing or beauty products that a model shows off also appeal to viewers.

He discovered many of the positive reviewers were actually Bell employees.

The second room that viewers will want to set aside time to see is sadder.